Blind spot authentic flirt summary

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blind spot authentic flirt summary

The show hit its stride in "Authentic Flirt" with an exciting tattoo case, a well- written bad guy and a major Blindspot Review: “Authentic Flirt”. Woven into this episode's plot is a continuation of my favorite story line “ Authentic Flirt” has been the most meaningfully dramatic episode of. The episode's plot revolved around a villain getting a hold of the Witness .?url=

Not only was the scene overly graphic, it was completely unnecessary.

blind spot authentic flirt summary

So if they were already planning to purchase the list, why would they kidnap, torture, and kill the brother of their target? I guess even crazed Bulgarian assassins need a back-up plan. Combined, the fonts create an anagram.

blind spot authentic flirt summary

There are thousands of possible combinations, but there was a hit on one "Ashwell Creek Kennels", which leads to a website, which leads to an abandon house on Staten Island that the bad guys use as a drop site.

So, why does an international super secret criminal cabal use a house within driving distance of the good guys?

Blindspot recap: Authentic Flirt

Sadly, this represents the most reasonable coincidence in the entire episode. After that, we find that the assassins speak Bulgarian, which of course Jane speaks as well.

blind spot authentic flirt summary

The crew looks around the house and finds a shoe print in the dust on a table. Agent Weller climbs on the table and abracadabra: There was a scene where Patterson had a bit of dialogue reminiscent of Scotty James Doohan on the original Star Trek in which, immediately after explaining how impossible it is to track the location of the bad guy, she declares she was able to do it.

‘Blindspot’ Creator on Character Deaths, Weller’s Love Life

Like the long string of coincidences, this was not the only moment where the writers dressed up exposition as dialogue. Not to sound like a broken record, but there has got to be a better way to deliver an exciting climax without resorting to trading shots and ducking behind cover.

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Lastly, Guerrero and David's deaths at the end of this episode also didn't leave much of an impact. First of all, I'm beginning to think that Carter is an idiot.

‘Blindspot’ Deaths in Episode 9, ‘Authentic Flirt’: Saul Guerrero, David – Variety

Mayfair's plan to create a false paper trail seemed way more intelligent than Carter hiring three bozos to kill Guerrero in an abandoned hallway. At least Zapata had the good sense to ditch Carter's bug for Jane.

blind spot authentic flirt summary

I'll be curious to see how that affects Zapata in the future. Meanwhile, I wasn't as bummed about David as I thought I'd be.

I guess since we only got to know him for one or two episodes, his death didn't really hit very hard. Fitting then that his offscreen death was so unceremonious. But now I'm worried that Patterson the series' only comic relief will turn into a gloomy Debbie Downer like the rest of the characters -- which is the last thing this show needs.

blind spot authentic flirt summary

What little levity Blindspot had is now most certainly dead, at least for awhile. That was a pretty cool cover of "Where Is My Mind" though. The Verdict This week's Blindspot gave us a fun and slightly different mission for Jane and Weller, who pretended to be assassins in order to recover intel on the sly.