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ovka kart swap meet

Ohio Valley Karting Association Swap Meet February 3, in Wilmington, Ohio The OVKA Swap Meet will once again be at the Roberts. Hosted by Ohio Valley Karting Association. Interested. Invite The OVKA Swap Meet will take place on Saturday February 2nd, The Swap Meet will . Ohio Valley Karting Association ›. OVKA Swap Meet The OVKA.

2019 OVKA Swap Meet

A season of racing starts in early February with a swap meet and driving orientations in April. The first race begins in April and runs almost every weekend until the annual charity race in October. The WKA regulates all of the kart classes and sponsors worldwide racing circuits.

Well over members are a part of of the OVKA. There is a lot of travel involved, there are tracks everywhere.

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The future in this area is very strong. We have a good time out here. Ever since then I started racing.

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My first time racing, it was just my dad. I love doing this. He noted, there are 10 different classes in kart racing and a driver can start as young as 5-years-old and can keep racing until they decide they are too old to race.

ovka kart swap meet

We feature all types of motors and kart classes, most of the them will drive for three heats and whomever wins the final heat wins the class today. Two or four-cycle motors are what most of the heats are featured on. The younger kids run right around 30 mph, while the older drivers easily hit 70 mph. We race for points, trophies and jackets. If you win the championship in your class, you earn the most expensive jacket you may ever get. Cincy Motorsports Journal Spring is the season to get back on the road.

Springfield Ohio OVKA swap meet Saturday

Spring is always a happy time for motoring enthusiasts in the Ohio Valley. The salty, slushy, sloppy roads are fading into memory, garage doors are opening and the fun is about to begin.

ovka kart swap meet

The number and variety of events and activities awaiting enthusiasts in the Tristate is impressive, but here are some of our favorites. Time to get off the couch and behind the wheel! Get out the polish and cruise over to Sharonville for the 38th annual Classic Car Show, or head to the Fastiques Swap and Cruise and find what you need to enjoy your ride.

ovka kart swap meet

With many late model cars offering sports car-like performance, even your everyday grocery-getter can be used for recreation—drag racing and autocrossing offer the opportunity to be your own Walter Mitty. Autocrossing is another achievable choice in motorsports. Everyday street car eligibility is one of the attractions. The autocross tests the maneuverability of the vehicle and skills of the driver.

ovka kart swap meet

In the Cincy area, we are fortunate to have fun geographic phenomenon like ridges, valleys and creeks resulting in hilly, curvy roads that beg to be enjoyed.

This rolling car show includes American, British, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Vintage, and Collector cars and drivers on stunning roads across southern Ohio, with regular stops at points of interest along the route: