Usf car meet address plaques

usf car meet address plaques

Plaques will go to first- and second-place winners, and a $ cash prize will Activities will include a bounce house, Pinterest craft-making booth, kids rock- painting and Car-show registrants will get coffee, doughnuts, subs, salad and chips; . Report: USF coach Charlie Strong expected to dismiss Eventbrite - Under the Sun Promotions presents South Florida Car Swap Meet - Sunday, September 16, at Expo Center at the South. Sample-McDougald House Open House & Antique Car Show Dash plaques are given to the first vehicles and there are awards for the top 60 cars as well .

The College of Arts and Letters is in the process of looking for a dean and the Oracle suggests the search committee interview as many qualified minority candidates as possible. We are not asking for a token ap pointment of an unqualified woman, black, Oriental or minority person.

usf car meet address plaques

But we are asking that the search com mittee take an extra step to help USF reach its opportunity goals. Committee on ethics necessary It is a commendable action when a policy making body admits that it is not perfect. Moreover, when that body takes steps to insure that its policies will be ethical, it should be doubly commended. The Student Senate will consider at.

The Oracle believes that this is a giant step forward that is needed not only in the SG, but in aUforms of state and national govern ment. The committee, if established, will have the power to investigate any and all branches of the SG policy making body.

It will have the legal power to subpoena any and all SG documents for review. The findings of the committee will be submitted to all branches of the SG and to the vice president for Student Affairs. It will further be empowered to make any suggestions to these officials that it deems necessary. Richard Merrick is also working on a similar proposal to study the affairs of the state council of Student Body Presidents and the Florida Association of Student Senates, both statewide organizations.

We at the Oracle feel these proposals are worthwhile and will benefit the entire University community. ORACLE By setting an example of fair em ployment and promotion of minority staff and faculty, USF can encourage more minority students to enroll The Oracle feels that a black population which represents 5 per cent of all those enrolled is nothing to be proud of.

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When black enrollment reached 1, the University proudly. Woodrow Wilson The Oracle is glad to see minority student representation is up from its 3. Qualification rather than sex, race or nationality should always be the main consideration in student selection or employment.

But when certain groups are virtually missing from sections of the community because of past prejudicial treatment, then an extra effort should be made to seek out those who have been excluded. Anyone interested in writing a commentary may contact the editor at Editor Sandra Wright Advertising Manager Tom Wallace Managing Editor Dave Moormann News Editor.

Wayne Sprague Entertainment Editor Ellie Sommer Sports Editor. Matt Bokor Copy Editor Luanne Kitchin Photo Editor Mark Sherman Illustration Editor Terry Librarian Anna Bozo Adviser Leo Stalnaker Advertising Coordinator Harry Daniels Production Manager General news 3 p.

Wed nesday for Tuesday issue, S p. Thursday for Wednesday issue, S p. Friday for Thursday issue, s p. Monday for Friday issue. Advertisers requiring proofs must submit copy one day prior to normal deadline. Classified ads taken 6 a.

Advertising rates on request,Monday through Friday, B a. Stories and pictures of interest to students may be subr: Seventy-one per cent of the per issue cost is offset by advertising revenue. I am writing in regard to UP ticketing bicyclists for riding their bicycles essentially. For one thing, there are very few who ride on the grass, and those that do are escaping riding up on someone's heels or Birdsall thanked for distribution of free books Editor: Thank you to Richard Birdsall, 4 AMS, the man who made it possible for our students to have free books Strange as it seems, he experienced some difficulty in giving away paperback books, but his persistence was reward ed, and I do hope that there will be future distributions of "freebies," and that those students who did not get a chance this time can augment their libraries on the next occasion.

Dan Rutenberg Acting Dean College of Arts and Letters avoiding distress of a possible collision Secondly, sidewalks are the safest places to ride Just con sider the traffic on the roads and how dangerous riding bicycles in that mess would be Shoot, if it were not for the sidewalks, there would be a lot more vehicle C car -bicycle calami t ies Thirdly there are so few bicycle-pedestrian accidents in view of total number of at tendants on campus, i t's not even worth the fuss.

But, I am a bicyclist and I don' t want my freedom of riding my bicycle on campus taken away Therefore, I feel designated sidewalks should be announced to allow bicyclists this freedom.

Wylupek 2DUS letters polity All letters must be signed and include the writer's student classification and telephone number. I would like to respond to Eliot Kleinberg's letter of Oct.

usf car meet address plaques

I consider myself quite knowledgeable in the area of broadcasting having an avid interestin the area. I think I can speak with some qualification, therefore, when I say that I haven't before run across a case of a university-run radio station where the students felt that station's primary purpose was to' serve them. For example I used tolive in the St. Paul Minneapolis area, and the University of Minnesota there has a station, KUOM, whose programming is mainly classical plus a good amount of news, public affairs, educational and cultural features.

