Quartzsite az swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

Desert Messenger, Quartzsite, AZ: September

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

Quartzsite Candidate flies flag upside down on Federal Lands of her arrest at the June 28th council meeting went “viral” on the Internet. However, political activists are taking to flying the upside down flag as [Editor's note: This article was originally slated for the front page of the January 4, issue. QUARTZSITE - The mayor called a Town Council meeting, but five of the six . uses restricted justice-system computers "to find 'dirt' on political candidates. The town, miles west of Phoenix, is a retirement haven with one of the flock to town for a few weeks of sunshine, swap meets and gem shows. Two expiring seats on the town council will go to a run off election in May, There are roughly a dozen major shows and swap meets which.

Then there are the Quartzsite Residents serving on the municipal boards year-round: The Arizona Centennial Board recently completed their commission and provided the town with many events over the two years they were active. Funds raised provided metal camel silhouettes which will be placed in key locations around town Volunteers do their work quietly, because they love serving their community.

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Of course, in every community there are those who love to complain, but do not participate in the joy of giving. Volunteers experience incredible gifts when they share freely of themselves.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

I've heard it said, "there's just something special about Quartzsite That's what makes Quartzsite so special. Our hundreds of volunteers who share their wisdom, strengths, and knowledge with others, encouraging each other along the way.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

So as we welcome in a new year, let us remember to be kind to each other and thank the volunteers for their service to Quartzsite. Those of us who live full time in Quartzsite experience the blessings of our volunteers.

Those visiting Quartzsite may marvel at how the heck can this little town handle the influx of millions of visitors. I am so grateful to be living in a community where people smile at one another walking down the street, and strangers wave as I'm driving by. Bruno also announced the League of Cities and Towns will be attending a Council Workshop scheduled for October 3rd, regarding open meeting laws and agenda modifications. Bruno reported on the history of the investigation, beginning with the council meeting of March 27, when council passed resolution directing Town Manager Alex Taft to request a formal investigation on voter irregularities specifically from Dept.

Town Attorney Martin Brannan told council on March 27th the resolution "does not authorize any expenditures of the town for a private investigation.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

Bruno said in her opinion, "the council did not authorize a private investigator to be hired. That is all I can say about that at this time. Bruno gave a synopsis of the claims and findings of many reports and investigations on Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert over the past few years. Investigation did not discover any criminal violations committed. An anonymous letter reporting to represent police department employees make several allegations of misuse of sick and vacation time against the Chief of Police.

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No credible evidence of inconsistency in sick leave issues, improper denial of reasonable accommodations, nor evidence of community members being targeted. Request by Ed Foster on June 11th, to look into allegations of tampering with a public document, influencing a witness, tampering with a witness, and unauthorized access to criminal history.

Turned down by AZ Attorney General's office for the following reasons: Detective agreed there was insufficient evidence to prove crimes beyond a reasonable doubt. Town Manager Al Johnson to investigate allegations of false time sheet involving one hour vacation time of an officer's time sheet.

quartzsite az swap meet 2012 presidential candidates

The allegations were found to be untruthful. In working with the attorney, there was found to be no merit to allegations. The allegation of not reporting while under house arrest are minor and does not justify termination. Allegation of tampering with a witness actually occurred a year earlier than Johnson referred to, and was addressed in the DPS report of Dec.

Allegations of communication with the press is not a terminable offense. Four citizens spoke in disagreement to the reinstatement of Gilbert.