Batman meet superman and batwoman

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batman meet superman and batwoman

Meet the only heroine who can call Batman her equal. . Because 52 explored a DC Universe where Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. In Superman/Batman #24, Batman called her Helena, whom she apparently has a passing resemblance. Batwoman doesn't deny it, thus it may be her name. Post with votes and views. Tagged with superman, batman, catwoman, lois lane; Shared by IDKWhat2PutHere. Their relationship.

Superman retrieves the staff, but is trapped in the Source Wall as a result. Batman and Bekka take advantage of DeSaad's attempted betrayal of Darkseid to steal the staff and bring back Superman. Superman, Batman and Bekka return to Earth, bringing Scarecrow with them. Bekka is retrieved by Orion, and is later seen being killed by a shadowy assailant.

In "Darklight" 43, illustrated by Mike McKoneDoctor Light infiltrates a dark matter fuel experiment on a Waynetech satellite, by creating solidgram versions of the original Teen Titans to distract the guards.

He then uses the experiment's Kryptonian processor to enter the Fortress of Solitude. While Superman battles the Titan solidgrams, Batman manages to head off and defeat Light by trapping him in a Dark Matter crystal. Light is later freed by Lex Luthor, who wants him to join his new Injustice League.

In "Nanopolis" 57—59the Prankster tricks Superman and shrinks him to microscopic size. Batman must find him and return him to normal size.

Before returning to normal, the two heroes must rescue the microscopic civilization whose existence has been inadvertently endangered by the Prankster. Mike Johnson and Michael Green[ edit ] As of issue 46, Mike Johnson joined with Michael Green to continue the series; issue 44 was the beginning of the new run.

They are the first writers to hold regular roles on this series since Jeph Loeb. In "K" 44 to 49, illustrated by Shane DavisSuperman and Batman began a mission to collect and rid the Earth of every piece of Kryptonite, a substance lethal to Superman, which has been in great abundance since Kara's arrival earlier in this series. Along the way, Batman and Superman receive a lot of support from other heroes, including Firestormlooking for membership in the JLA.

They surprisingly also encounter some resistance, especially from the new Aquaman. This story also includes the reveal of two new variations of Kryptonite that have been also enhanced by a magical charm. One causes Superman to feel like a child and carefree for the day, which also has implications of a drug-like effect, while the second restores him to normal.

As they continue to search, they encounter the Last Line, a team run by Amanda Waller and a new Kryptonite-powered version of Doomsday created by Waller. In the end, Superman decides to give Batman the last piece of Kryptonite, because he feels he needs his weakness to be human and also in case he goes rogue.

After he flies away, the Caped Crusader retreats to the Batcave, where it is revealed that a sample of each Kryptonite variation, along with large chunks of green Kryptonite, are still kept there. In "The Fathers" 50while rebuilding Smallville following the events of "K", Superman and Batman uncover a piece of Kryptonian technology that reveals that Jor-El came in contact with Thomas Wayne while searching for an appropriate planet to serve as baby Kal-El's new home.

These Lil' Leaguers are childlike versions of the heroes and have similar powers. They face off against the Lil' Villains, and learn the harsh truth that the world is a very dangerous place when Lil' Superman is killed by a Father Box-enhanced Lil' Doomsday. Superman meanwhile, tries to lead a normal life as a husband and journalist.

batman meet superman and batwoman

Their allies realized that the power switch has a psychological side effect to both men, as Batman's behavior becomes increasingly aggressive and Superman himself becomes emotionally depressed despite living the life he has always wanted, realizing that the transfer was the result of a curse that would give each man what they had always wanted, while simultaneously rendering them incapable of using it properly.

In "Mash-Up" 60—61 Superman and Batman meet the Justice Titans in Gothamopolis and together they must take down the city's worst villains. Francis Manapul is on covers and interiors for this two-parter. In "Night and Day" 63, illustrated by Rafael AlbuquerqueSuperman is forced to flee Earth when Gorilla Grodd succeeds in filling the planet's atmosphere with Kryptonite. Subsequently, Grodd conquers Earth, having used his mental abilities to control the minds of every remaining inhabitant of the planet except Batman, who resists using his mental discipline.

