Meet and greet one direction copenhagen 2014 imdb

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meet and greet one direction copenhagen 2014 imdb

In China They Eat Dogs () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more start piling up and the direction of things slips out of control but everything is taken . life in the city of Copenhagen while this one is more of a action/drama/comedy but . Here, we meet again the actor who impersonated Radovan in the ''Pusher'' . In Theaters · Showtimes & Tickets · Latest Trailers · Coming Soon · Release Ask Hasselbalch was born on February 28, in Copenhagen, Denmark. . He is an actor, known for Entourage (), Pepsi Commercial: One Direction/ Drew Brees . He first got involved in the adult industry in the late 's after meeting. See full cast» He's struggling with his family, including his co-dependent single mom and his The A24 logo at the start of the film is made of skateboards.

meet and greet one direction copenhagen 2014 imdb

This is when one discovers the true nature of the film. As things progress, it becomes clear the movie is quite un-serious, and it becomes very easy to just sit back and enjoy the bizarre and often twisted situations that arise. Two young chain-smoking chefs working for the criminal brother deliver the much-needed comical relief, responding to the brother's orders of dumping yet another corpse out in the Danish marsh with lines like "But. It is impossible to really do the movie justice with any form of narration.

Much of the action would sound very disturbing if retold, but when seen along with the characters' expressions and in light of the whole movie, including the refreshingly unexpected ending, it is hard to take very seriously.

meet and greet one direction copenhagen 2014 imdb

The dialogue of the movie, reminiscent of classics like Pulp Fiction and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is what really shines through. As the story unfolds and becomes more and more far-fetched, each line of dialogue becomes a stand-alone punchline in as of itself, leaving most audiences at least the ones I've been with roaring with laughter.


Kim Bodnia of "Nattevagten""Pusher" and "Bleeder" fame delivers yet another stunning performance as the psycho criminal brother who puts his version of family values above anything else in life including the lives of anybody else in his way - just like the rivaling gang of ethnic heritage do in the film. A must-see for anyone with an appreciation for twisted humor, especially if one is in a position to appreciate all the references to the background culture - though probably a bit hard to swallow for some read: Was this review helpful?

Between his performance and Raso's script and direction, he pulls it off. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and Alan Poon's camera captures it with such detail, admiration and allure that it's practically an invitation to be a part of it. This is his first narrative feature film as cinematographer. The young talent associated with this picture is staggering and most impressive. Hell, it's Raso's first feature film as well.

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His choices in music for the picture, from the Danish songs to Agatha Kaspar's score her first feature, too!

The song that Effy sings at the karaoke bar is mesmerizing and it feels like the grounding moment that solidifies the bond she now has with William.

meet and greet one direction copenhagen 2014 imdb

It's a powerful scene. Ultimately, the maturity of Raso and his co-conspirators in art and beauty boils down to a pivotal scene near the close of the film.


The choice Raso makes with these two characters hinges on making or breaking the film and he does exactly what was needed to stay true to their story. I kept waiting for the ball to drop, not for my lack of knowledge about these film makers but because so often there's something that will take you out of a picture that has worked so hard to keep your attention.

It might not ruin it but it dilutes what was carefully constructed. The relationship William and Effy have is told with such grace that it pulls you in, making you care deeply for them, wanting it to somehow work out but knowing that it shouldn't.

The moment they kiss for the first time don't worry, it's nicely done took me back 30 years to when I had those 'first' moments, moments I haven't felt in a very long time.

meet and greet one direction copenhagen 2014 imdb

That's how much I was drawn into this picture. How it plays out the film and not my teenage love life and how it concludes is a journey you need to take. Keep this on your radar. Hopefully it will be available to the public by the end of this year.

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