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my track meet

Despite all the training, when the day of my first track meet finally arrived, I didn't feel ready. I had been preparing for weeks, but I was still jittery. USATF Gallery · Coachs Eye · USATF Facebook · USATF Twitter · USATF on Instagram · USATF Foundation · Run Jump Throw · Show Us Your Wings. “I'm hungry”. Every runner knows better than to eat a lot before their race, so meets consist of eating small amounts and listening to your stomach growl all day .

Check your event time on the Meet Flyer distributed with the meet information materials. You need to be there one hour before the scheduled time. Check in with your coach 45 minutes before your event. Events may run up to 30 minutes early and you need time to warm-up, check- in, and get to the starting line.

See the Nutrition Section of this handbook for ideas on what to bring.

How to organise your own track meet

Bring a stopwatch and notebook. Wear your Golden Ears singlet and bring appropriate warm-up clothes and, if prudent, a change of clothes. Often we will have cold, wet, and windy weather.

You need to stay warm.

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Look for the Golden Ears banner or teammates wearing their colours. Sit next to the other Eagles. It helps the team spirit. A coach will almost always be at the meet to guide athletes and get them checked in.

my track meet

The coaches will pick up the team packet of bib 's. Find the team tent, team banner, or a coach, to get your bib. Find the team tent.

my track meet

Look for the Alpha Crush flag. Look for your teammates.

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In Track, you can find us in somewhere in the stadium stands. In Cross Country, there is usually a "team tent area" where you can find us.

my track meet

Sometimes we have a team tent, sometimes we don't. Bring an extra chair or two just in case If you are participating in multiple bring something to do read a book, listen to music, or other quiet activities Bring sun screen, water, snacks.

Remember of course to bring sunscreen, some money for concessions, and bleacher seats if you have them. Check in occurs before each event to ensure the athlete is there, to get them to a staging area, and then to make sure they are at the start line at the right time.

A PA announcer will call out when event is to check in so it is important to pay attention. Generally there is a 1st call, 2nd call, and final call for each event. Parents generally are not allowed to go onto the field.

Events start at different places on the track and again may have multiple heats so the meet organizers will be following a system to keep things going and accurate.

Try apple slices with peanut butter, turkey with whole wheat bread or cheese on whole grain crackers. Step 5 Maintain a regular sleep schedule in the week before a meet.

my track meet

Sleep deprivation can negatively affect your performance during competition. The average adult needs between seven and eight hours of sleep, but athletes may need slightly more, possibly up to 10 hours, to aid in physical recovery. Step 6 Work on your mental attitude along with your physical well-being.

my track meet

Staying mentally strong can help you to push through the rigors of competition. Quell any negative thoughts the week before a meet and replace them with positive affirmations.