This is broken when Alfred Pennyworth dies enabling Grodd to capture him. At Batman's execution Superman returns, now immune to the artificial Kryptonite released by Grodd thanks to Batman, and defeats the villain. However, this entire scenario is revealad to be a simulation created in the Batcomputer.

Both released stories have been reinterpretations of stories originally published during the Silver Age. Along the way, they encounter Deathstroke the Terminator Slade Wilsonas well as the Crime Syndicate from the Antimatter Universe, which is made up of evil duplicates of the heroes.

An alternate, unnamed version of Deathstroke also appears, characterized very similarly to Marvel Comics' Deadpool. During the course of the adventure, Superman and Batman discover each other's secret identities and agree to work together, even though they disagree with each other's methods of operating. The issue is a reimagining of "The Mightiest Team In the World", the tale from Superman 76 May—June in which the two heroes discover each other's secret identities and team up for the first time.

In "The Unexamined Life This story takes place early in the career of the original Robin and depicts his first meeting with Superman.

Bard is a romantic interest of Barbara's, as well. Batgirl reveals her secret identity to her father who had already discovered it on his ownand serves as a member of the U. She moves to Washington, D.

Batgirl also guest-starred in other Superman related titles such as of Adventure Comics, and in Superman Familywhere she teams with Supergirl. Batgirl was one of the main features in the book, frequently teaming with Robin. Batgirl meets Batwoman in Batman Family 10, when the retired superheroine returns to crime-fighting. The two fight Killer Moth and The Cavalierand learn about each other's secret identities.

When Batman Family ended at issue 20, stories featuring these characters were merged with Detective Comics, beginning with issue inand Batgirl continued her adventures there. Even after the "Batman Family" feature left Detective Comics, Batgirl continued to appear in the back-up stories through issue October Barbara Gordon as portrayed early in her Batgirl career. Crisis on Infinite Earths, a limited mini-series published inwas written in order to reduce the complex history of DC Comics to a single continuity.

Although Batgirl is a featured character, her role is relatively small- she delivers Supergirl's eulogy at the conclusion of the story. Post-Crisis, Supergirl does not arrive on Earth until Gordon has established herself as Oracle; many adventures she shared with Batgirl are now retroactively described as having been experienced by Power Girl.

batman meet superman and batwoman

In Secret Origins Batgirl and the Golden Age Dr. Within the storyline, Gordon recounts the series of events that lead to her career as Batgirl, including her first encounter with Batman as a child, studying martial arts under the tutelage of a sensei, memorizing maps and blue prints of the city, excelling in academics in order to skip grades and pushing herself to become a star athlete.

Exit Batgirl, Enter Oracle The Modern Age of Comic Books had significant changes to the comic book industry as characters became darker and psychologically complex, abandoning the light-hearted themes of earlier ages. After her back-up series of stories ended, Barbara Gordon continued to be Batgirl, but increasingly felt inconsequential in a world filled with super-powered heroes.

The bullet severs her spine, permanently paralyzing her from the waist down. Gordon is grief-stricken upon learning the extent of her injuries, as is her ally and off-on again lover Dick Grayson, the original Robin currently known as Nightwing.

Initially, Gordon's paralysis plunges her into a state of reactive depression. However, she soon realizes that her aptitude for and training in information sciences have provided her with tremendous skills that could be deployed to fight crime.

In a world increasingly centered on technology and information, she possesses a genius-level intellect; photographic memory; deep knowledge of computers and electronics; expert skills as a hacker; and graduate training in library sciences. One night, Gordon has a dream in which an all-knowing woman similar to Oracle at Delphi of Greek mythology has her own face, it's then that she adopts "Oracle" as her codename.

