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“Well I do but I can tell you there are very good reasons for me not to be singing and If you, like PM, need to brush up on your 'You're The Voice' lyrical veggie burgers; meat substitutes; store bought; problems; solutions; doms Sound Tribe Sector 9; Track 29; the grown up kitchen; timing; Beat It On. The band is still planning to meet, in Vancouver BC, this month (May '14) to record Let There What The Men lack in lyrics they make up for with raw energy. We'll Meet in Our Dreams is seen by some as a true gem in the band's catalog. It's one that does not see play very often, and the shows where it.

The Warfield had an appeal as a rock concert venue because it has more intimacy and better sound quality than an arena, yet has an occupancy of over 2, persons.

The venerable hall has been rocking ever since. Like many historic theaters, its main floor had the seats removed in the s for general admission and dancing. Prior to the removal of the seats, Joe Strummer of The Clash once refused to play unless the first two rows of seats were removed to allow for dancing.

Inthe Dead played 15 sold-out shows there, featuring both an acoustic and two electric sets. The shows were a celebration of the band's fifteenth anniversary and done as a show of appreciation for their loyal fans.

These, along with a sold-out 8 night run at New York's Radio City Music Hall were recorded for release as two double albums; one, all acoustic called Reckoningthe other, electric, called Dead Set.

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Jerry Garcia also made the Warfield a second home, performing a record 88 times there with his various side bands, when not touring with the Dead. On May 9,Guns N' Roses performed the first of a few "secret warm-up theatre gigs" prior to the official opening of their Use Your Illusion Tour.

As is common with large music venues, there are a great variety of musicians scheduled. And I would consider conflict my dominant lyrical theme now— how people are trapped in it, and how conflict relates to intimacy and pleasure.

Nathaniel Rateliff (& The Night Sweats)

Music has an incredible capacity to convey other cultures and times, and to create a lot of empathy and togetherness.

Yet they have a fervent following among that subset of rock fans, lack of noodling notwithstanding. But having said that, I have a great respect for that audience, which I think is just a music-loving audience. You know, one year I got invited to the Jammies at Carnegie Hall, and I got in a discussion with somebody: I could almost follow that rule, except there are probably four songs I have to play every night.

But we happen to get along really well and love being with each other and playing music for a living. Mary Chapin Carpenter Contact: Tickets will go on-sale on Saturday, March Additional tour dates to be announced shortly. I was so happy to collaborate on this album together.

Most recently, inCarpenter released her acclaimed debut orchestral album, Songs From The Movie. Philharmonic and the National Symphony Orchestra among many others. John Denver Estate Contact: The son of a U. In he struck out on his own, moving to Los Angeles to be in the heart of the burgeoning music scene. It was during this time that Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.

He took his stage name from the beautiful capital city of his favorite state, Colorado. Later in life, Denver and his family settled in Aspen, Colorado and his love for the Rocky Mountains inspired many of his songs. John Denver experienced his first major break in the music industry when he was chosen from other hopefuls as lead singer for the popular Mitchell Trio.

Two years and three albums later, Denver had honed his considerable vocal talent and developed his own songwriting style. Denver contributed his talents to the benefit of many charitable and environmental causes and received numerous civic and humanitarian awards over the years. Fans responded to his heartfelt urgings about ecology, peace, and compassion that were consistently delivered in a gentle manner on his records and at live performances.

His passion to help create a global community paved the way for ventures into new musical and geographic territories. I tried to be that swallow. These were the first performances by an American artist since the Cold War began — an unprecedented cultural exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Denver was also the first artist from the West to do a multi-city tour of mainland China, in October He was somewhat astonished to discover how popular and well known his songs were in China. While the frontiers of the American West satisfied his spirit, less-traveled frontiers appealed to his imagination. Denver was an experienced airplane pilot and collected vintage biplanes. Denver planned to write a song in space, but circumstances kept him from joining the ill-fated expedition, which saddened the world when it exploded during take-off in Among his many gifts, Denver was also a talented photographer.

He photographed images of the people and places he experienced in his travels and showed his work professionally, often in connection with speeches made at colleges and universities as well as government and business facilities across the country.

He spent as much time as possible backpacking, hiking, climbing and fishing. He was an avid golfer and skier, regularly participating in celebrity charity events for both sports. John Denver died tragically in a plane crash on October 12, His humanitarian work continues to strengthen our global village, and his dynamic celebration of life, spirit and nature is a powerful inspiration to us all. American Authors translate those cycles of change into genre-blurring alternative anthems, bordering pop ambition and rock spirit undercut by a rhythmic hip-hop boom.

Touting airtight songcraft and sonic adventurousness, the Brooklyn-based four-piece—Zac Barnett [vocals], James Adam Shelley [guitar, banjo], Dave Rublin [bass], and Matt Sanchez [drums]—push forward and progress yet again on their third full-length, the aptly titled Seasons [Island Records].

