Relationship between teenagers and music

relationship between teenagers and music

Parents' musical tastes are often very different from those of their teenage children; however, music has the potential to affect emotions. As with adults, music can. Young adults who listen to music with their parents during childhood—and especially during adolescence—report having better relationships. Music also can provide a background for romance and serve as the basis for establishing relationships in diverse settings. Adolescents use music in their.

Opponents of the idea state that music is just music and that the boys' family should have had more influence over the teens than music.

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Christian Rock One of the forms of music cited with having a positive effect on teens is Christian rock. This style features bands that either believe strongly in God or have lyrics praising Him.

Popular Christian rock artists include Reliant K and Switchfoot. The bands receive credit for promoting healthy values in impressionable teens. Final Thoughts While it may be difficult to come to a full conclusion on music's effect on teenagers, it is important to remember that teens have many influences.

To bond with your kids, turn on some music?

At any given time, a teen is being pulled in many directions. Music is just one of these directions.

relationship between teenagers and music

They're facing pressures you never did: Looming over them is the worry that after graduation, when faced with adulthood, there won't be many jobs available. Roughly 20 percent of teens aged years old experience severe mental disorders in a given year. According to a Social Policy Report by the Society for Research in Child Development, over 1 million American youth end up in juvenile court every year.

How Does Music Affect Teenagers' Emotions?

The answer to these concerns may lie between your teen's headphones. Let's look at the four secrets of why teenagers need their music, and how music therapy might help.

Music is Your Teen's Language Your teen is trying to make sense of a world that often doesn't make sense. Music can get inside their personality and interests and can be a very emotional experience. Research shows that music affects every part of the brain, including our emotions and the brain chemicals transmitting information throughout the body.

You want to tell your teen you've been there, you can empathize. Why doesn't your teen understand? You may "know better," and you may want to be your teen's sounding board, and you can -- occasionally. In a song, however, the lyrics seem immediate.

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What the performer is singing appears to be occurring at the same instant the teen is experiencing feelings that mirror the theme of the song. Better than the junk that's playing these days, you may think. When your child was younger, maybe you shared your favorites in the car on the way to school.

relationship between teenagers and music

This is especially true when a teenager is unable to discuss these issues and emotions with family, friends or peers as identification of similar themes in music can make her feel less alone. When teenagers use music as a mood-modifier, it can be used to reinforce and perpetuate negative emotions as well as positive emotions.

Catharsis Involvement with music — whether as a listener, creator or performer — can be extremely cathartic. Singer-songwriters commonly use lyric writing as a means of emotional catharsis. Petersburg Times article, Amy Lee of the band Evanescence describes music as her therapy. Whether a teenager is writing music, identifying with lyrical and musical themes, or dancing wildly at a live show, the cathartic experience provides a channel for expressing and dealing with a wide range of emotions.

Self-expression Repressing or "bottling up" emotions is often unhealthy, and music allows a channel for teenagers to express emotions through listening to or playing music.

relationship between teenagers and music