Relationship between supervisor and student

PhD supervisor-student relationship

relationship between supervisor and student

Relations between Supervisor and Doctoral Research Student. Purpose of the Agreement: The Hebrew University, as an educational and research institution. The supervisor and the student or candidate shall have a professional relationship and they shall have no relations that are in conflict with this. The relationship between a PhD student and his/her supervisor is a central factor in the Ideally, the relationship that you develop with your supervisor will be.

relationship between supervisor and student

There are also students, especially in the late stages of the PhD, who decide to pursue non-academic jobs or jobs in different fields. Different ideas regarding motivations and career choices between supervisors and students may lead to tensions in student-supervisor relationships.

Positive and negative relationships Other studies conducted at McGill have helped to reveal what positive or negative supervisory relationships are like from students' perspectives.

This student, for example, described how her supervisor helped with her dissertation writing: I mean why would I beat my head against the wall coming up with something when I know that just given a ten-minute talk with him, with the suggestions, I know it is going to be much better.

relationship between supervisor and student

Social Sciences PhD student: I don't think that [my supervisor] feels any real responsibility or—she might feel a theoretical responsibility—but there is no practical aspect to the responsibility to get me to graduate.

I don't feel like … she thinks she has to do anything. The student may not be comfortable voicing their disappointment, which makes it difficult for their supervisor to notice the problem. The best solution would probably be a proactive one: Time together and comfort level at McGill Both graduate students and supervisors at McGill are generally satisfied with how they relate to each other. Supervisees as near peers Research at the university suggests that some supervisors tend to treat students as if they are colleagues or peers, especially in the students' later phases of the PhD.

This student, for example, said that he had been treated as a peer by the members of his supervisory committee: We behaved together like peers through the entire length of my [study]….

Student-supervisor relationships | Supervision - McGill University

I mean [I recognize] that there are absolute differences and that they have responsibilities that are different from mine, but [professor name], for example, who has been on the committee … for three years has been saying, "You are not somebody that I have to worry about. I know that you'll just go and do your thing and you'll do a good job and you can send me things when you want some feedback and that's it. And [my supervisor said this as well] because he knew that I would just do the work on my own and I didn't need him to sort of spend much time, hold my hand or anything like that.

Social Sciences, PhD student However, students who are treated like peers do not always feel like peers, as this student articulated: I think that his perception is that I'm moving into a more equal kind of position with him as I come very close to completion and I'm looking for a job I just don't think I will ever see myself on equal footing with him.

relationship between supervisor and student

Research Wisker, also suggests that a productive relationship arises from a process of discussion based on agreed goals and values such as: Regarding the last item, possibly the most commonly reported difficulty for students relates to communication difficulties with supervisors.

Establishing sound and productive communication early, and regularly reviewing communication strategies, can help avoid some of the more distressing situations in which students and supervisors find themselves.

While many such situations can be resolved, it is sometimes appropriate to consider supervisor change.


While it is difficult to get local figures, a student survey Heath, demonstrated that it was not as rare as frequently thought. Further, the change was not always the result of student concern. Students frequently report their fear at initiating change, not understanding that changes do happen and can be mutually beneficial. Procedures do exist to smooth the transition e. References Supervisory Surveys.

relationship between supervisor and student

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies: A quantitative analysis of PhD students' views of supervision. Higher Education Research and Development, 21 1 Developmental trajectories of doctoral candidate through new appointee: A longitudinal study of academic identity construction.

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Further reading Chen, S. Making sense of the public PhD dissertation defense: A qualitative multi-case study of education students' experiences. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, McGill University, Montreal. Contradiction and congruence in doctoral supervision styles. Supervisors can organize regular meetings for and with PhD students in order to not only discuss their projects but also improve their coping skills, including critical thinking and problem-solving methods 5.

The act of sharingknowledge and experiences can motivate the PhD students to persevere in their studies When needed, supervisors should use their power of influence to increase the time that the student has available to devote to research while maintaining a part of their employment activities healthcare-related or notsince many PhD students are also full-time workers.

Supervisor-student relationship

Last but not least, supervisors and faculty membersmust encourage PhD students to pursue the available funding opportunities. Socioeconomic problems are known to be an issue for PhD students 5. Footnotes Conflict of interests: Goold SD, Lipkin M.

relationship between supervisor and student

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