Njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

Englishtown shuts down drag racing operations with immediate effect

njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

Lesson Plan. On the cover: SkillsUSA Champion Rushil Garala of West Orange , N.J. Photo by Lloyd Wolf. SkillsUSA Champions magazine Summer The race Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series playoffs begin Sunday Born : Mayetta, N.J. .. Odd fact: Newman finished runner-up for the championship .. Eventual winner Kyle Larson (42) leads a group during. New Jersey Devils Devils NJ .. Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Martinsville Race Info PM MENCS DRIVER / CREW CHIEF MEETING ( DRIVERS . Top-Ten Stage 2 Results (lap ) of the STP Monster Energy . Race and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Championship.

Formula Drift allows engines from other manufacturers to be swapped into competition cars. Vehicles wishing to compete for the Manufacturers Championship must use an engine from the same manufacturer as the chassis. Engine swaps remain very common with older models but can be seen with new builds as well.

Naturally aspirated Chevrolet V8 engines are often used because of their availability and lower operating costs.

njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

Suspension modification is widely open to development as long as stock pickup locations are utilized. Suspension tuning is a vital part of any successful Formula D team. To keep cars in check Formula D institutes a maximum tire size based on the vehicles total weight.

Formula Drift cars are given fixed numbers for their cars and are not necessarily based on rankings. Scoring and judging[ edit ] Formula D uses its own scoring system that may differ from other drifting organizations. Often scoring systems for qualifying, tandem battles, and penalties are different. Qualifying — Formula D competitors are allowed two non-consecutive judged solo runs to post their highest possible score in order to compete.

The top 32 drivers with the highest qualifying scores are entered in a competition bracket pairing the highest scoring drivers against the lowest scoring drivers.

The drivers are judged on line, speed, angle, and overall impact. The judges can also make additional request at the drivers meeting for actions or techniques that will weigh in their decision making ex; entry technique, racing line, proximity, etc.

Formula D drivers are scored on a points-deduction system where every driver will start their judged run with a perfect score of pts. For every mistake, points will be deducted. These points will vary between. The biggest difference from qualifying is that now drivers face off head to head on the track in a tandem battle.

The two cars run together side by side, each driver trying to show greater skill than the other. The highest qualifying driver leads on the first run, then on the second run the lower qualifying driver leads. Drivers are judged on the same basic criteria as qualifying but an emphasis is put on the interaction between the two drivers competing head to head.

As for sponsors - or sponsor - France did not offer specifics other than to say it's shaping up to be just one for the entitlement. Although Kroger appeared to be one of the frontrunners mid-summer, the likelihood of other potential partners such as PayPal and Coca-Cola have been emerged as possibilities over the last month.

Sources said that companies "still in the hunt" include grocery chain Kroger, Yum! There has "been concern in some corners of the industry about how the search is not yet complete, but NASCAR's top sales executive sounded confident a deal will get done. As NASCAR chief marketing officer Steve Phelps explained the status of the search for a new sponsor to replace Sprint, the Pocono Raceway weather went from cloudy, to drizzle to sun breaking through the clouds all in 15 minutes.

Was it a sign of the roller-coaster ride of the search for a Cup Series sponsor? There is no sense of panic within Phelps as the sponsorship search continues and in some ways can be as unpredictable as the Pocono weather. When Nextel was announced to replace Winston inthe deal came together quickly and was announced in June. The announcement of a new Cup sponsor likely will come later.

He stressed not to confuse NASCAR not having a concrete feel of an announcement date with the search not going as planned.

njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

I would say there's an opportunity that I believe we could get an offer from -- five or six. The process is going very well. The brands are a mixture of those that are not in the sport right now and some that are in the sport.

njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

It's a good list and we're trying to determine what is the best for the sport overall. Although we did a year deal with Comcast for the Xfinity Series ; that's a bit of an anomaly in this world today.

njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

It will depend on the brand and it will depend on what we believe will be right for the sport. NASCAR won't want to tread on the media blitz of the end of the regular season or start of the Chase, possibly feeding speculation of the status of negotiations in order to make sure it does the announcement at the time that works best for NASCAR and its sponsor. The sponsorship required a shift from Nextel Cup Series to Sprint Cup Series in and has remained as such ever since.

The parties previously extended their arrangement through The fee would be split between annual rights fees and activation. In OctoberSportsBusiness Journal indicated that the following companies had been pitched on the title sponsorship: Hinese would fall into the latter, international category described by O'Connell. But that does not mean there aren't bigger and better things on the horizon for the sport's top racing series. The numbers go up and down but we are talking to approximately a dozen companies right now.