She serves as an information broker, gathering and disseminating intelligence to law enforcement organizations and members of the superhero community. Year One," Oracle also trains under the tutelage of Richard Dragon, one of DC's premier martial artists, to engage in combat using eskrima from her wheelchair. She develops her upper-body strength and targeting skills with both firearms and batarangs. Year One Gordon is a highly gifted child having graduated from high school early, but initially desires to join law enforcement as opposed to vigilantism in the previous origin myths.

Former Batgirl Birds of Prey Following her paralysis and recovery from depression, Oracle founds the Birds of Prey, a team of female heroes, whom she employs as agents and extended members of the Batman team. After her unsuccessful partnership with Power Girl, Oracle later joins forces with the superheroine Black Canary. They form the nucleus of the Birds of Prey organization. While Oracle serves as the basic head of operations, Black Canary becomes her full-time employee and field agent.

During the cross-over event War Games, Black Mask commandeers Oracle's computers and satellites and engages in a fight to the death with Batman. In order to prevent Batman from killing his adversary, Oracle initiates the Clock Tower's self-destruct sequence, provoking Batman to rescue her rather than continue the battle. This results in the destruction of Gordon's home and headquarters in the clock tower. Subsequently, Oracle decides to move on, and leaves Gotham City altogether. She cuts her ties with Batman, and after a temporary world trip with her team, relocates to Metropolis.

In the events comprising Gail Simone's Birds of Prey: Between Dark and Dawnand Birds of Prey: The Battle WithinOracle is possessed by arch-villain Brainiac, an artificial intelligence entity, in order to become a biological being. Although Oracle overpowers Brainiac and expels him from her body, the advanced virus delivered by him remains despite his absence. The virus steadily causes cybernetic attachments to sprout all over her body.

Oracle develops cyberpathic powers that allow her to psychically interact with computer information systems. Although she loses these abilities after the virus is rendered dormant following an operation by Doctor Mid-Nite, she discovers she can move her toes. However, this proves to be short-lived; Gordon remains paralyzed. During the company wide cross-over Infinite CrisisOracle teams with the Martian Manhunter in Metropolis to coordinate a counterstrike to the Secret Society's global jailbreak.

When DC continuity jumps forward one year after the events of Infinite Crisis, Oracle and her team continue to work in Metropolis. Oracle works with Batman, although not on a regular basis as before. Oracle continues to lead the Birds of Prey, and expands the ranks of the operation. In Birds of Prey 99, Black Canary leaves the team and The Huntress becomes the team's de facto field leader, while Big Barda has been brought in as the group's heavy-hitter alongside a larger, rotating roster; Oracle also makes an attempt to reforge her alliance with Power Girl, however, when Oracle invites her to rejoin the team, she replies that she'll do so "when Hell freezes over.

Eventually, Spy Smasher is forced to admit her defeat and returns control of the Birds of Prey organization to Oracle. At the conclusion of the arc, Oracle also adopts Misfit into the Birds of Prey. In CountdownOracle dispatches the Question and Batwoman to capture Trickster and Piper following their role in the murder of the Flash.

She struggles to keep the identities of the world's heroes from being stolen and coordinates the response to a global crisis engineered by the Calculator, a villainous hacker and information broker. In issue 5 of the comic book series The All-New Booster Goldthe title hero is given the mission of traveling back in time in order to prevent "a tragedy that he discovers never should've happened — the Joker shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon, Batgirl.

The Killing Joke, he ultimately fails and Barbara Gordon's chronological history remains unchanged. Both Oracle and Mister Terrific make desperate attempts to stop Darkseid, even attempting to shut down the entire Internet. Unfortunately, they both fail and those affected ended up mindless slaves of Darkseid. Freed from Darkseid's control after the restoration of the Multi-verse, she attempts to shut down the criminal Unternet set up by her opposite number, the Calculator, as a Darkseid-free replacement for the regular Internet and still used by tech-savvy criminals.

Even though Oracle foils him, she starts doubting her abilities and fears she's losing her edge and brilliance, which results in her disbanding the Birds of Prey team to do some soul-searching.

