Dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Strangers: 11 Steps

dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet

If your dog is growling and barking at guests, you probably have with a heightened sense of anxiety - so does your dog. Now he sometimes barks and occasionally snaps or bites. is loud and clear: when strangers approach, growl and bark to keep them away. All dogs are not outgoing or used to meeting many types of strangers, especially. At one time or another, you have probably heard a growling dog and Fear: If your dog typically growls at strangers, specific people, such as children or men.

Then move onto the next step. Begin saying the command when he barks. However, do this only in minor situations. If you're in the house and he randomly lets out one bark, immediately say the command and give him a treat when he looks at you. Repeat this over the course of a few days. Once he gets it, move onto the next step. Now say the commands in more heavy situations. Try it when he sees a squirrel or if somebody is at the door. If it's working, you may begin trying to use it on a walk. After a long, long, long time of doing this, he shouldn't be barking as much and all should be calm again in the neighborhood.

The most important part of this method is to always give him the treats. Never use the command if you don't have treats until after step 5. When you can clip the nail shorter and she will tolerate it, then gradually work up to adding more nails, and then work up to clipping more than one nail in a row.

dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet

Do this until you can clip all of her nails, while giving her treats, and she will let you. After Tipper is used to having her nails clipped, then continue to make nail clipping fun by always including treats in the process.

When she is used to it, continue clip her nails like normal, but every couple of nail clips, offer her a treat. Do this for the entire grooming session every time you do her nails.

dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet

If you are using a nail dremel instead of the clippers, then you will need to spend extra time getting her used to the sound of the dremel, with treats, before touching it to her, and you will need to spend more time on each step, since the dremel will vibrate and feel funny when you touch it to her nail. Dremels are great tools for grooming, but expect that process to take longer. Best of luck training, Caitlin Crittenden Because she has shown willingness to bite when she is afraid, you will probably need to have her always wear the muzzle for nail clipping, just in case you were to accidentally cut her quick.

If you were to cut her quick by accident, then your face would be very close to hers already, and she might react by biting. The owner had a treat pouch full of bite-sized high-value treats, but I told her to keep several readily available in her hand.

dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet

So I called the boyfriend who was in the yard, and I told him to just touch open the door a bit without coming through the door. As soon as Molly's ears tilted in direction of the sound, I told Sally to immediately feed her a treat.

We repeated this exercise several times, until Molly came to understand that the sound of the door opening was a predictor of a treat coming her way. We knew this happened when, upon hearing the sound of the door, she looked at Sally's hand for a treat.

How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm Around Strangers

In the midst of these exercises, we only heard a few barks happen the first couple of times. Afterward, Sally seemed to catch on quickly. In the next series of trials afterward, we only heard a muffled bark once. We then progressed to having her boyfriend come through the door and walk a few steps.

dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet

We repeated the exercise. However, if occasionally the door opening was a bit louder than others, we still gave treats for that and kept giving them when he walked in.

Positively Correcting "Random Barking" in Dogs

Molly was getting a hang of the game, looking for her treats every time she heard the foot steps. We then decided to further increase criteria, and this time have the boyfriend say something upon coming in and taking a few steps. Every time he said something, Molly was given treats. We also gradually added in the mix him giving out fake coughs, walking more heavily, carrying noisy tools, clapping his hands, and more.

Treats were always given when these noises occurred. Molly was starting to understand the game; indeed, every time she heard a less intense version of something that in the past concerned her, she would search for her treat. Molly that day was left with some homework. When she didn't have time to work on the issue and her husband had to come in and out often, Molly was to be kept away from all the commotion.

She could have kept her in the farthest room or taken her out for walk.

Calm Down! - Dog Whisperer

This because if Molly was allowed too much barking at the trigger, this rehearsal of the problem behavior would have taken us several steps back. When then Sally and her boyfriend had free time, she was to repeat the exercises, but without progressing any further until we would meet again. When we met again, Sally said she had seen a great improvement in Molly, she did very well and only managed to make a muffled bark just once or twice.

This is somewhat expected at some time or another. So that day we worked on adding sights. Molly seemed to have accustomed to most noises made from her boyfriend coming in. Sally said she even practiced having her husband do push ups in another room something that triggered barking and fed her treats while he did those and she did great.

So now we had her boyfriend walk in from the door, take a few steps, talk and now move towards the room where we were sitting, just making a brief appearance at a distance.

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Molly was fed tasty treats, every time he popped up into the room. We even practiced a few "Peek-a-Boo games" too. Almost towards the end of the session, her boyfriend was able to walk half way into the room without her barking.

At one point though, when the boyfriend started coming into the room we had an 'oops moment", her boyfriend dropped his phone and when he bent down to grab it Molly started barking. It's OK, we are humans and we make mistakes some times. Molly's barking though told us that she wasn't ready for this intensity level.

dog growls and barks at strangers when we meet