Relationship between elrond and thranduil images

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relationship between elrond and thranduil images

He was the father of the Elven prince of Mirkwood, Legolas, who was a An early promotional image of Thranduil for the third film. In The Hobbit: The Battle of . Your Account Elrond's Library Last Homely House Image Gallery Forums Store His grandfather Oropher and his father Thranduil apparently settled on the Oropher became king, and seems to have been on good relations with Amdir. image. ((These were both multi-question asks, so I blocked out the Ancestors: Elrond is the son of Earendil, who basically saved the day in the First Age. It also seems that he had a good relationship with Thranduil (and.

He was glad to receive help and advice from Celeborn after Sauron revealed himself and things went badly for Eregion.

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At the end of the Second Age, Oropher put aside his misgivings about the Noldor and Noldor-friendly Sindar, recognizing the need to join the fight against Sauron. However, it seems he refused to recognize Gil-Galad as High King. Oropher and Amdir marched together, leading a large host of Silvan Elves to the Alliance.

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And when the Last Alliance reached the gates of Mordor, King Oropher would not wait for the command to advance, but led his household and champions on a personal charge of the Black Gates. Thranduil was one of the few to survive. Third AgeDol Guldur started going nasty, but nobody at the time knew why: In defense, Thranduil hired the dwarves to delve a stone fortress for himself on the far corner of the woods. Legolas, speaking about this, says something very interesting: Also, if that had been the reason, then why did Thranduil hire dwarves as Gimli mentions while describing the Glittering Caves to build it?

They seem to be aware of the political problems. Apparently Gandalf did not explain the significance of the prisoner, for Legolas expresses shock and dismay when he learns about Gollum at the council.

Therefore, after orcs attacked Mirkwood and freed Gollum, Thranduil sent his son to Rivendell to get word to Mithrandir of what had happened. And had Gollum not been dropped off in Mirkwood, Legolas might never have gone out in the world and made a name for himself.

relationship between elrond and thranduil images

Oh, and I'm not Stephen Colbert. Hierarchy Among the Elves These were both multi-question asks, so I blocked out the other questions to keep this post focused. Plus, it was really fun to go through and redact things, lol. This is a really interesting question, and one that I spent some time trying to decide how to answer.

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Because, in the end, I think it really depends. If we were to look at it from a strictly political point of view, Thranduil comes out on top every time, being the only actual king in the group.

But there are other things to take into account: Galadriel is the daughter of Finarfin and granddaughter of Finwe.

relationship between elrond and thranduil images

Her brothers, Finrod, was one of the greatest lords of the First Age. Her cousins both the children of Feanor and Fingolfin were the movers and shakers of Beleriand. Galadriel spent centuries learning from Melian, the Maia Queen of Doriath. She married Celeborn, a lord of Doriath. By the time of the War of the Ring she is over 7, years old, and one of the very very few elves left in Middle Earth who saw the light of the Two Trees.

Instead she is simply the Lady of Lorien. Initially, Thranduil was intensely reluctant to participate in the fight, but after Gandalf forced him to realize that it was madness to not fight the Orcs, he relented - sending his swordsmen into the fray, instructing his archers to rain down death, and he himself wielded his broadsword skillfully against the forces of evil.

However, Azog realised that the armies could not fight on two fronts, and sent the rest of his army to Dale to cut them off. This forced Thranduil to retreat to the city with Bard, Gandalf, Bilbo, and a large portion of his army, leaving the Dwarves to fend for themselves. Upon his entry into the city, he was dismounted and surrounded, but easily killed his assailants and continually participated in the battle, but ended up being aghast at how much Elven blood was spilled in defense of a Dwarven land, and rather than warning Thorin or helping Dain, he attempted to take advantage of the respite to pull out.

It was then that he encountered Tauriel, who declared that he would not depart, for the Dwarves would die if he left, but his response was that it did not matter as the Dwarves were mortal. At this, Tauriel drew her bow and accused him of being a loveless person who viewed his life as more important than those of others.

Thranduil retaliated by slicing her bow, telling her that what she felt for Kili was not real, and asked if she was ready to die for love. This reduces Tauriel to tears, but before Thranduil had time to strike at her, Legolas intervened by striking down Thranduil's sword, and told him flatly that he would have to kill his son if he wished to slay her.

Legolas and Tauriel then departed for Ravenhill, leaving Thranduil in shock.

Hierarchy Among the Elves

In a deleted scene, it was at this moment that Gandalf reminded him that his wife not only left him with gems, but also a flesh-and-blood son Legolasand asked him which did he think she would prefer him to value more, causing Thranduil to turn to Gandalf in a state of greater shock and grief.

It was unknown if Thranduil had a change of heart, and stayed to aid the Dwarves.

relationship between elrond and thranduil images

However, after the battle ended, he went to Ravenhill alone to find Legolas and Tauriel. He ran into Legolas, who confessed that he could not go back with him.

Thranduil advised him to find the Dunedain, for there was a young ranger there whom he should meet - his father, Arathorn, was a good man, and he might become a great man himself. He went on to explain to Legolas that the ranger's name in the wild was "Strider", but his true name Aragorn was something he had to learn for himself, and he also confided in Legolas that his mother loved him more than anything else in this world.

At this, father and son exchanged a mutual gesture of farewell and affection, and Thranduil accepted Legolas' decision to be on his own. As Legolas left to go to the North, Thranduil found Tauriel weeping over Kili's corpse, and upon seeing him, she asked him why love could hurt so much.