Inter relationship between product design and process

inter relationship between product design and process

Production efficiency or productivity depends on the various sub functions of production such as process design and process planning, product design. A close relationship between the fabrication processes and the extent to which the actual product matches the original design. If a designer adheres to the set of . interdépendantes, cette recherche pourrait idéalement inspirer des .. What is the Relationship between Product Design and Business Models in the Context .. Figure Analytical Process used to Isolate and Define Relationships.

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Difficulty in mechanical design often centers on creative geometric reasoning, management of multiple behaviors, mitigation of unavoidable side effects, and anticipation of a variety of failure modes. In some cases, a mechanical design is an evolutionary outgrowth of a past design.

inter relationship between product design and process

In these cases such as automotive suspensions progress is being made in establishing design templates that capture in parametric or rule form the traditional parts and relationships among parts that every good example of the genre must contain.

Design then consists of packaging the given elements, using existing simulations to confirm basic behaviors. Computer simulation tools can predict nominal behavior at the testing mechanical designs that are comparable in power to those available for the analogous electronic design task. A similar point applies to the modeling of multiple and simultaneous high-level energy interactions. Compared to the problems encountered by the VLSI circuit designer, the problems that challenge the mechanical designer, described in Box 3.

inter relationship between product design and process

These challenges are the subject of the remainder of this chapter. Needs And Research For Mechanical Design As noted above, it is not clear that the paradigm of electronic design can be applied to mechanical design, the area that the committee believes poses the greatest need today.

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Nevertheless, the successes of today's electronic design paradigm suggest research areas to improve mechanical design. Page 67 Share Cite Suggested Citation: Information Technology for Manufacturing: The National Academies Press. Since side effects and off-nominal behaviors often cannot be adequately modeled and usually cannot be designed out, either extensive, time-consuming, and costly prototyping and field testing are required, or the designer must design the system very conservatively to mitigate the consequences of these side effects to an adequate degree over the expected life of the system.

Process design is integral to the design of individual mechanical systems. One reason is that for many mechanical parts, there is no way to automatically convert product geometry and other specifications to a fabrication process such as a sequence of machining steps. Designing fixtures, for example, is a major problem.

Moreover, most mechanical fabrication processes are neither pattern-insensitive nor precisely controllable; even when the commands to a given process are repeated identically, the output of the process as implemented on an actual production line is different each time, and the differences may well matter. A command to drill a hole 0.

inter relationship between product design and process

In general, elimination of these differences is either too difficult or too expensive. Thus, process design involves the choice of an economical process whose output comprises mostly acceptable though different parts. In most cases, there are no simulations that can predict the range of variations in nominally identical outcomes that a given mechanical process might generate.

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This range, usually called "process capability" when appropriately normalized, is often estimated by experienced people. Such "tolerance-like" problems also affect chip fabrication: Such issues affect yield rates dramatically.

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A price that fairly matches your product is important as well. More Than a Place The original idea behind the place component was that businesses offer products and services through locations.

inter relationship between product design and process

Part of marketing is letting customers know where they can find you and your products. Over time, though, place has given way to distribution, as people buy products through catalogs, the Internet, mobile devices and kiosks.

Thus, developing a distribution process that meets customer demands for efficiency and convenience and promoting your ordering and fulfillment methods are also important.

Positioning Along with a general intent of selling value, your development of a marketing mix strategy helps you establish your position in a target market. This involves the development and communication of differences that make your product bigger or better than competitors. Distinguishing qualities are necessary when you promote your products because customers need to clearly understand what separates you from other options.

In the long-term, customer loyalty comes when you have very strong qualities to offer targeted customers. The Marketing Mix About the Author Neil Kokemuller has been an active business, finance and education writer and content media website developer since He has been a college marketing professor since