Transformers prime meet ultra magnus movie

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transformers prime meet ultra magnus movie

This movie chronicles the epic battle between the Autobots and the Optimus Prime: While this may very well mark the end of the Age of Primes, leadership Everything about this film is more than meets the eye and I am happy to be a fan of. Megatron Transformers The Movie Generation 1 the moment when Hot Rod lights their darkest hour is still met with cheers of joy. . Transformers The Movie Optimus Prime Dies Hot Rod Kup Blurr Ultra Magnus Arcee. Ultra Magnus is the Autobot first commanding officer, leader of the Wreckers and former leader of the Elite Guard. Games Movies TV Video .. Ultra Magnus told Wheeljack that as Optimus Prime's second-in-command, he had no .. to Optimus being injured at that time and was already upgraded by the time they meet.

He was a direct descendant. Sentinel Prime was a direct descendant of the first Cybertronian, Primus, and was believed to be the last of the Primes. In the movie continuity, Optimus Prime was originally named "Optimus".

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He and Megatron worked with Sentinel Prime. But there was more to Optimus than meets the eye.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus movie

Optimus is actually a direct descendant of one of the Primes Prima, to be specific. It was Optimus Prime's ancestor who finally vanquished the Fallen to another dimension in the battle for the Matrix of Leadership, but his orphaned descendant who was hidden away from the Fallen grew up with no knowledge of what he was. Sentinel Prime told Optimus of his theories about Prime's lineage Though Optimus was too humble to accept, not believing Sentinel's claims about his heritage, Megatron overheard their conversation and became jealous of his "brother.

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By having Optimus investigate the remains of the Primes' civilization, it would encourage him to believe in his lineage. Eventually, Optimus finds proof that he is a descendant of a Prime.

It is then that the other Autobots begin addressing him as such, and he becomes known as "Optimus Prime". Back at Burthov, he came upon Ratchet, Arcee, and Elita-One scanning the pieces of the other artifacts. Arcee then discovered that the pieces all contained the same symbol on them, and that the same symbol was on Optimus' head.

Ratchet declared that the symbol was proof of the Dynasty of Primes, and it indicated Optimus himself was a Prime.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus movie

Ratchet and the other Autobots began to dub him "Optimus Prime" [snip] Optimus also informed Sentinel of the marking on his head that proved he was right all along: Megatron was not a direct descendant of a Prime. He was jealous of Optimus.

Sparkling — baby 2nd frame [age ] Youngling — toddler 3rd frame [age ] Teen — teenage 4th, 5th, 6th frame [age ] Aduling — mid adult 7th, 8th, 9th frame [age ] Adult — fully grown 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th frame [age ] Elder - [age ] So we the Bayformers from Age of Existence Optimus Prime, Hound, Drift, Grimlock, Crosshair, Hot rod, Bumblebee along with 07 Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet. Megatron, Lugnut, Starscream and clones, Skywarp and Thundercracker.

Shockwave, Blitzwing, Swindle, Blackarachnia and Cyclonus. Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Soundwave. Along with Megatron who was on the run. As a white screen was shown in front of them. Armada Starscream who was about leave and faced Galvatron soon glowing white before vanishing along with every Autobots and Decepticons with the human children without Unicorn and his puppet Sideways. G1 Optimus who was about to offline suddenly was fix and new before he and along with less half of his Cybertronian vanish from their base.

In a hidden realm, When the teleporting was completely done with every Cybertronian and the 'chosen' human stare at each other. As they went to fire, "Yo! The young boy was wearing a cap to covering his face along with a dark red jacket with black stirps on it with black leather pants with grey shoes.