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From a timing standpoint we look to narrow that down to a handful sometime later this summer and we look to make the announcement sometime in the Fall, similar to what we did with Xfinity. We are talking to a number of great companies.

Still, there is a chance for tweaks and adjustments based on the needs of the sponsor and the sport. For example, it might not make sense for the entitlement sponsor to have its name on the All-Star race or it might be better for a company to have a specifically-branded identity for the Chase for the Championship. O'Connell declined to address specifics when asked but indicated NASCAR would try to keep close to its existing model, while meeting the best needs of the next entitlement sponsor.

I don't want to say anything is off the table but if it is the right fit we will consider looking at things differently than we have done in the past.

We have been asked about different things - some of which you have mentioned. It's expected he would paint a rosy picture but sources have confirmed some companies have actually been declined by NASCAR because it wasn't a good business decision. Of course, there's been a few PG jokes about which companies might or, might not, be interested and what the series would be named if certain companies sealed a deal. There have also been rumors that, at least, one insurance company was interested in becoming the entitlement sponsor but after reviewing contracts with its teams and partners, it was determined a deal could hurt several teams and the investment wouldn't offset money lost from other sponsors that might end up being locked out of the sport, like Verizon was when Sprint came on-board.

NASCAR doesn't want to have a sponsor that will hurt the financial strength of its race teams and track partners. One issue that keeps coming up is the overall cost of the entitlement sponsorship, which appears to be confusing with regards to how much a company would pay to NASCAR and how much the activation by that company would cost. Whatever company comes on-board will pay a rights fee.

That amount is only a portion of the investment must make but the money doesn't necessarily go to the sanctioning body. In fact, the new entitlement sponsor will want to spend money with tracks for activation during race weekends, on advertising and marketing and then on other promotions that would boost fan interest in the sport and the sponsor's brand. See much more at Kickin the Tires. Negotiations are under way for a new title sponsor, and it appears likely an announcement will come in early fall.

Speaking on a SiriusXM showPhelps laid out in rather general terms how the talks were going. Some companies remain in the mix; Phelps pegged the number at eight to Others have fallen out, mostly as bad fits for one reason or another. A month after his interview, Phelps had little to offer in new information. Happy-face time, however, is growing short. That's when, Phelps noted, current agreements with Xfinity and Camping World were made for the second-level series and the trucks series, respectively.

Its Camping World agreement runs through Another key point raised by Phelps: There might be more than one sponsor. The Cup series' current title sponsor, Sprint, will conclude its sponsorship deal at the end of the season. It's casting a wide net. We're in a nice place, and we've been to some really cool companies, talking about our sport. We hope to find a partner that will deliver equally the strength that we've gotten from Sprint.

Motorsport Sprint ending sponsorship deal with NBA: Sprint spokesman Dave Mellin confirmed a mutual decision between the company and league in an email Wednesday, providing what he said was a joint statement with the league.

Englishtown shuts down drag racing operations with immediate effect

Sprint is in danger of losing its standing as No. T-Mobile recently said its subscriber count grew to The Sprint deal is the largest sports sponsorship in North America. Sports Business Journal No early exit expected for title sponsor Sprint: The last time NASCAR needed a title sponsor for its premier series, the existing company was replaced with four years remaining on its contract.

But executives aren't expecting a repeat with Sprint already having announced its impending exit after the season. Only because we want to make sure the process is really followed smartly.

Trying to rush through to find something for ' And the good thing is since Sprint is very engaged, they are honoring their commitments to us, which are extensive. So I think we're in a good spot. NASCAR and Sprint entered into negotiations about the title sponsorship last fall, and the wireless communications company announced its departure in mid-December with two years left on a three-year extension that was signed in You may have heard that NASCAR lost its title sponsor the other day, that telecommunications giant Sprint is pulling out of the draft after the season.

What you may not have heard is one of the reasons why: Marcelo Claure is from Bolivia. His partner is global soccer icon David Beckham. Ain't that a corner kick to the head? I think it's more a comment on Sprint's business. That's what I'm seeing from a distance.

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Sprint, which announced Wednesday it would discontinue sponsorship of the Sprint Cup Series at the end of its current contract, no longer will host its 15,square-foot Sprint Experience interactive display area at NASCAR tracks, multiple sources confirmed to the [Charlotte] Observer. The Sprint Experience brings fans closer to the sport by offering custom interactive games, driver and celebrity appearances, participation in stage games, and the latest handsets and technologies available from Sprint.

