Relationship between hamas and fatah map

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relationship between hamas and fatah map

The Palestinian National Authority is the interim self-government body established in Map showing areas of Palestinian Authority control or .. The reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas reached intermediate results by 25 statement to local newspaper Felesteen, Hamas foreign relations chief Osama. Fatah and Hamas are trying to establish a unity government after years of pursuing rival paths to a Palestinian A map of Israel and Palestinian territories showing where Israeli settlements have been built Conflict Zone. Also known as the Palestinian Civil War and as the Wakseh (Arabic for "self- inflicted ruin" or "humiliation"). The conflict between Hamas and Fatah began in.

While Hamas has clung to using armed resistance, Fatah believes in negotiating with Israel and has completely ruled out using attacks. The Oslo Accords gave Israel full control of the Palestinian economy as well as civil and security matters in more than 60 percent of the West Bank.

Under the agreements, the PA must coordinate with the Israeli occupation over security and any armed resistance attacks planned against Israelis. This is seen as highly controversial and seen by some as the PA collaborating with the Israeli occupation. In March, protests erupted in the West Bank when prominent Palestinian political activist Basil al-Araj was killed by Israeli forces in Ramallah, after being arrested by PA security personnel on allegations of planning an attack.

Abbas, the PA president, regularly and publicly condemns any operations of armed resistance carried out by Palestinians against Israelis. This means that the PA wants to end the resistance in Gaza and Hamas refuses that.

What are Fatah and Hamas?

Hamas' attraction lies in its ideology, compared with Fatah which has more international backing and is seen as more financially secure. In terms of garnering support, the two employ very different tactics. Hamas, like the Muslim Brotherhood, uses grassroots activism to inform people on its ideology, in places such as mosques and universities.

Gaza Strip: Fatah and Hamas postpone Gaza handover

Fatah, on the other hand, no longer carries out such exercises, and relies more on providing financial support to gain followers, according to those on the ground. Al-Aqtash says about half of Fatah loyalists "financially benefit from the PA and get rewards such as salaries and high positions - along with their families.

In his time, before signing the Oslo Accords, the party supported armed resistance. Hamas rejected Abbas' order, and instead announced plans to double the size of its force.

relationship between hamas and fatah map

On 6 JanuaryAbbas outlawed the Executive Force and ordered its disbandment. Abbas's only means of enforcing the order appeared to be coercive action by police and security units under his command, which were relatively weak in the Gaza Strip, Hamas's stronghold. According to Hamas, the deliveries to the Presidential Guard were intended to instigate sedition against Hamaswhile withholding money and assistance from the Palestinian people.

The agreement included measures to end the internecine violence. However, it struggled to resolve the two most pressing issues: More than 90 people were killed in this period. May In mid-Mayclashes erupted once again in the streets of Gaza. In less than 18 days, more than 50 Palestinians were killed. Leaders of both parties tried to stop the fighting by calling dozens of truces, but none of them held for longer than a few days.

relationship between hamas and fatah map

Fatah—Hamas battle in Gaza Throughout 10 and 15 June of fighting Hamas took control of the main north—south road and the coastal road. The ICRC estimated that at least people were killed and more than wounded during the fighting in the week up to June Including the targeting and killing of civilians, public executions of political opponents and captives, throwing prisoners off high-rise apartment buildings, fighting in hospitals, and shooting from a jeep marked with "TV" insignias.

On 14 June, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced the dissolution of the current unity government and the declaration of a state of emergency. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri responded by declaring that President Abbas's decision was "in practical terms After that it would need to be approved by the Hamas-dominated Legislative Council.

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Neither Hamas nor Fatah had enough votes to form a new government under the constitution. Within days, the US recognized Abbas' emergency government and ended a month economic and political boycott of the Palestinian Authority in a bid to bolster President Abbas and the new Fatah-led government. The European Union similarly announced plans to resume direct aid to the Palestinians, while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert of Israel said it would release to Abbas Palestinian tax revenues that Israel had withheld since Hamas took control of the Palestinian Parliament.

The West Bank had its first casualty when the bullet-riddled body of a Hamas militant was found in Nablussparking the fear that Fatah would use its advantage in the West Bank for retaliation against its members' deaths in the Gaza Strip [78] On the same day, Hamas also declared that it was in full control of Gaza, a claim denied by Abbas. This act, including the ransack of the ministry of education, was seen as a reaction to similar looting occurring following Hamas' military success in Gaza.

He would not deny when asked that Hamas resistance against Fatah would take the form of attacks and suicide bombings similar to those that Hamas has used against Israel in the past. Fatah and Hamas officials gave conflicting accounts of what caused the fighting but the dispute seems to have originated when Hamas officials demanded that the clan return a governmental car. Another gun battle on October 20 killed one member of the clan and a year-old boy.

Hamas—Fatah conflict Main articles: Hamas-Fatah conflict and Governance of the Gaza Strip Palestinian legislative elections took place on 25 January Hamas was victorious and Ismail Haniyeh was nominated as Prime Minister on 16 February and sworn in on 29 March However, when a Hamas-led Palestinian government was formed, the Quartet United States, Russia, United Nations, and European Union conditioned future foreign assistance to the Palestinian Authority PA on the future government's commitment to non-violence, recognition of the State of Israel, and acceptance of previous agreements.

Hamas rejected these demands, [32] which resulted in the Quartet suspension of its foreign assistance program and Israel imposed economic sanctions. As a result, Haniyeh resigned on 15 February as part of the agreement. The unity government was finally formed on 18 March under Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and consisted of members from Hamas, Fatah and other parties and independents.

Though the new government's authority is claimed to extend to all Palestinian territories, in effect it became limited to the Palestinian Authority controlled areas of the West Bankas Hamas hasn't recognized the move. The Fayyad government has won widespread international support.

But on the political front, the PA is trying to generate a popular intifada. Politically, untilthere had also been no progress in promotion of PNA status in the UN, as well as no progress in negotiations with Israel. Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority stayed out of the Gaza War in —, which followed the six-month trucebetween Hamas and Israel which ended on 19 December The reconciliation process between Fatah and Hamas reached intermediate results by the two governments, most notably the agreement in Cairo on 27 Aprilbut with no final solution.

Though the two agreed to form a unity government, [43] and to hold elections in both territories within 12 months of the establishment of such a government, [44] [45] it had not been implemented.