Following the events of Batman: RIP and the Final Crisis, Oracle has returned back to Gotham City, and although the Birds of Prey are disbanded, she continues to summon them to help Nightwing and Robin deal with the growing crime in Gotham following the supposed death of Bruce Wayne. The Calculator's plans finally come to their fruition, and Kuttler, hoping to save her dying daughter Wendy takes on the Babbage alias and begins prowling the digital world of Alta Viva, a virtual world game, for fragments of the Anti-Life Equation unleashed by Darkseid.

Barbara, now living in a dilapidated apartment in Gotham, becomes aware of Kuttler's activities when Cheesefiend, one of her informants, is brutally killed, with the Anti-Life Equation itself, after coming in contact with Babbage.

Hoping to stop the Calculator and prevent him from piecing together the fragments of the Anti-Life Equation in his possession, Oracle travels to Hong Kong, hoping to steal them back by the means of an advanced supercomputer programmed to track the chunk of data left behind by Babbage. However the Calculator discovers her attempts, swearing vengeance upon her.

She manages to defeat Calculator, curing the Anti-Life Equation's fragments.

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Working with Leslie Thompkins, Barbara has begun to mentor the Calculator's daughter, Wendy, who was crippled following an attack at Titans Tower, which took the life of her brother Marvin.

Recently it came to Barbara's attention thanks to Dick Grayson that Cassandra Cain has once again stepped down from the role of Batgirl, and has been replaced by Stephanie Brown.

Still seeing Stephanie as an impulsive young girl, Barbara tries to talk her out of being Batgirl. When a new recreational drug known as "Thrill" is hitting the streets of Gotham, Barbara and Stephanie work together to stop the drug trade which they discover to be run by Scarecrow and Black Mask. After Dick discovers that Barbara has approved of Stephanie as Batgirl, he and Barbara had an intense argument over Barbara's decision which eventually made him leave to resume his patrol in the city.

Batman (Earth-Two)

After they've finally meet there was a miscommunication between the two: His instincts prove to be somewhat true, as Dick and Barbara begin working together on a kidnapping case, and despite some early attitude, begin to flirt playfully like they used to.

Barbara and Commissioner Gordon are both present. After sending Green Lantern's intel to every superhero community across the planet of the Black Lanterns, the Gordon's find themselves being attacked by the original Dark Knight's deceased rogue gallery members, whom are all reanimated by the Black Lantern Corps. Barbara and her father are forced to fight for their lives as they witness the Black Lanterns are massacring everyone on sight at Gotham Central.

During the crisis, Barbara falls under the control of Deadmanchanneling Barbara's athletic capability and apparently using his own super-natural ability to allow her to stand on her own two legs, to save Commissioner Gordon from the reanimated King Snake and the Trigger Twins. While Grayson and Drake battle the Black Lanterns, Robin takes the Gordon's to their underground base where Alfred Pennyworth tends her and her father's wounds.

Barbara is later approached by Huntress and Renee Montoya the new Question for help in tracking down a mysterious criminal who ordered a hit on them through Philo Zeiss. DCnU Babs explains how she regained the use of her legs After the events of Flashpoint, Barbara Gordon has recovered from her injuries by the hands of Joker, and has returned to the streets as Batgirl.

One of her nights back in action as Batgirl has her stopping a trio of crooks attempting to murder a couple. The fight almost turns sour when one of the crooks launches himself and her out the window. Thankfully, the couple rescued the two before they could fall though Barbara had to correct them as they accidentally called her Batwoman. The next morning, despite James Gordon's parental protests, Barbara moves away from home, moving in with another girl with a more independent streak.

However, the settling in had to wait - there was an attack at a hospital where the criminal she had stopped earlier was staying at. Arriving at the scene, she found herself confronting a murderer known as The Mirror, whose modus operandi was to kill people who survived major accidents.

Barbara attempted to stop him from taking the man's life, but she found herself paralyzed when he aimed his gun at her gut, allowing him to launch the man out the window. The police officer there opted to brand her a murderer for not being able to stop him.