Relationship between sharmila tagore rabindranath

My surname opened many doors for me: Sharmila Tagore | Entertainment News, The Indian Express

relationship between sharmila tagore rabindranath

Tagore family genealogy Queensland University · Rabindra Bharati Museum, Kolkata – family chronology · Calcuttaweb – family. In fact, Sharmila Tagore is more closely related to Rabindranath Tagore through her mother: her maternal grandmother Latika Barua (née Tagore) was the. The couple has three children: Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Khan, and Soha Ali Khan. She is a distant relative of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

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Gave birth to her first child at age 23, a son Saif Ali Khan on August 16, Sharmila Tagore was 2nd highest paid Hindi actress from along-with Nanda and Waheeda Rehmaan and became the highest paid actress along-with Mumtaz from after her pair with Superstar Rajesh Khanna was appreciated with audience.

Nafisa's mother Usha Joesph is Sharmila's first cousin. Mother-in-law of actress Kareena Kapoor. Kareena's mother is actress Babita Kapoor. Babita's aunt is actress Sadhanawho worked with Sharmila many years earlier in the blockbuster Waqt Sister of actress and costume designer Oindrila Tagore.

relationship between sharmila tagore rabindranath

Her former secretary was actor N. Kabir was married to actor Murad's daughter. Kabir has two children. Actress and singer Sanobir Kabir and actor, director Farook Kabir. Nikhil is the brother of model Nandini Sen. She worked with Sadhana in Waqt and they both did their dubbing together. She said she heard Sadhana gasp, when she saw how her appearance had changed from one frame to the next because of her thyroid disorder.

Although she liked Rajesh Khanna and they formed a hit pair in films, eventually she started turning down offers to act in films with him.

My surname opened many doors for me: Sharmila Tagore

He was always late to work, and she needed to be home at an earlier time because of her husband and children. After he died inshe wrote the foreword on a biography on Khanna titled "Dark Star" Her celebrity crush is Shashi Kapoorwith whom she acted with in 9 films.

She got five films only after Asha Parekh had turned them down: Gunendra's sons, Gaganendra, Samarendra and Abanindra branched out but retained cordial relationship with the Jorasanko family. It became the inspiration for the Bengal Renaissance. The Brahmo Samaj cast a very wide-ranging influence on its parent Hindu society, much wider than its limited membership would ostensibly permit.

Dwijendranath Tagore — was a great scholar, poet and music composer. He wrote extensively in the newspapers and magazines of the day on literature, philosophy and religion. He was editor of "Bharati" and Tattwabodhini Patrika. A pioneer in Bengali shorthand, he was one of the organisers of the Hindu Mela. Earlier, he and his brother Ganendranath were among the first students to pass the Entrance Examination of Calcutta University in Even while serving in an adminsistrative job, he was a prolific writer, poet and song composer.

Many of his nationalist songs are still sung. He was editor of "Tattwabodhini Patrika" and took an active interest in the Hindu Mela.

Sharmila Tagore

He encouraged his wife, Jnanadanandini Devito adopt western ideas and for that purpose took her to a governor's party and also to England, something unthinkable in those days. Like most of Debendranath's children, he had varied interests in different fields. On one hand he composed a number of "Bromhosangeets" and on the other, wrote articles on physical science which he planned to compile and edit into a textbook for school students. If his untimely death had not prevented him from completing the project, this would certainly have been the first science textbook to be written in Bengali.

He was known for his physical strength and wrestling skills. Exceptionally for the times, he insisted on a formal education for his daughters. He not only put them through school but trained them in music, arts and European languages such as French and German. It was another mark of his forward thinking that he actively sought out eligible grooms from different provinces of India for his daughters and married them off in places as far away as Uttar Pradesh and Assam.

Jyotirindranath Tagore — was a scholar, artist, music composer and theatre personality. He also translated several other books. He wrote several plays, and directed and acted in them.

He composed songs that are still available in CDs. Around 2, of his paintings are in possession of Rabindra Bharati. A selection of his paintings were published in London inat the instance of Rothenstein.

He was the first Asian to win a Nobel Prize, and was exceptionally talented and the most famous in the family. Rabindranath is best remembered in history for writing what became the national anthems of the nations of India and Bangladesh and for coining the title Mahatma for Indian nationalist leader Mohandas Gandhi.

Amongst his daughters Swarnakumari Devi — was a gifted writer, editor, song-composer and social worker.

Sharmila Tagore reciting Rabindranath Tagore's - 'Where the mind is without fear'

She was editor of Bharati, a remarkable accomplishment in an age when very few girls went to school. She also edited a children's magazine Balak and developed Sakhi Samiti as a means for improving the lives of women. She was the author of several books. The artists[ edit ] After Rabindranath, the most notable in the Jorasanko family were Gaganendranath Tagore —Abanindranath Tagore —and Sunayani —who made immense contributions to Indian art.

Gaganendranath was a pioneer in many ways — in adopting Indian styles of painting after training in western art, and then absorbing Japanese styles. Its influence spread across the country while it incorporated various strains of South Asian influence.

Dwijendranath's second son Sudhindranath — was a renowned author. His son Soumyendranath —74 was well known as a leftist politician. Soumyendranath was anti-Nazi and was briefly arrested in in connection with a plot to assassinate Hitler [1]. Satyendranath's son Surendranath — also had political links. Satyendranath's daughter Indira — distinguished herself in literature, music and in the women's movement.

She married Pramatha Chowdhurya distinguished scholar and writer. The list does not end here.

relationship between sharmila tagore rabindranath

All of them had enormous talent and were brought up in an ideal environment of literary debates and discussions, musical compositions, painting, and theatrical performances. Sharmila Tagorea well-known Mumbai actress who is connected with Rabindranath Tagore, in an interview stated that her mother's mother, Latika Tagore was the granddaughter of Rabindranath Tagore's brother, Dwijendranath.

Saif Ali Khan On Taimur's Gene Pool: Rabindranath Tagore, Raj Kapoor, Tiger Pataudi

She is married to Sunando Tagore, the great grandson to Satyendranath Tagore. She was a literary phenomenon in her own right, her cookbook Aamish O Niramish Aharreprinted was a standard given to every Bengali bride with her trousseau, and earning her the appellation "India's Mrs Beeton". The family environment[ edit ] The environment at Jorasanko was filled with literature, music, painting and theatre. They had their own education system.

In the earlier days, the women did not go to school but they were all educated at home. Swarnakumari Debi has recalled how in her early days the governess would write something on a slate which the girls then had to copy. When Debedranath discovered this, he at once stopped such a mindless and mechanical method and brought in a better teacher, Ajodhyanath Pakrashi — a male outsider in the women's quarters Some of the sons like Ganendra, Gunendra and Jyoitrindra set up their own private theatre.

To start with men played in the role of women, but over a period of time even the women joined.