Relationship between god the father and son

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relationship between god the father and son

The Relationship between God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to be this one God, we are faced with the question of how these three persons are 'related'. God is called by a variety of names in the Bible, and each one sheds light on an aspect of His nature. Jesus' favorite title for Him was Father. It is important for us to understand how the relationship works between God the Father and God the Son. This will give us insight concerning the way in which we .

All things will be consummated in His Son. As far as the Father is concerned, the Son is so important, so central to all that the Father is, that unless a man receives the Son, he cannot come to the Father. The Son of God loves and reveres His Father, honouring Him in all things and above all things, and chooses to only and ever live for His Father. He came into the world in obedience to His Father, and lived His whole life upon earth in that same, submitted obedience.

He was totally surrendered to the will of the Father. He would spend many hours in prayer, and long nights in lonely vigil, seeking His Father. And He longed for the day when He would return to His Father in glory. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.

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There is no independence, no personal agenda, no private action. Each is completely one with the other. This is not only the nature of God, it is also the nature of the fellowship into which Christ has called us. You and I, as believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, are not called to independence, or unilateral action, but we are called to find oneness, not only with Christ but with each other too. This greatly clarifies something we must understand; the intimacy and unity of fellowship that is shared by the Father and the Son is the same fellowship into which you and I are called.

We are called to share the father-son nature of God. There are a few more things that must be said of God at this point. God is perfect, God is holy, God is unchanging, and God is a three-persons-in-one God.

Do you know why God chooses to be three persons?

How Can a Father and Son Improve Their Relationship?

Because if God was only one person, He could not be perfect, and could not be holy. Even if God was two persons, He could not be holy. For God to be a holy God, a perfect God, He must be three — or more.

God the Father and the Son

Here is how to understand this. Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Jesus himself puts "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" together into one phrase. Literally it is baptizing INTO the name and comes from the picture that a slave who is bought by the new owner now carries his name, which means the authority of the one over me, whose name I bear. Baptizing means, I am now the servant of the one God [one name] who revealed himself to me as "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" and I submit myself to Him completely.

And, he [Jesus] claims to have now ALL authority in heaven and on earth. Something only God can say of himself. Because for the time of his earthly existence Jesus had laid aside all his heavenly glory and authority and lived the human life in full. Including assuming 'dependence' on God as every other human being. Now that this task is fulfilled, his original authority and glory is given back to him and he assumes again what he had before his incarnation. Another formula of blessing: Would you be able to say: Because it is putting side by side what is not of equal status.

It is belittling God, if His peace is "on the same level" as Muhammad's mercy. No human quality can be able to stand as equal of a divine quality. So, what does that mean for the above quoted verses? But they are regular greetings or blessings of welcome and departure. And anything like it is never used for any of the other prophets of scripture. Only Jesus gets this honor.

And this again is a clear sign that Jesus was considered equal to God from the very beginning [and he considered himself equal since he claims it for himself - to be the truth and the life etc. If the Trinity were not assumed, it would be completely inappropriate and even blasphemous to use such greetings and they could not have become the regular greetings in the first years of early Church.

And there are more passages in this regard: The Bible does not even make an attempt to give a "systematic exposition" of the Trinity. It gives us the data and the community of believers meditated and studied the revelation and formed the "concept" or doctrine of the Trinity in order to clearly express what the Biblical revelation is saying. The Bible teaches it, the Church only has reflected on it and found clearer and clearer ways of expressing it and in the process of reflection on God's revelation the term "Trinity" as the most appropriate was born from this study of the Scriptures.

The Bible itself is not giving the theory. It just presents this God, who is our creator and who is very much involved in our life and interested that we respond in love to him. Saying at the outset that the Trinity is a mystery and that we do better not even to try to understand it is not a Biblical approach. The word of God does exhort us to use our God-given ability to reason and we are to seek understanding.

God in Three Persons: A Doctrine We Barely Understand

But the fact that God does not give us a worked theology of the Trinity might be an indication, that in the end the Trinity IS too big for our limited brain-power and though we can understand all this revelation in its different parts, the total concept is too big to be completely understood, and in this sense it will remain a mystery to us created beings. But God has in his word given us so much truth and shown that he is trustworthy, that on the basis of these evidences we can also accept that what he says about his own nature is true.

And in the end, our relationship to God is very similar to a good loving marriage relationship. We might have a lot of evidence for it, but proof is impossible, after all s he could just 'fake' it and only want us to believe it for whatever reason.

And then, what about the very phenomenon of "love" itself? We can experience it, we can give and receive love, but I have yet to find even one person who is able to say, I "understand" what love really is. That doesn't mean it is false, and it doesn't mean we cannot grow in our understanding of it as we gain experience of it and grow in it and also have our failures and hurts. But in the end, it will remain a mystery.

And so will the Trinity of God. We can experience the way God meets us and loves us, but the nature of God himself will remain mysterious to us. Who would say "I am not going to accept any love before I exactly understand what love is!

relationship between god the father and son

Why then would I say, "I am not going to even make a start at believing in God unless I totally understand who God is and what his essence is like. The Apostle John writes "God is love". Will I refuse to experience the love of God in my life simply because I can not understand yet all that God is? I can know God and his love for me even if I neither fully comprehend what love is nor fully understand all characteristics of the nature of God.

The Biblical definition of "Faith" is "entrusting myself to God" and believing that he will care for me. Yes, it also is about knowing propositional truth, but this is not enough. There is something like "dead correctness". Faith is about life and a living relationship to a God who wants us to understand him more and more out of a trusting and loving relationship with him. Let me share with you one last passage which goes back to the very beginning of all creation and revelation.

I do not want to base the Trinity on the next verses that I am going to present, since there are a few conservative Christian scholars who think this would not be valid reasoning. But they do nevertheless believe the Trinity is a strong Biblical doctrine. And as we have seen, many verses substantiate this doctrine. But I wonder if these following ones are really of so little value in regard to the doctrine of the Trinity. But see for yourself.

relationship between god the father and son

Even in the very first chapter of the Bible, when we read the Creation story we can make some interesting observations: Our image verse 26 - his own image verse 27 in the next verse.

Not the image of angels, the image of God.