Relationship between factor and bandwidth definition

What Can Affect Bandwidth? |

relationship between factor and bandwidth definition

Every Internet connection has a specified maximum bandwidth, but many factors can combine to limit this for a particular device. This results in a slowness of the. mental difficulty of finding a simple relation between the Q of the resonance model The Q factor of the antenna is defined as the quotient between the power. Jan 19, I would say there is no relationship I know between Q-factor and electrical signals Bandwidth is inbuilt in the very definition of Q factor so much doesn't need to.

This definition is consistent with its usage in describing circuits with a single reactive element capacitor or inductorwhere it can be shown to be equal to the ratio of reactive power to real power.

relationship between factor and bandwidth definition

See Individual reactive components. Q factor and damping[ edit ] Main articles: For mathematical details about these systems and their behavior see harmonic oscillator and linear time invariant LTI system.

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Such a system doesn't oscillate at all, but when displaced from its equilibrium steady-state output it returns to it by exponential decayapproaching the steady state value asymptotically. It has an impulse response that is the sum of two decaying exponential functions with different rates of decay.

As the quality factor decreases the slower decay mode becomes stronger relative to the faster mode and dominates the system's response resulting in a slower system.

Series Resonance in RLC Circuit

At resonance the series resonant circuit appears purely resistive. Below resonance it looks capacitive. Above resonance it appears inductive.

Current is maximum at resonance, impedance at a minumum. Current is set by the value of the resistance.

What Can Affect Bandwidth?

Above or below resonance, impedance increases. Impedance is at a minumum at resonance in a series resonant circuit.

relationship between factor and bandwidth definition

The resonant current peak may be changed by varying the series resistor, which changes the Q. Figure below This also affects the broadness of the curve. A low resistance, high Q circuit has a narrow bandwidth, as compared to a high resistance, low Q circuit.

Q Factor and Bandwidth of a Resonant Circuit

Bandwidth in terms of Q and resonant frequency: The upper and lower band edges read from the curve are Hz for fl and Hz for fh. This happens because the data requirements of your downstream usage approach the maximum available bandwidth. To increase the apparent speed and allow each process to consume as much bandwidth as it needs, you can serialize the tasks instead of performing them simultaneously.

relationship between factor and bandwidth definition

Background Internet Usage Another factor affecting the bandwidth experience of your Internet connection is the number of background uploads and downloads that occur on your computer. This is most often encountered in software that automatically updates, such as anti-virus programs or operating system updates. If this is a concern for you, many of these automatic update processes can be turned off in the settings of each individual program. Multiple Users of a Single Connection When multiple people use a single connection, more devices consume the finite bandwidth of the connection.

Therefore, each device is allocated a smaller portion of the available bandwidth. As a result, all devices may experience a slower data transfer. Some router QoS settings allow you to prioritize device bandwidth use so that certain devices have increased access to the bandwidth.