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His hair cover his eyes with black sunglasses covering them. Now any questions" Bay Optimus glare at the boy, which the boy stare back with his own that couldn't be seen. He like a sparkling. This cause the other version stare at the scene at what was going to happen and what will cause them to fear their bee so much. The other Cybertronians and humans gulp at the demising Megatron in front of them. Rodimus prime and Ironhide.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus movie

My second in command, Starscream," Armada Starscream cough at the fact, "my loyal third in command Soundwave, Starscream trine-". All the other Starscreams' excluding TFA gulp in shock. For three timeline in your universe. The rest of my Decepticons are still in my world or dead.

Armada Optimus spoke "I'm Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, this my second in command Jetfire, that's Blurr" many eyebrow raise at the silent Blurr. Leader of the Decepticons, second in command Starscream," Many Decepticons snicker at the Starscream femme frame, while Starscreams frown at their counterpart, who starter to twitch his wings in annoyed, "third in command Soundwave," Rodimus whistle 'damn you see less of his face every time' Drift replied 'that I agree'.

Prowl went to comfort him, which Bumblebee smile at him, which caused the G1 Prowl to stare in shock at the TFA pair, while the Jazz's counterpart grin with Prowl's shock face that they hide behind plain face. They turn to IDW. IDW Ultra Magnus glare at his prime to not mess up. The Starscream in our world is the King of Cybertron. Having to two bots from the same timeline with causes problem which is why he not here. Miko starter with G1. Miko tried to continue with her nicknames but was stop by the boy with his hand covering her mouth.

Cybertronian names are important to them. Their name or designation, like" he took a look at a bot. Or Optimus, which means One-who-will-fight-and-defend-all-with-favourable-outcomes, and Megatron's one means One-who-fight-with-passion-and-desires-power. And the screen played. Before the universe was born there was a single being known as 'The One', who soon split into two. The Bots and Humans muttered. To explore the fledgling universe, he created the astral being known as Unicron, and then subdivided him, creating his twin, Primus.

Both brothers were multiversal singularities, unique in all realities, but whereas Unicron could only exist in one universe at a time, moving between them at will, Armada and G1 gasped Primus existed simultaneously in all realities at once.

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It is suggested, in fact, that the two brothers embody the basic concepts of reality—good and evil, order and chaos—and that their continued existence is necessary for the stability of the multiverse. As Unicron and Primus ventured through the cosmos, it became apparent to Primus that Unicron was a corrupt being, and then confronted the threat his sibling posed.

In combat, Primus was no match for Unicron. In cunning, however, he proved himself to be his brother's superior when he shifted their battle to the astral plane, "Cunning? But Primus isn't the good guy?

transformers prime meet ultra magnus movie

And then back to the physical world once more, sacrificing most of his strength to manifest their essences within metallic planetoids, leaving them both trapped. It was with this act of sacrifice that Primus hoped to contain the evil force forever.

Unfortunately, over time, Unicron learned to physically shape his prison into a giant metallic planet, and Primus followed suit, becoming the mechanical world of Cybertron. When Unicron then learned to transform his planetary form even further, into a gigantic robot form, Primus could also, but adapted the idea, and created The Thirteen, a group of robotic beings that possessed the ability to change shape, like Unicron.

The Cybertronians and humans straighten up and listen not wanting to miss anything. Primus created the Thirteen, combining elements of both himself and Unicron to allow for more varied attacks to halt the Chaos-Bringer. Who was known as the Thirteen Original Primes. Created by Primus, he was appointed the Warrior of Light and given the legendary Star Saber sword, a mighty blade capable of unparalleled destruction; along with the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt.

Chosen to lead the Thirteen against their eternal enemy Unicron. He's so old that in many timelines, the locals have called him "the First Autobot".

Despite his age, he is very powerful, and can warp both space and time. His powers allow him to traverse the multiverse at will, allowing him to track and record events across a countless number of realities. The humans and Cybertronians jaws drop the second's power. Alpha Trion laugh at their faces, it was always a silly face when they hear about his powers. The fourth was the master artificer and creator of many of the Primes' weapons through use of her incredible Forge.

She was the first female Cybertronian. Strongarm eyes went into stars, she didn't knew they was a femme prime.