Relationship between russia and syria

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relationship between russia and syria

Amb. Anatoly Viktorov urges Jerusalem to coordinate better with Moscow on Syria, backs Abbas refusal to consider Trump peace plan, says calling Hamas. After their meeting in Finland, the two presidents lauded the close cooperation between their two militaries in Syria, but the record is actually. GARCIA-NAVARRO: So why hasn't Syria retaliated? In many ways, Putin sees this as a sort of proxy war between the United States and Russia.

Medvedev also said it was imperative that Syria not slide into civil war the way Libya did in The statement beseeched the pro-Assad forces as well as the violent protesters to "exercise maximum restraint". We think we should continue to work within the scope of that unified position. Assad has a better chance to resist than the opposition does to win, therefore Moscow is now simply betting on Assad. Lavrov nonetheless stated, when asked if Russia was supporting the Assad government, that "we are not protecting any regime".

The draft resolution also raised concern over "the illegal supply of weapons to the armed groups in Syria". Western diplomats initially referred to the proposed resolution as a basis for negotiations. Russia indicated that it would not agree to the Western-Arab draft in its current form, [3] and that it would continue to promote its own resolution in the Security Council.

Increased Tensions between Russia and Israel in Syria

Additionally, the Russian delegation said that Syria alone held the power to change the fate of its people, without foreign intervention. On 20 April, the Security Council announced an agreement to expand the number of U. Security Council on 21 Apriland deployed up to unarmed observers to Syria for a period of up to 90 days. The plan also called for passage of the Annan peace plan, making unanimous passage of the resolution significant.

After the peace plan was passed, Russian's U. Russia has also accused the West and allied nations of sabotaging a cease-fire brokered by Russia between Syrian forces. The shelling was probably US selling weapons to Bahrain and at the same time criticizing Russia for supporting Syrian President Assad with weapons. Russia feels that the US is acting hypocritically by expecting them to discontinue selling weapons to the Syrian government, since the US supplies Syrian rebels with weapons via Turkey.

From Russia's perspective, if US aids the Syrian opposition, they are indirectly, undermining Russia's national security. BBC commented that Russia expects only one of two outcomes to take place in the Syrian civil war: He stated on Russian state media that: And the government of Syria should have felt that in due time and should have undertaken some reform.

Had they done that, what we're seeing in Syria today would have never happened. Mikhail Bogdanov stated that: The base does not have any strategic military importance". There is a threat of their return to us. So, instead of waiting for their return, we are helping President al-Assad fight them". We all know that after the end of the Cold Wara single center of domination emerged in the world.

relationship between russia and syria

We are all different. And we should respect that. No one has to conform to a single development model that someone has once and for all recognized as the only right one. So can you remind us why Russia has interests in Syria at all? And briefly - I know it's a complicated story.

Laughter Well, the short version of this. So, you know, Russia lost many of its positions in the Middle East, but that relationship with Syria has always been important.

Then Putin was horrified by what happened in the Arab Spring, particularly what happened in Libya, and he was determined to shore up, you know, his ally, his partner in Syria. And he went into Syria in September in a big way - bombing - really to show the United States and the rest of the world that we were trying to isolate Russia after what happened in Ukraine, but Russia was definitely back.

Russian involvement in the Syrian Civil War

Russia also has its own - only warm-water port in Syria and a significant airbase. And it's really used this intervention now in Syria to increase its influence in the Middle East as the U.

relationship between russia and syria

So why hasn't Syria retaliated? In many ways, Putin sees this as a sort of proxy war between the United States and Russia. I think Russia wants to get to the edge with the United States, but the Russians realize it's - you know, the U.

And so I think the Russians have understood we, I think, very carefully calibrated with them what we were going to do in Syria. We deconflicted our operations. There were no surprises. And I think they don't want to, you know, make the situation any more dangerous than it is. I would just mention that about six weeks ago, Russian mercenaries started attacking U.

The Russian ruble plummeted about 9 percent against the U. Russia is actually hurting. Will we see Russia retaliate in a different way outside of Syria? I mean, it could. I think Russia is hurting.

It's said that it's going to impose sanctions on the U.