I never heard of the students at the U of M who number well over 40, asking for programming aimed to their tastes. WUSF, on the other hand has a far greater wattage and covers the entire bay area. Given these factors therefore it would seem to me that WUSF' s primary obligation should be not merely to the 20, USF students, but to the far greater popul ation living in the Tampa Bay area.

My own complaint regarding WUSF is that it doesn't i n my opinion devote a sufficient amount of time to public affairs programming or cultural features I would ha v e no objection to an hour or t w o of progressive on WUSF if it was on late at night, as it was previousl y but WQSR in Sarasota plays the same kind of music, it plays it more often than WUSF ever did, and, in my opinion, handles the progressive format much better than WUSF did.

The latter operates over electrical wiring, and quite a few univer sities and colleges have such a station. I'm not sure however, that USF can afford to set up such a station. The reason Florida suppbrtS WUSF, I believe, is to operate it as a public service and that includes serving those areas not met by other stations. Classical music, mixed with public affairs, arts and similar features, as a commercial radio format, isn't profitable enough in advertising revenues to justify it as a format, as far as most commercial broadcasters: Social Security number or driver license number will be engraved free on bikes.

December 10 Need not be present to Win! This 16th century piece has been adapted, arranged and edited for conBallet sold out The annual performance of the Nutcracker by the Florida Ballet Theatre is scheduled for Dec.

usf car meet address plaques

The only tickets available are for the Gala Evening Performance Dec. If you come from outside it takes a few minutes to adjust to the subdued lighting and shadowy forms.

But gradually as your pupils widen, objects become clearer. A large airplane sets ob structively in the center of the altered gallery. Wind whips across the room A dull hum breaks through a Frank Sinatra favorite spinning continuously in the far north corner of the room. For anyone who has visited the UC Gallery in its more conventional days, the current exhibit will prove exciting and culturally stimulating. But variety is its asset and change is its motto; so at least one piece of work is bound to invoke empathy in each viewe r s imagination.

As the six contributing artists put it: Reunited after travailing in the austere atmosphere of Tierra de! Fuego South America, six artists will exhibit here their most recent efforts Included in the show will be a variety of both collaborative themes and per sonal statements. Fuego ex perience, relation to light, form and sound; our presence essence and absence.

Individual pieces run the gamut of artistic en deavors. Others are a bit theatrical and somewhat sensational, ex pressing perhaps, the artists'. It can be debated whether or not such pieces are actually art. But then matters are complicated when one tries to define art.

Some say it is any form of self-expression. The UC Gallery is very full of self-expression this week. The challenge is offered by the artists. It is necessary to use all your senses when you visit the gallery Also do not neglect your innate gift of curiosity. Some of the best work is the most difficult to find. I was under the impression that I was launched a long time before that.

Fair Trade Item s. Eric h ltimp is cqu1poed 1 IWO W: Toba cco Prod u c ts, S a l e B ooks and Se r rices. Rockwell International Hurry for Best. Selection A Perfect Gift Suggestion --;:: Buy Now For Christmas The last two practices will be today and tomorrow from 6: Fulltime undergraduate female students are eligible to attend. Cheatham said the prospects will be working on conditioning and basic ball handling skills. Tryouts will be at the beginning of Qtr.

The Brahmisses open their schedule Jan. Several buckets were close range shots resulting from USF defensive mix-ups. Turnovers also plagued the Brahman attack. The official statistics report 15, but Gibson said he felt sure there were more.

USF finished third in the overall standings in the three-day meet, which ended Saturday. Military Academy was first and the Air Force Academy placed second. Forty teams from throughout the country participated. On one jump they went from a three-man star through a back loop into another three-man star in 4. We had always done fouror five-man. Newell has had an active intere st in the University of South Florida for the pas t t e n years and has urg ed support of the USF Foundation in organizations with which he has been associated He is a charter member and Founda tion Associate He is president of the University Exchang e Book s tore, Inc.

He has been involved with acti v ities utilizing verbal expres s ion since his early high school days.

usf car meet address plaques

H e began debating in high school and has represented USF in parliamentary debates with debat ers from Harvard and representa tive s from Ireland. He has been captain of the USF Debate. Team and is presi dent of KIO Fraternity. The d e sire for social status is not Frank's r ea son for wanting an edu cation. He has an interest in all people and would help people from any walk of life. Frank has been an RA and enjoyed the responsi bility of the job. He has worked throughout his college career He presently works for Sears on their night interoffice m a il route, d e livering the mail three nights a week to Tampa, Cle arwate r, St.

His hobbies include sports such a s tennis a rchery and bowling He c a ll s th e s e his non-participating hobbies for the time being but h e enjoy s participating in them when b e g ets ti me He also like s sports c a r s h e prefers Porschebut he finds littl e time to participate in this hobby Frank ac cepts a broa d vi e w of re li g ion.

H e says, "All churches have som ething good to offer. He feels th a t r elig ion should be more phil o sophica l and strive to bring all people clo ser together, not just the m e mb e r s of a g iven denomination. If he does not, h e is wasting his. Without it you will choke, with it you can consume the im possible.

Discipline should allow, not prevent: If this is done, whatever the outcome, you will be more than a number with an opinion you will be a man in the world with beliefs Frank Martinus received his early schoolin g in a s mall town in Michi gan.

Afte r completing the ninth grade he moved with his family to Orlando, Florida, where he finish ed hi g h school at Colonial High School. A t Colonial he was vice presid ent of his junior class and president of the National Honor Society. He was active in athletics and playe d football He also organ ized th e d e b a te club and the the ate r club in hi g h school.

Was Active In Music In M i c hi gan Frank w a s active in mu s ic H e s ang in the school chorus and studi e d violin for t e n y ea r s He attain e d enoug h profici e ncy on the violin to ente r competition for t he s c hol a rships at Inte rlochen Summ e r Music Camp; a world reow n e d org anization for training Frank Martinus promising young musicians. Frank h a s not been active in music re cently, but feels that he would wel come the opportunity to return to acti v e participation.

Frank recalls the times in high school when he a sked the coach of the football team to excu s e him from practice early so he could make it to his violin lesson. Frank feels that one of the main differences between Mi c hig a n and Florida schools was tha t in Michigan people wanted schoo ls to emphasize academics while in Flo rida there is so much community pressure for athletics tha t the s chools are influenced to emphasi z e sports to the detriment of the res t of the school program.

On student g ov ernment: It' s a clo s e corpora tion with not enoug h of t h e actua l proceedings getting back to the students There is not enoug h empat, hy betw e e n student government and the general stu dent body.

Students are getting the feelin g of not getting any direc t visible benefits from their elected representatives. The student can voluntarily go and talk to an administrator, but seldom does an administrator seek out a student and casually talk to him.

Almost all of the con tacts with students are made through organizations which repre sent only a small portion of the student body. Often only the offi cers of these organizations come in contact with the top administrative officials at USF. Frank feels that there would be more spirit at USF if President Allen and other top administrative officials and deans would walk through the UC occa sionally and perhaps even smile at a student, if not talk to them. Why the cold shoulder from these edu cators?

A good administrator has to be a good educator, and a good educator is interested in students on a personal level and shows this interest by putting in an appear ance once in a while. A little friendly chat with a student would build the morale of every student around who saw this taking place.

The fall a cy is that the administra tion come s in contact with organ iz a tion s -but is aloof with stu d ents in ge neral. Aubel has discov ered "music hath charms" and it is therapeutic as well. He can fall asleep with his head phones.

usf car meet address plaques

Joseph Aubel is as dedicated to his extracurricular activities as he is to his field of physics. Religion gives his life meaning and purpose. His private life revolves around the ac tivities of Our R edeemer Lutheran Church of Temple Terrace where he is a Sunday School teach e r and he is active on several committees.

He believ e s r e li gion may become more meaningful to s t u d e n t s throug h small informal group di s cussions. If reli g ious people are afraid to state their views many possible converts are. In col lege many students lose their faith because new and conflictin g ideas turn them from the luke-warm at tachment they had to their parents reli g ion.

Sometimes they reg ain their faith when confronted by sin cere and dedicated reli g ious people. Aubel believes extracurricu lar activities are an important part of the student's education. He won state as a deba t e r when was in hig h school. This experi ence helped him learn how to get along with people and was partly responsible for his deci s ion to dedi cate p art of his profe ssional life t o te a chi ng. Aubel r eturne d to Mich i ga n S ta te Univers i t y la s t s ummer LO continue hi s research studies.

A ll his de g rees were obtained a t this institution. He will return a gain this summer. Aubel is attempt ing to describe what h appens to nitric oxide molecules wh e n sub jected to a magnetic field and infra-red light. Such basic research is hig hly theor5! Whenever the conflict between basic and practical research is men tioned, Dr. Aubel likes to relate the anecdote of the transistor.

This valuable discovery was made by a physicist at a large company which pioneered in the policy of hiring scientists to do basic research withi;mt any stipulations or guidelines for immediate practical application. Aubel believes the foreign languag e requirement for doctoral degrees is unrealistic For those who have a natural aptitude for languages, a second or third lan guage can be very helpful in their field of specialization However, the languag e proficiency required for doctoral de g rees is not of suf ficient difficulty to be significant to help in r e search It would be cheap er to pay to have the needed papers translated.

