Team 7 meet minato fanfiction twilight

Namikaze Hokage Chapter 2: Meeting Team 7 and Kakashi, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

team 7 meet minato fanfiction twilight

Naruto looked at Minato when he started speaking. "Glad you could . I was supposed to meet someone before I head to team training today. time-twilight On his way back from a mission, Minato gets ambushed and suffers injuries before being rescued by a mysterious For 5-year-old Sakura, Suna was no different than Konoha that is, until she finds a kindred spirit. Several leaf-nins and the sand-nins get sent into the future and meet they're future selves. Not even the father of his child, Sasuke Uchiha, but when they meet again .. Sakura Haruno meets Minato Namikaze, Naruto Uzumaki's father, and begins her journey, rewinding to the past. To Catch A Girl by Akira of the Twilight reviews.

Self-Insert Naruto - Rated: Nothing was left, and no one would miss me. Everyone I cared about was dead or betrayed me. I never did anything in my life, and all my chances to achieve my goals were gone. So now I will descend into Hell, like I always knew I would, and be tortured for all the wrong I had ever done Enadi reviews At age twenty-six, Sawada Tsunayoshi dies without regret, leaving his place as Vongola's leader to another.

In another world, Sawada Tsunayoshi wakes up once more: Tsuna; No pairings as of now. Ever, the Now by Lady Ayuka reviews Naruto would very much like to argue that time travel isn't something that anyone would expect, even from an unknown seal activated by a desperate missing-nin in the middle of the ruins of Uzushio. Team 7 Time Travel AU. Deciding to do what Dumbledore should have, Rose decides to fix the timeline seeing as she's stuck.

Everyone had better watch out, because this Rose Potter isn't what they were expecting - at all. T for language lots of swearing. But that's all right. After all, what maggots are best at is surviving. Story Naruto - Rated: When he comes across a man with broken eyes and a mastery of orange flames, he thinks he's found it.

I know, how original.

But at least I skipped the baby stage! Waking up as our favorite bomber can have some interesting results. Especially when it's a girl with the maternal instincts of a mama bear. Deciding not to join the Akatsuki, and instead meddle in the last place an Iwa nin should be: Now he has to deal with his annoying, egoistic, trouble maker, playboy step-brother, Sasuke Uchiha.

He has to deal with him at home and at school. He makes his life as miserable as possible all the time, but along the way has he developed feelings for his step-brother and if so, can they be together?

Sent over twenty years into the past Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto wonders what they will call him now. Will the savior that lost everything fall into darkness? Naruto's Legacy by Naruxsakuluver reviews Sequel to Naruto: Naruto and the band, upon request from Minato, return to school so Naruto can run the business. But his love for his music pulls him in a totally different direction than the business lifestyle his father has planned for him.

Will he choose his music Narusaku AU Rating for suggestive themes. Naruto Uzumaki, Son of the Yondaime by bigdogneversleeps reviews If an orphaned Naruto is revealed from the start as the son of the Yondaime, and that he is not the first container of the Kyuubi, how would life be for him then? They are siblings in this one.

Naruto with original doujutsu.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction twilight

The Shadows of the Sun by Imperial Mint reviews Five years ago, Oblivion wrought havoc on the world and Naruto left Konoha with everyone believing him to be dead. Now, a new threat has raised its head with the power to destroy entire nations in one swoop. M - English - Chapters: Iruka Naruto - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Artic fox by razorback09 reviews Tired of all the hate the village, naruto decides to leave and start over somewhere else.

Rated MA for languge. AU OOC harem in later chapters.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction twilight

This cold and socially awkward teenager will encounter several hardships along his journey, as well as a plethora of colorful characters and several enlightening moments that will break his hard heart and instead give it warmth.

A small window into Naruto's life as a Jounin-sensei. Story consists of independent arcs. They are NOT kids of the Konoha SasuNaru by VampyNekoHunter18 reviews Being heart broken Kyuubi-a blonde boy with three whisker on both his cheeks-ran away from Akatsuki and perform a ninjutsu that can erase memories. When a group of ninja's are on their way to their hometown a handsome raven spotted him. They bring him to their hometown-Konoha. What will happen to him now?

Look Out World, Here Comes The New Sannin! Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Will truth be revealed? Will new love bloom? Hope You enjoy Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: He explains why he needs her to go into the past, taking his Sharingan with her. She is needed in order to save the future, since Madara Uchiha cannot be stopped.

Sakura Haruno meets Minato Namikaze, Naruto Uzumaki's father, and begins her journey, rewinding to the past.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction twilight

Language Naruto - Rated: Odd Fox V2 by FenrirHunter reviews To escape hellish lives we immerse ourselves into the world of books and other tasks but with the endless technological advances there has been a new way to lose yourself it is known as 'Second Life' our hero Naruto has had a rough past and has recently moved to Konoha but sadly as fast as he could run his past was slowly catching up with him.

A certain fox makes a deal with a not so bad devil after he abducted the man and his girlfriend Kat. What will come from this deal? A family for a certain blonde child.

Watch as Dante takes the ninja world by storm and raises Naruto as his own.

team 7 meet minato fanfiction twilight

Let's get the party started! M for language, crude humor and violence. When she arrives she does not expect to see Uchiha Sasuke, a guy she met over break and hung out with. He wakes up and finds himself in the middle of the 4th Shinobi War.

Will Minato's presence change the course of history? Several leaf-nins and the sand-nins get sent into the future and meet they're future selves.

How have they changed? Why does Gaara have two village symbols? Now they must save Konoha for the sake of the future. Fourteen year old Kakashi runs into Twenty five year old Kakashi and from then on, both Kakashi have to adjust. However, things turn upside down as both Kakashi discover a chilling secret that may cause the destruction of the entire world. Trying not to change the future by the pianist reviews When Naruto is stuck in the past in the body of a four year old he's determined not to change the future.

Doing this is not so easy though when according to DNA you are the younger brother of a certain Minato Namikaze who is determined to avoid losing his only shot at having a family. Will Naruto disappear of off the face of the earth or will Minato find him first? Mostly Sakura centric - Sakura refused to allow her friends to suffer, she refused to let them get hurt again Even if she had to go through the pain on her own.

Hiding her secret going to the past through the gift of time travel, she changes the future. Surely they will use such an awesome power responsibly Don't count on it. Now that Man has been given the chance to change things and give his 'son' the chance at a better life. Not sure of pairings if any.

Blame the plot bunny. Nothing except Uzumaki Naruto. I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain.