Vietnam laos relationship with the us

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vietnam laos relationship with the us

The government aligned itself with Vietnam and the Soviet bloc, implementing one-party rule and a command economy. U.S.-Lao relations deteriorated after. Laos–Vietnam relations refers to the current and historical relationship between the Lao . Laos was also bombed by South Vietnamese and American forces due to North Vietnamese occupation of eastern Laos. Laos contains Vietnamese . This will be the first visit ever to Laos by a sitting US president. Although US military ties with both China and Vietnam have grown over the.

Kerry also raised ongoing human rights issues, including the forced disappearance three years ago of the well-known agronomist Sombath Somphone. Still, much remains to be done to boost US ties with Laos in this pivotal year. The Lao economy is forecast to expand by 7. Much of this growth is driven by natural resource extraction, the export of hydropower to Thailand and, more recently, tourism.

But US trade and investment with Laos remains minimal. Although US military ties with both China and Vietnam have grown over the past decade, relations with the Lao military are negligible.

vietnam laos relationship with the us

The Lao military has agreed to work with Washington on some English-language training for its soldiers but has not accepted the offer to send officers to US staff colleges. The US government has run an education program in Laos for a number of years but Vientiane has suggested to the Obama administration that it is interested in a larger professional training program.

Laos faces a serious shortage of knowledgeable technocrats and skilled labour, a factor that has held back economic development.

vietnam laos relationship with the us

Laos has increasingly been on the Asia travel itinerary of senior US officials. But, beyond the visits by the Lao health minister in and Deputy Prime Minister Thongloun two years before that, few senior Lao officials have been exposed to the United States.

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House of Representatives both appropriated funds for the remaining Thailand-based Hmong to be immediately resettled in the U. In their opposition of the repatriation plans, key Democrats as well as Republicans also challenged the Clinton administration's position that the Laotian government was not systematically violating Hmong human rights.

Although some accusations of forced repatriation were denied, [12] thousands of Hmong people refused to return to Laos. Inas the deadline for the closure of Thai refugee camps approached, and under mounting political pressure, the U.

Laos, Vietnam highly value time-honoured ties, sign deals to deepen cooperation .

The Thai government attempted to repatriate these refugees, but the Wat Tham Krabok Hmong refused to leave and the Lao government refused to accept them, claiming they were involved in the illegal drug trade and were of non-Lao origin.

The refugees claim that attacks against them have continued almost unabated since the war officially ended inand have become more intense in recent years.

vietnam laos relationship with the us

Lending further support to earlier claims that the government of Laos was persecuting the Hmong, filmmaker Rebecca Sommer documented first-hand accounts in her documentary, Hunted Like Animals, [18] and in a comprehensive report which includes summaries of claims made by the refugees and was submitted to the U.

Plans to resettle additional Hmong refugees in the U. Bush's Patriot Act and Real ID Actunder which Hmong veterans of the Secret War, who fought on the side of the United States, are classified as terrorists because of their historical involvement in armed conflict. Outside government representatives have not been allowed to interview this group over the last three years. Since the late s, joint U.


Narcotics interdiction activities are also an important part of the bilateral relationship. Laos, however, remains on the U.

vietnam laos relationship with the us

Foreign assistance and trade relations[ edit ] Play media InBarack Obama became the first sitting president to visit Laos since Communist rule. In Decemberdespite significant bipartisan opposition in the U.

Bush was criticized by many fellow Republicans in Congress, including Congressman Mark Andrew Green and Congressman George Radanovich for this move given serious human rights violations in Laos against the Hmong people. In Februarya bilateral trade agreement BTA between the two countries entered into force.

There has been a consequent rise in Lao exports to the United States, although the volume of trade remains small in absolute terms.