How to build a good relationship between customers and sellers

how to build a good relationship between customers and sellers

Out of the many sellers in your category, a repeat buyer means you not only earned their well and are not in it for the sales but the long-term relationships as well. The bottom line is that you are making a genuine effort to hear the person's. Artesian examines the current state of B2B customer expectations and what But only 27% believe B2B sellers are doing a great job when it comes and build relationships: The seller's role doesn't stop at the point of sale. Our research found that sales winners make strong personal connections at more than What has changed is the way customers form relationships with sellers.

On Fiverr you listen by being clear and descriptive in your writing.

how to build a good relationship between customers and sellers

This means rephrasing what the buyer is saying. For example, if you sense a buyer is repeating themselves, you can say as much. You can mention that you notice they get frustrated trying to explain their needs. You then can rephrase what you think it is they need and ask if you have the information correct.

how to build a good relationship between customers and sellers

You can reflect empathy by commenting on something the buyer says or shares as well. For example, if the buyer shares a photo with family, you can say something along the lines of how proud they must be of their family. You can also use emojis to express emotions such as joy.

And when someone feels heard or like you get them, you have stepped closer to the next customer loyalty builder: Build Trust If a buyer does not trust you, you have lost their loyalty. Building trust is a conscious effort.

In the simplest terms, trust is doing what you say you will do again and again and again. When it comes to selling on Fiverr, that means delivering on time all the time, responding in a manner that is in line with your response time, answering all questions asked, and delivering the product you promised in your Gig or communications.

The trust you build in a platform such as Fiverr is precious and should be continually nurtured. Be reliable and do it consistently and you will be amazed by the loyalty that it creates in your buyers. Be Curious I am curious by nature and always looking to learn. This has led me to have some fascinating conversations with clients.

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It has led me to learn about their work, business ventures, and personal lives. It has led me to develop relationships beyond sales. I keep in touch with clients who I have not sold to in months simply because there is a vested interest in that person. My curiosity has led me to learn about different projects I could try myself. And while my curiosity was not welcomed at times, overall, it is one of the things my long-term buyers seem to appreciate about me.

Building a Better Buyer-Seller Relationship - HBS Working Knowledge - Harvard Business School

They realize I am genuinely interested in who they are and their goals, as well as sharing my successes with them. I have seen their businesses grow, learned about their family, checked in during natural disasters where they live, and talked politics. It has made my time on Fiverr so much fun. Sure, some buyers come here to get the work done and leave. Some want nothing to do with the seller as a person. But the best clients who make up the bulk of my sales are the ones I take the time to get to know.

how to build a good relationship between customers and sellers

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it kept bringing me customers back. Be Yourself There is no one like you and you cannot be all things to all people. How does this translate into customer loyalty? Buyers will be drawn to you based on your personal attributes.

If you are a straight shooter, people who value honesty will find your style refreshing. If you have a democratic way of handling situations, people who appreciate tactfulness may tend to work with you.

Whatever your style is, whatever you bring to the table as a person is going to, in part, determine the kind of buyers you attract. If you pretend to be something you are not as a seller, you will get the wrong buyers who will not stick around.

This is what he dubbed the "all at once" approach. Or better, the supplier can attempt a "foot-in-the-door" approach, by skillfully managing the relationship.

The 7 B's of Relationship Building - Mark Sanborn, Customer Service Expert

For a foot-in-the-door product to be successful, it should boast five qualities, he said: There has to be a natural progression from one part to another—some connection. It has to solve an important, visible customer pain.

The supplier must be confident of its performance; there can be no problem. First impressions are the last impressions if they're not good ones, he said. The customer has to be able to evaluate the product. Even if you're sure of the quality, if the customer doesn't understand what you're doing it's not going to work.

It must not be too expensive for the customer.

how to build a good relationship between customers and sellers

I think the most underestimated factor in industrial or business marketing is buyer behavior. The customer calls you and wants to place an order. If you do it right, you also increase the scope of the relationship. But does it work all the time? The answer is no," he said. Sometimes the all-at-once approach is the only way to jump-start from zero, he observed. From Transaction To Commitment To explain how he has come to answer question three—how to convert a customer from a transactional to a relationship orientation—Narayandas answered with a case and a research project.

The Wesco case is about a company whose business was very transaction-oriented—dealing in bulbs, wires, and connectors for contractors and industrial customers. Yet it managed to shepherd about a third of its customers into a relationship. As he learned in the Wesco experience, the road is bumpy at first. The distributor tells the customer, "I want to give you lower prices, which will come at the expense of my markets.

What I want you to do is give me higher volumes. The suppliers' costs, meanwhile, just go up. While the customer is getting more value, only one party—the distributor—is actually working at the relationship.

The Importance Of Repeat Buyers And Creating Customer Loyalty

Even the slightest effort they put in will lead to much more value for themselves. At some point, the customers begin to give more volumes. For the customers, value increased, thanks to price reduction and the fact that the customers began to see the value of collaboration.

Trust forms between people, between individuals.