Relationship between economic development and sustainable

relationship between economic development and sustainable

The role of economic growth in sustainable development from the From this point of view, economic growth is activities, strong social relationships and. In the course of economic development, the cost of environmental damage in the shape of Relationship between Environment and Sustainable Development. Even when more exacting definitions of sustainable development are offered, confusion still persists because of honest scientific disputes and.

relationship between economic development and sustainable

Thus, as a goal, a Nation that can achieve economic growth will be better suited to meet the wants of individuals and resolve socio-economic problems such as poverty McConnell In addition, economic growth can possibly even protect the environment by the creation of parks, reserves, and implementation of key policies. Consequently, some economists have argued that economic growth will eventually lead to an improvement in the environment.

Analysis of the Relationship Between Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

This may be so, but the more rapid our growth, consumption and the use of our Natural Capital Resources, the more waste we produce, the more prone we are to environmental degradation and exhaustion. Thus, with economic growth as our goal it is likely to overshadow environmental concerns, placing the environment in the back seat while focus is towards gaining wealth.

Sustainable Development And Economic

However, despite this, it is interesting to note that when a country achieves a high standard of living, the people attach value to environmental amenities. In other words, as people become wealthier, they have more time to think about other things than their survival; and with this wealth can influence governments to improve the environment.

For example, it is only after industrialised countries achieved their economic objectives that they began to focus on the environmental problems they left in wake on their drive for growth Serageldin In the whole process, it is important to understand, that economic growth is not synonymous with economic development. What this actually means, is that economic development is the advancement of economic wealth of a country, aimed at the overall welfare of the citizens.

Achieving overall welfare is accomplished through improving the quality of life, measured by life expectancy, literacy, gross domestic product GDP and so forth. While in comparison, economic growth measures in a narrower context using only GDP. Hence, we must consider when it comes to economic growth these points: Striving for growth now, which leaves in its wake environmental degradation.

Or 2 Should we realise the value of our environment today and the benefits for tomorrow, as it contributes to the overall progress of our economies?

Analysis of the Relationship Between Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

This is a hard decision, as the promotion of economic growth is seen as the way to lift developing countries out of poverty and improve our standard of living. Nevertheless, we must stop and ask, what are the effects of economic growth on the environment?

Many have asserted that even if wealthy nations are able to reduce pollution, economic growth will impose increasing stress on ecosystems. Moreover, the total impact on the environment can be expected to increase as a function of the GDP.

Economic Development and Sustainable Development

That is, as GDP increase, the impact on the environment heightens, based on the type of economic activity such as tourism, where tourist remove things from the environment for keepsake corals ; or overfishing of marine resources and other activities within Agriculture, Forestry, Mining etc. Therefore, we realise that environmental impacts are linked to economic growth production levelsbecause of the cumulative depletion of resources, land use changes with implications for water quality and biodiversity, rates of exploitation that exceed rates of replacement and waste generated.

Although some may not focus on environmental issues as a consequence of growth, saying that growth is paramount, we must realise that degradation of the resource base will eventually put economic activity itself at risk, in turn affecting growth.

Therefore, Developing Countries face a challenge of whether to follow the path of the more Developed Nations, or alternatively, do we focus on Conservation. The International community has realized the need for a strategic comprehensive approach to address environmental protection, while at the same time foster development.

relationship between economic development and sustainable

Biotic factors include living organisms like plants, animals and human beings. Nature has maintained a fine balance among the various components of environment to enable the plants, animals and human beings to survive and reproduce. But during the course of economic development, this balance of nature got distributed which is termed as environmental crisis.

Meaning of Sustainable Development: Simply speaking sustainable development means the development which should keep going. Ordinarily speaking, it is a situation in which economic development does not decrease over time, Sustainable development is the development that is everlasting. Sustainable development is a process in which natural resource base is not allowed to deteriorate.

Relationship between Environment and Sustainable Development: As development involves some disturbances in our environment, sustainable development has to be understood as an endeavor to minimize the rate of environmental degradation.

It ensures that however small a degradation that does occur is made up in the best acceptable form and as fast as possible. Sustainable development is one which raises national and per capita income by keeping the environmental damage within a tolerable limit so that the future generation will get equal benefits in terms of output and congenial environment.

Objective of Sustainable Development: Following are the main objectives: The sustainable development aims at creating sustainable improvements in the quality of life of all people. The sustainable development aims at increasing the economic growth through meeting basic needs i.