Aubel f e els a course in the use of the c: Students no doubt feel that Dr. Aubel is the ide al t ype of physics teacher. H e can inspire them b y his dedication to and knowledge of research methods. However, he is student-ori entated, realizing that communication is necessary through speci a l techniques as choice of vo cabulary, inflection of voice and interest in the individua l.

Aubel says poor teachin g at any level could turn students to other fields. He feels the' monetary rewards on the high school level should be in creased so teachers can spend their full energies on their profession. Aubel says some research stud ies show that the personality, dedi cation and knowledge of the teach ers are more important at this level than the equipment available and the methods used.

The students bes t suited to phyaccocclin! Physia; majors will find Dr. Jo seph Aubel a willing and dedicated advisor to the newly formed chap ter of Sigma Pi Sigma a national physics honor society. The fund will be used to provide scholarships for worthy USF stu dents m ajoring in accounting. Anyone wishing to support the fund may make contributions. Aubel and the infra-red spectrometer. Price per copy is ten cents Editorial Offi! Telephone daily from 5 to 9 p.

Advertising rates on request. But first and foremost, it emphasized good sportsmanship and good driving President Bill Dodson says the po lice are notified about all af. Rally Master Bob Feldman re ports there were over 40 cars rang ing from Corvairs and Jaguars to a '38 LaSalle station wagon that par ticipated in the rally. Ski Club Does Difficult Routines Several types of colored markers were placed along the route in camoflauged positions behind signs and telephone poles.

Participants had to find and identify the mark ers for points and directions. Prizes were given to the cars accumulating the most points. The prizes were plaques. Pictures on this page show the club mem bers practicing some Of their intri cate routines Ski acts included in the various shows are: Vickey Johndrow and John Bed ingfield doing a criss-cross over the ski iump.

An outsider, a Tampa Uni versity student, won second place. Two USF students won first and third place. The winning cars were Volkswagens and a Ford station wagon The rally was a new type of race for the club and they may repeat it again in another trimester.

Florida and are kept an average of 3 days. Then each time the car is checked in it goes through a rigid 19 point inspection, washed, vacuum cleaned and service as required Does a private cair receive this care? No come onsl J 3. Dow n payments are as quoted and your present car does not' have ta be paid for. Sales tax is not included, sinci! Average mileage on our cars is 10, miles.

USF Car Enthusiasts Meet

The manufacturer of the vehicle guarantees the vehicle for 24, miles or 24 months and states that the warranty will be honored to a su. Save first year's depreciation Air con ditioning and several LTDs available at slightly higher cost.

Other pertinent information such as appropriate dress, admission price, time, etc. Dial often, you may be the 1 one who wins free admission to University Center events. This committee also sponsors coffee hours, film lectures, and other special guest programs. East Ramp Dance and Open House is well-attended. Planning and preparing for UC events is half the fun. Why not join one of the committees today? Costume party, another exciting affair from the creative social committee.

The program council is composed of the chair men of the 12 activity committees, a president, vice president and sec retary, all of whom are USF stu dents. The program council pro vides for USF students a well-bal.

This program of varied activity appeals to the community as well as the students.

USF Car Enthusiasts Meet - University of South Florida

An interesting combination was the jazz, poetry and paint offering recently. This event was sponsored by the Music Committee which also sponsors the all-university folk sing contest and stereo listen il'! The special events committee arranged the presentation of "Sound sations". There are far too few so cial workers to meet our local needs or our nation's needs; and unles s something is done to expand social work education, the manpower shorta g e will become increasingly more de sperate in the years ahead.

The odd graduate schools of social work 'in the nation now pro duce about 3, professional social workers a year. An estimatedprofessional social workers are needed by Obviously, some thing must be done, and soon Support of social work education is ess ential to our community's future.

Campus Cars meets USF Car Group

Some things are better than Volkswagens. We designed it that way. This is the UC Coffee Shop. Across from Busch Gardens Rick is a graduate of King High School here in Tampa, and is major ing in engineering. About the car -it is olive green on the outside and has olive green vinyl seats on the inside. The seats are from an Eng lish Ford.

The interior is carpeted and has a white perforated head liner. Because of a lightened frame and components, the car weighs in at an amazing pounds. Pulling this light load i s a Chev of '61 vintage. The Chev is virtually stock with hy draulics, a single quad, and PowerPac heads.

With a car this light no more power is really needed for the street. The '34 churns the tires via Schieffer Heavy-Duty clutch, '58 Chev close-ratio trans, and a '58 rear, geared to 3: Rick left the top stock height, while channeling the body down ove r the rails about 41h i nches. Incidentally, Rick did most of the work himself, except for the headers, which were built by a friend, Keith Offenhauer.

A roll bar in the interior, and re versed wheels finish off this Cool Car, and give it a functional, mean lo ok. Rick says that wherever he goes, people rev at him and want to drag. I witnessed this during the picture-taking session.