Jang kiha and the faces our relationship sucks

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jang kiha and the faces our relationship sucks

Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: 그렇고 그런 사이, Some Kind of Relationship in Between, 달이 차오른다, 가자, 풍문으로 들었소, 깊은 밤 전화. my thoughts and comments on a South Korean drama or movie. Through most of the story it's a bit of a problematic relationship. . King Lee Do (his personal name) faces his fears, he wrestles with the foes in his . Jang Hyuk as Dae Gil in Chuno I'd think as theatrics, whereas here Chae Yoon is just. And judging by songs alone, Kiha indeed must be the weirdest . I'm not surprised it all blows up in their face when the artists trip up and become human for a second. . I also really liked Ji Chang Wook in Healer so I'll have to watch I'm still watching The Undateables and I find the noona relationship.

It was a year ago when I first watched it. All pictures here are captures from the drama. A sageuk is a S. Fusion because it has contemporary elements, those that are non-traditional to a sageuk such as stylized costumes and background music that does not belong to the period. Aside from the traditional music featured here, which are lovely, there are also pop and rock sound tracks. One of them, Stigma Yim Jae Bumwill have its own post here one of these days.

jang kiha and the faces our relationship sucks

It embodies what for me the theme of the drama is, which is a chasing after something that cannot be had, in this lifetime at least. The slave hunters are just that, they hunt for run-away household-slaves.

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They are mercenary-like in that they can be hired by anyone, or that they can claim rewards from owners whose slaves they have caught. They have a low status in society and are loathed by the slaves especially. They are not an organized body and hence there is competition among the different chuno gangs. They live by brawn mostly, and brains for some like the group in this drama, which consists of three friends who are among the best in the trade: Choi, nicknamed General Choi, or Choi chamgun, the oldest in the group and hence the older-brother-in-authority for the two younger ones; 2.

She calls the three men her orabeoni, meaning older brother. Seolhwa was sold into slavery when she was 6 because her family was starving. This is a modern-day setting movie.

jang kiha and the faces our relationship sucks

Seolhwa was resold into prostitution in her early teens and is first seen in the drama as belonging to a traveling group of entertainers that goes around Joseon. She is a valuable asset to its owner, a nasty woman who has a retinue of private thugs. One particular evening Seolhwa, apparently deciding to abandon her way of living, slipped through her guards and thus managed to come across the three chuno. From then on she has successfully attached herself to their gang.

She is a smart aleck but also surprisingly smart. Yun Bok has told her that she is special to him her. The gisaeng has already fallen in love with Yun Bok.

On that bridge scene I was bracing myself against the pain that I will see on the beautiful face when Yun Bok breaks her heart. Her question is similar to what I would have asked myself had that happened to me also: What do I do now? Hye Won is an artist of the highest calibre. She even shares the same bedroom with her older brother, Young Bok almost similar names.

She is virtually a he. She had stepped onto the shoes of the male of his era.

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He walks and talks and projects masculinity. She and her foster family cannot afford to get caught of this lie. Had they been not brothers Young Bok and Yun Bok could probably already have thought of running away and getting married.

Dan Won himself saw this intimacy between them. The gisaeng is blameless. Her love for the Artist is in its proper place, and it is beautiful. A special episode of the drama explained how that take left a profound effect on the participants: Like Dan Won and Hye Won and the gisaeng I would have taken everything in stride, have accepted whatever is there without much ado.


Her self-portrait in the end is the revelation. She knew it was wrong for her to have kept at it. Simultaneously her attractions to both the gisaeng and her teacher became revealed to her, and she decides to finally tell them her secret. Many times as I watched on I did it in one go, taking a break only to sleep I felt envious of the relationship between Dan Won and Hye Won.

He is her guardian angel. He never fails her. He finds a treasure and he stakes his life on it. Only Young Bok could be equally capable of this self-sacrifice…and he had to be killed!?!? However, it was primarily to provide angst for Hye Won so that the wheel can keep on turning.

Is it really justifiable this way? She has lost her femininity and she is all of a sudden confronted by it when she sees the beautiful gisaeng. Yes, the gisaeng is very beautiful, so beautiful that the richest merchant simply had to have her. And when he acquires her he treats her with utmost care, like how a priceless porcelain is guarded from scratch and breakage. Yun Bok lost her femininity along with her childhood, along with many of her memories.