Hospitality industry workers and others associated with transporting and operating the mobile display were informed this week they would not be used next season, sources said. Sprint officials declined to address the issue when asked Thursday for comment. We are finalizing the details of our plan now and will be ready to kick off the season Feb.

njsiaa meet of champions 2015 results nascar

At least not yet. Those in the marketing world think NASCAR will find a sponsor to replace the telecom company when it exits after the season. But the quick service restaurant industry Subway, Burger King, etc. There also could be interest from new or quickly developing industries, such as the energy sector. NASCAR's most recent deals for its top two series were for seven and 10 years, so it likely will want this one will to have a similar term.

But with things changing so quickly in so many industries, a potential sponsor's executive might prefer a shorter term considering the price. Sporting News Sprint will not return as Series sponsor: Sprint has long benefitted from the unprecedented level of brand integration available in NASCAR, and the passionate fan base that is the most loyal in sports.

Without question, the NASCAR sponsorship property has been a valuable investment for us and will be for our successor. At the conclusion of the first 10 years, Sprint extended the partnership an additional three years taking the contract through the end of the season Sprint NASCAR Statement: We understand significant changes within Sprint and the highly competitive business environment it is in has led to a decision not to extend its Cup Series entitlement position following the season.

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is a very unique, premium sports marketing platform with strong momentum, so we are very confident of moving forward in with an outstanding new partner.

In the meantime, we look forward to Sprint's partnership on the best racing series in the world for the next two seasons. Dewar said the mainstream allure of the new knockout-style Chase reinvigorated both fans and the industry, leading to growth in ratings and the potential for new sponsorships.

Dewar said he expects more drama in the early part of next season as drivers start to utilize what they learned this season about how the new format works. Dewar, a longtime GM exec before joining NASCAR, also revealed that he and other key execs will soon begin talks with Sprint, whose title sponsorship runs through '16, about a new deal. Citing Sprint's recent challenges in the telecom industry, Dewar conceded that the task will be a tall one.

The executive shift follows reports that Sprint planned on calling off its merger with T-Mobile, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U. In a statement, Claure says he will focus immediately on "competing aggressively" in the marketplace.

During his tenure, he navigated the wireless carrier's merger with Softbank, completed last year, and shut down Nextel network, which Sprint acquired in Although Sprint is the third largest U. Reynolds and Lorillard announced Tuesday morning that they have entered into a definitive agreement in which Winston-Salem-based Reynolds has agreed to acquire Greensboro-based Lorillard. If the transaction is completed, a transition period will begin during which Reynolds will contract manufacture KOOL, Salem and Winston for Imperial and Imperial will contract manufacture Newport for Reynolds.

Sprint, the sponsor of NASCAR's premier Cup series, has recently cut back on the number of tracks at which it will host its nearly 15,square-foot Sprint Experience interactive display area.

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Speedway president Jerry Gappens said the track was informed less than two weeks ago that Sprint would not be bringing the Experience this weekend. As of Friday afternoon, Sprint's web site page dedicated to the Experience still said it would be appearing at all 36 Cup race weekends this season. To have that not here, takes away from the experience.

Sprint is in a very competitive business and needed to divert some of the money it took to activate it to advertising. When asked about the decision not to bring the Sprint Experience to New Hampshire, spokesperson Kimberly Meesters provided the following statement to The Observer: It will be at New Hampshire in the fall. Some years we take it to every race. Some years we focus on the markets most important to Sprint corporate priorities.

Sometimes we send it every week but send smaller footprints. We are doing 33 races this season. Sprint might not be Sprint in the near future, and if the company does want to keep its name, it might have to pay a pretty penny. There are more indications that the T-Mobile brand will be the ultimate victor. But it's been Sprint that's been pushing the merger, not T-Mobile. Sprint parent company SoftBank's chief executive Masayoshi Son has been touting the merger as a way to shake up the stale U.

Large video boards at Texas Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway have changed and enhanced the overall viewing experience for fans who attend races at those venues. With that in mind, a new and larger Sprint Vision board made its debut this weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

While the new video board isn't as big as its counterparts in Charlotte and Fort Worth, it is big enough for fans in the stands to get a good up-close view of what's going on around the track and in the driver's seat. Plus, unlike the boards at Texas and Charlotte, the new Sprint Vision is "portable" enough that it will appear at every remaining track on the Sprint Cup schedule this season except, of course, the two tracks with the huge boards.

The new Sprint Vision is 18 feet high by Plus, it's High Definition to give a crisper, clearer viewing experience, according to Sprint officials. Nationwide Insurance, which has sponsored the series sinceis in the final year of its title sponsorship, and NASCAR has been looking for a replacement sponsor for the Nationwide Series since last fall. Conversations with Xfinity, which is Comcast's video service, have been going on for several months.