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Quinn forcibly takes a well-deserved vacation, inside Sealab's walls, the crew attempts to find out what he's doing. June 9"Fusebox" - The electricity is out in Sealab, and the crew tries to turn the power back on.

June 16"Article 4" - A loophole in the Sealab charter turns everyone into captains, except Stormy too stupidQuinn too proud to exploit the loopholeand the Chinese crew members because of anime, among other things. How will Sealab survive? And where did Capt. November 16"Return to Oblivion" - A network executive audits the set of the hard-hitting action drama Sealabwith hopes of somehow salvaging the dwindling series.

November 23"Splitsvile" - Debbie and Quinn break up, while Dr. Virjay gets his old rock band back together.

Sealab 2021 Season 3 Episode 3 – Meet Beck Bristow

Virjay to renounce his religion, and begin to eat meat from cows. December 21"I, Robot, Really" - Due to an incident with Chubby Carol, Quinn is blackmailed into giving each crew member a robot body, but what is to become of the crew's old bodies? December 31"Frozen Dinner" - The Sealab crew attempts a daring rescue mission to Ice Station Zebra, one of whose inhabitants has turned to cannibalism. The episode ends with a rousing rendition of the chorus of " It's a Long Way to Tipperary.

June 27"Chalkboard Jungle" - Dr. Quinn teaches Debbie Love's class of 4th-graders including Fatass McBlobbicus, while having to deal with Tornado Shanks' warped and unscientific view of education. The classic story "The Scarlet Ibis," by James Hurst, is ripped off as part of a classroom discussion of death. All the while, cuts are made between Debbie Love's classroom and the spa Love is visiting, creating a series of double entendres.

July 4"Dearly Beloved Seed" - The last of Captain Shanks' brothers dies burning a bridge to get revenge on it while standing blind drunk right in the middle of it; all the while, Hesh and Debbie Dupree get married. The episode ends with Uzi fire and a parody of the dialogue style of The Matrix. A wave of secession fever sweeps through the entire crew, with a half-dozen nations declaring themselves independent in a few minutes; with the help of two British businessmen, they are all soon armed with missiles allegedly loaded with nuclear warheads.

When push comes to shove and every Sealab nation declares war on every other one, however, the nukes all turn out to be duds. The Brits get away with Sealab's cash and play a horrible "rock" song over the end credits. July 18, "Neptunati" - Stormy's meddlesome inquistiveness uncovers Shanks' membership in a world-controlling society. November 14"Isla de las Chupacabras" - A team-building exercise goes horribly wrong when the Sealab crew are attacked by Chupacabras.

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November 21"Joy of Grief" - A grief counselor tries to help the Sealab crew through a hard time. November 28"Green Fever" - Zombies ravage Sealab as Debbie plans her fifth 30th birthday party.

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December 5"Sharko's Machine" - Marco's illegitimate son applies for a job on Sealab. Can he pass the civil service exam with Debbie and Quinn helping?

December 12"Return of Marco" - Marco died three episodes ago. What's he doing back? Season five March 6"Casinko" - Sealab is in danger of crashing into an ancient American Indian burial ground.

March 13"Butchslap" - Marco's secret past from 50 years ago threatens the lives of the Sealab crew. March 28"Shrabster" - This episode parodies both Pulp Fiction and the "backwards" episode of Seinfeld. Quinn genetically engineers a hybrid crustacean to reproduce enough larvae to end world hunger. The plot, which is revealed in a series of scenes in reverse chronological order introduced with an annoying voiceover and a bad title card, continues with Sparks selling off the rights for the shrimp-crab-lobster to Grizzlebee's ; the corporation's agents, Dan and Don, try to take possession of the queen shrabster with the help of Captain Shanks, only to be thwarted by Shanks' non-cooperation.

Dan and Don hijack a submersible loaded with shrabster eggs instead, only to wind up crashing it into the ocean floor and returning to dry land empty-handed. Quinn finds out about Sparks' double dealing and kills him. Shanks escapes with the queen to an unnamed city, where her load roars attract the attention of the police; the captain gets the queen to agree to a murder-suicide pact, then neglects to kill himself, instead helping himself to several bites of her claws.

April 4"Cavemen" - Quinn and Stormy are stuck in a cave with only 10 minutes of oxygen while Sealab burns. They rehash a number of things about their lives and the current week's destruction of Sealab, often through fighting, and finally ascend to heaven together, where they begin an afterlife full of encounters with longtime friends and prostitutes. April 11"Moby Sick" - Quinn is struck with a moral dilemma when Abelard, a whale dying of asbestos-caused "whale cancer," begs Quinn to euthanize him.

In need of a new Captain to fill in for Murphy, the crew is met by Tornado Shanks, who has no experience as an undersea research captain, but is instead a football coach. He strives to lead the Sealab football team to victory against the Smash Mouth Robot Prison Guards football team with a little help from black Debbie Love. But that now means that an asteroid headed for Earth is going to destroy the planet, unless the Sealab crew gets off their butts long enough to put the ASHDTV to its other purpose.

Like that's going to happen While Debbie Love treats herself to a day at the spa, Dr. Quinn stands in as the teacher for her class. Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of letting Captain Shanks join him. And with the addition of Stormy who's still in grade schoolthings quickly go downhill, as the class pet dies, the students get distracted building a chair fort, and a frank discussion about death scars the kids for life. In this episode inspired by Sealab fan mcheshpants, Captain Shanks reveals his desire to pass on the Shanks name by having a child.

But since he's had no luck in meeting women, he instead conspires to get Hesh and Debbie Dupree to marry each other, then adopt their eventual kid as his own.