How to make a relationship work between scorpio and aquarius

How to Make An Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man Relationship Work -

how to make a relationship work between scorpio and aquarius

Contact between a Scorpio and an Aquarius can be truly intense. None of them will want to have small talk or discuss their day at work. that this relationship might end tomorrow and there is nothing they can do about it but accept it. On the . Why do Scorpios and Aquarius make such a powerful match? What should guide a relationship between these signs? Monogyny works for them because a Scorpio can fixate on an Aquarius and help it to be more. It's not just a conflict between emotional and unemotional when Scorpio and If the couple can make the relationship work, this can be a very dignified and.

Conversely, Scorpio is easily wounded, although a master at hiding feelings from the world. This is being mentioned because it is an area that needs to be focused on during the early stages of a relationship if a couple hopes to survive. Once both signs tune into one another, conversation is usually not a problem. Points of discussion usually revolve around current events, social justice, politics, science, and spirituality.

The innate differences between these two signs are what paradoxically makes conversation lively — and interesting.

It is imperative, however, that Scorpio keep in mind Aquarians have little patience for the mistreatment of others.

how to make a relationship work between scorpio and aquarius

This means Scorpio needs to let Aquarius talk about the specific perceived injustices of others and not cut off conversation.

On the flip side, Aquarius must remember that Scorpios often become obsessed with a given issue — to the point that it becomes annoying. The best way to handle this is to gently encourage Scorpio to look at things differently but not attempt to stop the obsessing. Trust It is a misnomer that trust is difficult between Aquarius and Scorpio. It is more accurate to state that trust is not instant.

Unlike Scorpio and Cancerwhere fidelity occurs instantly, Aquarius open and sometimes unemotional persona can act as a barrier. One of the few signs that can penetrate deep into the Aquarian psyche is Scorpio. But for that to happen, there needs to be a high degree of communication see number 4 above.

After this link is established, trust begins to strengthen in major ways. This means physical, emotional, and financial trust. Both Scorpio and Aquarius are known for having a wandering eye.

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Aquarius at times acts impulsively. Scorpio does too but is much more calculating. This is being mentioned because cheating can happen unless there is a firm agreement between both signs to remain exclusive.

Even then — both will continue to check other people out. That is never going to change. But merely looking verses acting are two different things.

If you are one of these signs, you will need to arrive at a place of acceptance on this front while owning your own behaviors. If you can do this aka being OK with looking but not acting trust will be enduring.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility: Irreverence & Lightning!

Intellect When you pair a Scorpion and Aquarian together, you have a very smart couple. This not being mentioned as mere hyperbole. Aquarius is focused on two life areas: The here and now and the future. Almost obsessively, the sign thinks about new possibilities and creating change. Why does it have to be this way? Like Aquarius, Scorpio shares these traits.

Topical conversations between the two often center on current events and the future. Aquarius is heavily gifted in the areas of math and science. Scorpio in psychology and language. It is, for this reason, they the pairing makes for a highly intellectual couple. Money This is an easy bonding area for both signs. Scorpio needs security and safety. Aquarius also requires these things but with less intensity. Both are highly disciplined with saving and spending and both view money as a pathway to personal freedom.

Aquarians like helping people. Giving money to the needy or to special causes is important to them. On the other hand, Scorpio likes to hoard cash — with the exception of spending money on personal care items such as a popular cologne. The sign also likes spending money on mates. In romantic relationships, both need to grow accustomed to different financial priorities to avoid friction.

Still, the differences are minor when compared to the big picture. Both Aquarius and Scorpio are great with money.

how to make a relationship work between scorpio and aquarius

Summary of Scorpio and Aquarius Regardless of rumors, you may hear elsewhere, Scorpio and Aquarius are a lot more compatible than some people think. Once the bond has been established, the relationship lasts for many years. Scorpio is resistant to change. Aquarius loves to shake things up. It is their unique differences that magnetically draw them together.

Aquarius and Scorpio usually don't have a problem in this area because of their intense attraction to one another.

Why Scorpio and Aquarius are Attracted to Each Other

It's in other areas that things seem to cool down. A Scorpio is mysterious and alluring and that's all part of their charm and why Aquarius can become very attracted to them.

Zodiac Sign Says About Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility

It's just in the nature of a Scorpio to be intense and addicting. An Aquarius is the exact opposite with its free spirit nature and aloofness.

how to make a relationship work between scorpio and aquarius

This can be where heads tend to butt because a Scorpio expects a solid commitment and the Aquarius tends to run the other way when rules and restrictions are put upon them. The only way a real relationship can work between an Aquarius and a Scorpio is if the Aquarius loves and desires the Scorpio enough to break down its own walls and let them in.

The Aquarius has to feel safe and comfortable enough in the relationship to accept the commitment for what it is and be open to it. In turn, the Scorpio has to understand that the only reason the Aquarius has walls up to begin with is because it's a defense mechanism.

The Aquarius has been hurt before and it tries to prevent it from happening again by never getting too close. The power dynamic between a Scorpio and Aquarius will always be that of a child and adult. The Scorpio will always take on the role of the adult because they are always going to be the one in charge and leading the way.

The Aquarius is fine with this dynamic because they secretly enjoy having someone tell them what to do because it brings structure and order into their chaotic lives. Scorpios tend to be traditional and prefer to run a household by their own special rules. They like things done a certain way and if Aquarius respects them they will abide by their rules. Scorpio and Aquarius can get along pretty well once the power dynamics are sorted out and everyone knows what their roles in the relationship are.

A Scorpio expects an intense and strong relationship and will settle for nothing less.

how to make a relationship work between scorpio and aquarius

They will always keep tabs on you and will want you to keep in touch constantly. This can be a problem for the Aquarius who prefers their alone time and can go days without properly communicating. In this case, a compromise has to be made in order for the relationship between the Scorpio and Aquarius to work.

The Aquarius should try to be a little more committed and the Scorpio should relax a little and understand that just because the Aquarius isn't texting back right away doesn't mean they're out doing things they shouldn't be. Some trust is definitely required from both partners. Timing is very important if the Scorpio and Aquarius relationship is to work. Each sign has to get all of their dating around and one night stands out of their system before they can fully commit to one another.

This is much easier for the Scorpio than the Aquarius because they tend to be players in their early years. Scorpio has always been more serious about relationships. If they can see a future with a certain person, they put in all their effort to make it work. Unless the Aquarius feels the same way, they could always have one foot out of the door which will infuriate the Scorpio to no ends. A little piece of advice: You should never get into a relationship if you're not sure about them or just bored and passing the time.

Scorpio will intuitively feel this and make your life a living hell. You have been warned. This brings me to the most important fact you should know about the Scorpio: Scorpios are loyal and expect that loyalty in return from you. If you betray them in any way then you will know the notorious lethal sting of the Scorpio.

In real life, if you get bit by a Scorpion bug, you die because their bite is deadly.