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meet us in your country swinburne astronomy

Established as a university in , Swinburne University of Technology is a world-class, multidisciplinary institution leading the way in science, technology. STUDY ABROAD. The study abroad program is available to students During your Swinburne experience, you will undertake units About Melbourne. Smart . even consider us to be coffee snobs! to other destinations around the country. .. Chemistry. Environmental science. Physics. Psychology. Clinical Psychology. Highly ranked for civil engineering, astronomy and sciences, Swinburne is famed . regardless of whether they meet the Swinburne entry requirements by other.

I still have this telescope and enthusiastically take it to Kindergartens and Schools to inspire the next generation. Sarah Maddison I liked all sciences and maths in school, so I was pretty interested in just about everything. Dissecting a frog turned me off the "wet" sciences, and I thought astronomy was pretty amazing after learning in maths class that you could describe the orbits of planets around the Sun with two very simple equations, and learning in chemistry that all elements in the periodic tables besides H and He were made in stars.

When I went to university I still wasn't sure which science to major in.

meet us in your country swinburne astronomy

I really enjoyed palaeontology and geophysics for a while, but continued on with applied maths. By the time I was in the final year of my Bachelors, I was doing all the astrophysics and meteorology units offered in maths.

When it came to my honours year, I finally had to choose between meteorology and astrophysics.

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A friend said to me, "Well if you do meteorology, people will always blame you for the bad weather", so astrophysics it was! Mike Beasley I certainly watched Cosmos, but that was when I was a bit older. They used to show it once a month at midnight and I used to sit up with my Dad to find out about the latest astronomy news.

Patrick would usually have some fairly strange academic in a corduroy jacket yes, with elbow patches talking about some seemingly obscure, but utterly fascinating phenomena. I can still remember first hearing the amazingly cool term "quasar" on that programme. I could never understand why such an interesting show got such bad scheduling.

TV science has come a long way! Clarke books his fiction and non-fiction about the realities of exploring the solar system. From that I graduated to Patrick Moore who also wrote some SF and a more general interest in astronomy and then had a small telescope with which I looked at the Moon and planets - this was when I was about My interests then changed more to high-end physics and I studied physics at University. I wanted to be a theoretical physicist dreaming up TOEs Theory of Everything but after a course in quantum field theory in my final undergraduate year I realised I wasn't smart enough for this!

So I ended up doing a Ph. Seems to have worked out Chris Flynn Favourite book: Later at Princeton we had a few chats at lunch!

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War of the Worlds version. Bartok Concerto for Orchestra! How it all began: I was inspired to get into astronomy by talking by total accident while an undergraduate to a fellow at Bruce Hall live-in college at ANU who was a student at Mt Stromlo Observatory, found out that it was possible to be a professional astronomer, and that ANU had one of the best places in the business.

Virginia Kilborn Comet Halley, Dec.

Meet us in your Country

I remember my dad waking me up in the middle of the night to show me a lunar eclipse, and meteor showers, and in we saw Comet Halley. However, I had no idea you could actually be paid to be an astronomer, and spent my high school years planning on being a "nuclear physicist", whatever that might be.

When I got to university, and found out I could study astronomy I am still amazed I earn a living doing my hobby!

meet us in your country swinburne astronomy

I'm passionate about astronomy outreach, and have worked in the Melbourne H. McKay Planetarium, was a tour guide for the Melbourne observatory, and I now give 3D astrotours at Swinburne to school kids. Chris Fluke My interest in space and astronomy began at an early age, and was a combination of a number of factors.

Three particularly profound events stand out in my memory: Christmaswhen my parents gave me some toys from a little movie called "Star Wars"; Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" television series in the early s; and a trip to the original H.

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It was this last event that made me realise you could get actually get paid for looking at the night sky! Add in "Doctor Who", "Battlestar Galactica "and various other science fiction television shows, "The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" trilogy in an increasing number of partsvisits to the Old Melbourne Observatory, early attempts at astrophotography with my father's SLR camera, writing simple astronomy programs on the family's TSR colour computer, and a couple of research projects on "Mars" and "Saturn" at high school - and it was inevitable that I would go on to study Highly ranked for civil engineering, astronomy and sciences, Swinburne is famed for outstanding teaching and practical, hands-on learning.

Small, manageable class sizes provide students with a great opportunity to get individualised attention from their industry-leading tutors throughout their time at Swinburne. This is evidenced by a five-star student-teacher rating in the Good Universities Guide.

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For more than 50 years, the institution has partnered with organisations in Australia and other countries all around the world, providing its students with ample opportunities for networking and work experience — meaning that they graduate feeling career-ready. With plenty of industry connections and relevant experience, Swinburne graduates will have stand-out CVs and be a step ahead of their competitors in the job market.

The Careers and Employability team are recognised for their hard work at Swinburne. Students are treated to guest speakers, career counselling and lots of guidance on how to create the perfect CV and cover letter when applying for jobs. There are also International Student Advisers on hand to help with anything from personal issues to worries about coursework.

The University features state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to get to grips with the latest equipment before heading out into their respective industries. This is across the entire Hawthorn campus, and includes: Brings together students, research leaders, industry partners and entrepreneurs to solve complex problems, generate innovative solutions and forecast future scenarios.

Factory of the Future: Equipped with advanced visualisation and design tools, this ground-breaking facility gives designers the resources to develop prototypes rapidly, create innovative products and research potential manufacturing methods.