It distills a near-decade journey into a dynamic, distinct, and definitive offering for the quartet. It encompasses every season of our music: We let go of where we started, fell into the place of writing from the heart, and captured what came out naturally.

Bythe guys impressively generated over 1 billion global streams on a string of alternately striking and soaring smashes. As early as Marchthe group commenced writing their next chapter. Rather than tread familiar territory and record in Los Angeles or New York, they retreated to a mountainside studio twenty minutes away from downtown Nashville.

Surrounded by woods and overlooking nature, they quite literally experienced all four seasons of Tennessee weather from winter snow to summer sun. Simultaneously, they embraced formative nineties influences, spanning alternative stalwarts such as Weezer and Nirvana and West Coast rap a la Tupac. Collaborating alongside producers Cason Cooley and Trent Dabbs, the band leveled up their signature sound.

As far as production goes, Carson and Trent have this way of pulling things out of us that make it all cohesive. That was a big common thread. Culminating on a steeple-size refrain, its rustling guitars and gritty duet between Zac and Billy proves equally heavenly and hypnotic.

Growing up, listening to my favorite artists helped me through so many hard times. It was the best therapy. When they started out inthey were a bunch of guys interested in playing acoustic instruments together. But this time, we found ourselves all available at the same time.

It started that informally; just getting together and doing some picking and playing. Over a couple of month period, we started working on some original songs, as well as playing some covers that we thought would be fun to play. There are a lot of songs that, when we play them live, we adhere to the arrangement from the record.

And other songs, in the nature and the spirit of the song, everyone knows we can kind of take flight on them. Anything else just comments on the songs and gives them color. Some songs are more open than others. But sometimes it is what the song is about. What kind of music is it then? Whenever time allowed, the group holed up at their studio headquarters, Number C, where they were free to experiment and develop new ideas.

Working with artists lesser known on the national stage but beloved in their own community enables Galactic to evince a kind of sonic truth about their hometown, putting its multi-faceted underground to the fore. We're excited for the future of the club and look forward to all the amazing music and good times ahead. I wonder what it would be like if we took a right…? A concert or an album can unlock another world, if you let it. The Motet respect and revere this time-honored phenomenon.

Fusing fiery funk, simmering soul, and improvisational inventiveness, the Denver, CO seven-piece—Lyle Divinsky [vocals], Dave Watts [drums], Joey Porter [keyboards], Garrett Sayers [bass], Ryan Jalbert [guitar], Parris Fleming [trumpet], and Drew Sayers [saxophone]—have continually provided an escape for listeners over the course of seven full-length albums sinceincluding their latest release Totem and with an upcoming release.

The group locked into an unbreakable groove. Lyle is the perfect match for us. He ignited this spark to put work in and write inspiring music. We expanded upon it and worked everything out. We decided to roll with that and give it an interstellar romantic dance theme. However, everything comes back to the escape that The Motet deliver. You have to give yourself into that journey. We want to be the catalyst for listeners to understand themselves and the world around them.

A young couple is passionately making out. To your right, two grizzled bearded gentlemen are getting drunk and rowdy, and singing loud as hell. Welcome, you are at a Lucero show. For one reason or another, Lucero becomes a very personal band. Parts country and parts folk with an added heaping of punk rock, the six-piece cover the musical gamut.

Even the band members have varying opinions on how to define their sound. It might even make fans out of non-believers especially if they like whiskey. Because like bassist John C. But, in order to survive, everything must evolve Enter the Infamous Stringdusters, the very model of a major modern bluegrass band. When it comes to making music, we always try to be a blank slate and give new songs whatever they need to come to life.

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We just try to make something good, something that is true to who we are. Their seventh studio set further proves that the band's collective whole is far greater than the sum of its individual parts, as the song selection and pitch-perfect performances weighs the Stringdusters' appeal to traditional fans against their musical quest to attract new listeners. It's a balance that comes naturally to the band.

And probably a bit of maturity on our part brings out a more authentic soulful sound. This colors the songwriting process as much as anything. We work so hard on the music, but it's not hard work. It's really the payoff, and it comes more naturally with time. Sincethe band's ever-evolving artistry and boldly creative collaborations — including Ryan Adams, Joss Stone, Bruce Hornsby, Joan Osborne, and Lee Ann Womack — have pushed them past the edges of traditional acoustic music and carved out a musical niche all their own in the hearts of fans and critics, alike.

Those projects may have seemed like artistic tangents, but they actually proved to be a pretty direct route from there to Gravity. We are a band. We play live together and, more than any one song or achievement, this is what we do.

Now we have an album that captures that. That's a new step in the Stringdusters' process which starts with filtering through and whittling down a wealth of material to the best of the batch. It's where songs become Stringduster songs. In the end, we share the songwriting credit because of all the collective work that goes into this and every other aspect of being in a band.

The singing should convey the emotion of the song.