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meet your targets

Relationships: What are the five most important business relationships that will offer the greatest leverage to meet your targets? These are. meet a goal/target etc meaning, definition, what is meet a goal/target etc: to to meet the sales targets. The scheme does not meet its objectives. → meet. Not-meeting-your-Targets-Heres-why-colin-shaw- Social norms are based on our inherent need to fit in and behave like everyone else.

meet your targets

Second is the rule of social norms. Social norms are based on our inherent need to fit in and behave like everyone else.

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Like the waiter in my example, companies can use social norms to influence customer behavior. The Fast Company article cites a hotel that told guests that most occupants choose to re-use their towels. The guests took this as the norm and re-use increased by 26 percent. Third is the concept that nothing of value is free.

meet your targets

The trouble with this is that customers are not rational at all. Customers make irrational decisions, and then they use rational reasons to justify them.

meet your targets

When our customer experience consultancy helps organizations with behavioral journey mappingwe investigate these subconscious and emotional factors. We help them see how they can alter the way they do things to influence irrational decision making in a way that meets business goals and promotes customer loyalty.

And customers often appreciate it. I certainly did when my waiter suggested salmon.

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And in fact, the salmon was really good! Do you think customers are irrational? People are genuinely busy in the day but more likely to be contactable early or late.

Do regular full pipeline audits and make sure your focus and time is spent on opportunities that are more likely to convert.

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Each person had a different blockage, but once we identified it, it became a lot easier to clear and solve. Find them and study them, see what they do that works and learn.

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If they can hit target so can you. What do they need? Find the blockages and then dig deeper to understand them. Plan your days to help ensure you keep focus. Plan key contact times, key chasing time, key email times etc.

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Make a conscious effort to cut out or down on negativity and be more positive. It will help motivate you more and will rub off on your customers as well.

meet your targets

Just by eating healthier foods and drinking more water you will naturally have more energy which you can use to sell! Try a different approach, try saying different things or doing things differently. This is where it can be hugely helpful to be connected to different people at your target company. Leverage those connections to either get through to the decision maker or find a different decision maker. These opportunities tend to have a far higher conversion rate compared to cold created ones.