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Pokémon Master Having his antagonistic relationship with Vegeta referred to a "hate boner" . While Chiaotzu was on the back of Nappa, Tien tried to stop him from self-destructing in an effort to kill their shared opponent with him. Though. Chief among them is the tiny powerhouse and constant companion of Tien, Chiaotzu. Introduced in the original incarnation of Dragon Ball. In all seriousness that would be kinda disturbing since Chiaotzu looks and It was more like a big brother/little brother relationship. a big strong guy like Tien being partners with Chiatzou, that's disturbing. It's a pokemon.

Using capsules, she was able to carry around everything from machine guns to rocket launchers, often employing them on her friends. Despite being one of the odder elements of the series, Toriyama says he simply forgot about her later on, explaining her absence from Dragon Ball Z. She was around in a number of episodes of DBZ, however, appearing to still live with Tien.


FUNimation and Saban, though, scrubbed her and any reference to her when they made their dubs of the series for English audiences. Like many of the non-powered characters in the franchise, she was sadly lost to time. Bulma, however, draws from the more bizarre end of the naming spectrum, as her name is essentially "Bloomers," a type of large undergarment. Other characters, like Tien, Chiaotzu, Launch, and Krillin, have culinary inspirations.


Not only are certain cultural references lost, but the people who rework the original material often throw in their own stuff. One of the most hilarious cases of this comes from the Ocean Group dub. One of their unique additions is an amazing line spoken by Tien as he uses his lifeforce in an attempt to destroy the villainous Saiyan Nappa. Krillin explained to Tien that Piccolo had fused with Kami, with Tien saying that it had finally come together.

Vegeta tried to antagonize Piccolo by claiming he would never be as strong as a Super Saiyan and that he himself would be looking for a higher level of the transformation, leading Tien to theorize several names as he mocked him, leading Vegeta to depart.

When Krillin questioned why he antagonized Vegeta when he knew that Vegeta could kill him, Tien stated that it was just a game at that point and that he would win if Vegeta gave in, further stating that the latter was aware of this.

As the group devised their plan on what to do from there, Tien told Krillin and Future Trunks of his intent to go with Piccolo to go after Cell before they left, at which point Piccolo apologized for his father killing Chiaotzu.

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The two went off to investigate, finding a number of clothes with stab marks indicative of Cell. They were a battle-ball team which Tien claimed was his and had gone "straight to hell", leading Piccolo to question his seriousness and Tien to state that he had hobbies. Tien was with the other Z-Fighters following the failed attempt at catching Cell and though Piccolo stressed that they would keep losing cities if they continued chasing after Cell, Tien insisted that he not be over dramatic as they could wish people back in the worst case scenario once the whole business with Cell and the Androids was over, only for Piccolo to reveal to him that his fusion with Kami had caused them to no longer have Dragon Balls, resulting in Tien remarking, "Holy shit" and then explaining the circumstances to Krillin, stating that the Dragon Balls "no longer exist".

Tien remained on Kame House while Piccolo left with Android He confirmed to Yamcha that the group would die if Piccolo failed and mentioned that they had no Dragon Balls to be resurrected with. Krillin started to mention his own feelings of inadequacy with the Super Saiyans, Piccolo, the androids and Cell, Tien insisted for him not to follow Yamcha's state of mind. Yamcha then engaged Krillin in an argument about who had it worse off, a debate that Tien very much enjoyed, even causing him to change his position and be happy that he had remained there.

Tien arrived on the battlefield as Cell was trying to absorb Android 18, afterward being mocked by Cell for being Krillin's substitute and not being an android, Super Saiyan or Super Namekian, leading Tien to denounce the three as he focused on Cell and used his Shin Kikoho on him, which Cell initially dismissed before taking the impact of the blast.

Tien then spoke to Android 18, telling her to either blow herself up or get away from the island as he outright told her that he did not care, before continuing his attacks on Cell.

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His firing ended when his energy ran out and he thought to himself that it was weird that his life force was not going out until he passed out and fell to the ground, finding this to be reasonable for the attack and being at Cell's mercy as he prepared to finish him off. Goku arrived and grabbed Tien, also saving Piccolo. While Goku and Gohan donned the armor, Tien and Piccolo stood together away from them, declining to answer Bulma on why they would not wear the armor nor give a reason.

Bulma tried to defend him against the pair, but Tien reasoned that she was in no position to talk since she had been left a single mother by the Saiyan. Piccolo reasoned that this for the best, elaborating by asking if she thought Vegeta could be trusted with a baby, leading Bulma to deny he could with hers and Tien to remark that this was the point of their contempt.

After Bulma weighed in and selected both of them as messing it up, he expressed genuine surprise. Krillin destroyed the detonator after Android 18 confirmed that the androids had no interest in killing anyone, Tien being told of his actions by Piccolo and becoming frustrated with having sacrificed himself for her to get away. Tien questioned why he would do this until remembering that Android 18 was a girl and being disturbed by the fact that he had doomed the Earth for "cybersex".

Android 18 was eventually absorbed by Cell, leading to his transformation into his Perfect Form. Once he added Vegeta to that list, he explained to Piccolo that he needed something. The two later recounted this story to Goku, Tenshinhan dismissing Yamcha's claim to have flicked off Vegeta with him, and denying that he had a hate-boner for Vegeta.

Introduced in the original incarnation of Dragon Ball, Chiaotzu is often presented as lighthearted and whimsical, but his cute facade masks a dark past and some unique abilities. In Chinese lore, Jiang Shi are a particular type of vampiric spirit that were clearly an inspiration for Chiaotzu.

While the latter two are intentional bits of lore, trivia, and tribute for eagle-eyed consumers, mistakes are tiny accidents that take on a life of their own for those obsessed with the minutia of TV and film. Thanks to Dragon Ball and its many successive series and movies being translated from Japanese to English among many other languagesa number of small missteps often occur during the dubbing process.

The Ocean Group dub of Dragon Ball Z has long been regarded as one of the worst of the batch, and it features a fun little flub about Chiaotzu. In the seemingly non-canon movie Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, Chiaotzu actually plays royalty.

While this isn't the case in the normal timeline, some mistake in the dub or writing had the character still listed this way. Of course, the other possibility is that this was merely an extremely well-placed Easter egg, but that seems rather unlikely. In the midst of gathering them, they came across the Mercenary Clan. A mix of humanoid animals and pirates, the Clan unloaded their machine guns on the trio, but Chiaotzu stepped in and stopped all of the bullets midair, astonishing his friends and frightening his opponents.