Relationship between china and saudi arabia

China committed to growing ties with Saudi Arabia | Arab News

relationship between china and saudi arabia

Nov 7, China sees Saudi Arabia as a rich source of energy – and the supply of Saudi Arabia's relationship with the West is seriously undermined by. The Risks of the China-Saudi Arabia Partnership. By Samuel Ramani China says its bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia have entered a new era. Read Story. Jun 27, Perhaps the biggest area for growth in Chinese relations is in the Gulf states. Chinese President Xi Jinping with Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin For three millennia, the attentions of the Middle East have swayed from East.

Now is an excellent time for China to pursue opportunities in the Middle East.

relationship between china and saudi arabia

These endeavours are difficult to reconcile with close ties with Saudi Arabia, whose military forces are bombing hospitals and strategic centres of food production in Yemen, and whose princes have been sponsoring ideological training centres for terrorists all over the world. After so many years of chaos, many Middle Eastern allies are losing faith in the US.

China supports Saudi Arabia in economic and social change - Xi

China is winning hearts among oil producers and countries that are crucial to the US War on Terror, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Taken together, the deteriorating popular image of Saudi Arabia in the West, and of the West in the Middle East, offers opportunities for China.

relationship between china and saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia will need China after the cooling down of relations with the West. So what will this friendly new Sino-Arabian relationship mean for the West and the rest of the world? Now it expands by developing global logistics and financial infrastructure logistics and financial infrastructure — an economic push with political and military implications.

China has power within its sphere of economic influence, and to some extent Saudi Arabia is now entering this sphere. Now that we know that China will not be a deputy sheriff for the US, the West should hope China retains its distance.

Why China's deals with Saudi Arabia could be the beginning of a profitable new relationship

The interventions China would likely engage in would not be the ones the West would like to see. Taiwan has even provided Saudi Arabia with a number of doctors and nurses. The majority of trade between the two nations consisted of petroleum from Saudi Arabia and building materials and consumer goods from Taiwan. The agreement stipulated that the PRC would open its oil refinery sector to Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia would allow for exploration and development opportunities for Chinese investors.

Inthe People's Republic of China and Saudi Arabia initiated a series of regular political meetings.

Cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia in oil sector boosts relations

While in China, King Abdullah signed five major agreements on energy cooperation. The visit was also used as a way to discuss broader economic trade, taxation and technical accords, a vocational training agreement, as well as to finalize an urban development loan for the Saudi Arabian Development Bank in China's Xinjiang province.

President Hu was only the second foreign leader in history who was granted permission to address Saudi Arabia's legislative council.

Saudis are eager to invest in Chinese oil-industry related projects as a way to secure their status as a major oil provider to China. When the United States refused to sell Saudi Arabia long-range fuel tanks for Saudi F fighters, Saudi Arabia arranged a deal with China in to obtain between fifty and sixty nuclear-payload-capable CSS-2 intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

One commentator asserted, "The Chinese in essence hoodwinked the Saudis into buying an antique missile system worthless without its nuclear warhead. However, there is speculation that Sino-Saudi strategic military cooperation has continued to grow. Experts believe that China has based more than one thousand of its military advisers at Saudi missile installations. Press reports indicate that China has offered Saudi Arabia the opportunity to purchase modern missile systems.