Meet your makers neoprene

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meet your makers neoprene

SK Gaming reported yesterday a shocking news that ESNation A/S, the company behind Meet Your Makers ceased all the operations. Now it has been. McNett WetSuit Shampoo Booties Gloves Drysuit Surfing: Sports & Outdoors. Sink The Stink Wetsuit Cleaner 4oz Bottle · out of 5 stars Using natural rubber on the path to a greener wetsuit -

When Patagonia released its first line of wetsuits, it incorporated a number of innovative elements that made them greener than the normal monstrosity. It was a matter of compromise. But the wetsuit and product responsibility divisions at Patagonia were not satisfied.

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Despite the fact that their suits—and the suits of many of their competitors—were now marginally less damaging for the environment, they felt that improvements could still be made. So the focus turned to finding an alternative to neoprene, rather than simply minimizing its use. It's no secret that neoprene wetsuits are made from harmful chemicals, but Patagonia has found a way to use natural rubber instead - without compromising advancements in wetsuit technology.

Plus, this process reduces C02 emmissions by 80 per cent.

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The added expense is worth it, however, since natural rubbers also tend to perform better than synthetic ones. InPatagonia started experimenting with Yulex, a company making plant-based rubber, to phase neoprene completely out of their wetsuits.

meet your makers neoprene

At first they worked with guayule latex, even though rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis tree is more readily available. And why is that important?

meet your makers neoprene

Tapping trees in truly sustainable forests and having rubber tappers who work under fair labour conditions was a big part of Patagonia's strategy.

Patagonia's Yulex-based wetsuit arrives in August.

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And I learned something: I know that, being a surf shop, your kit's not designed for prolonged, deliberate fitness swimming, but I decided to breaststroke in it for a hundred meters or so because, well, I was already in the lake, and it's the only stroke I know. Just to see what would happen. The jacket didn't ride up anywhere near as much as I thought it might, and even when it did creep, there were no sharp coldwater shocks to my waistline. And I don't remember neck-flushing being a problem, even though that could be expected because of the cut of the jacket's neck, and that stroke.

meet your makers neoprene

All credit to the high waist on the pants, and to Seventhwave's pattern maker and cutter for transferring my custom measurements to neoprene. And, because neck-to-ankle smoothie, I felt fast. The Retro Pants feel like paint, wet and dry. On dry land, it's awfully difficult to get into and out of, and the fit is very, very tight. I'd specified "Err on the tight side" on my order form, and upon trying the jacket out of the box, I was afraid I'd overdone it by saying that.

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As many wetsuit makers and reviewers say, "Wetsuits fit differently when they're wet. No problems doing a proper breaststroke. And wet, it came off like it'd been buttered. Your cutter either ignored me for being ignorant, or intuitively knew what I meant.

meet your makers neoprene

Either way, I'm delighted. I came out of the water actually giggling at how warm and comfortable this deceptively simple, old school, 2mm stuff felt at the lowest end of my temperature range for "happy swimming" in sophisticated sealed-seam triathlon gear.