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meet satanists

Satanic International Network - This is the place to be if you are looking to meet other Satanists, Occultists and Left Hand Path practitioners. E. Satanic feminists fight for social justice by rejecting normative ideologies. In this October 24, photo, Lucien Greaves stands inside the recently opened international headquarters of the Satanic Temple. Picture.

We do not believe or worship a literal Satan. We regard Satan as a metaphorical symbol of rebellion against tyranny. We embrace rational inquiry, critical thinking, scientific knowledge and understanding, and individualism. What is your moral code?

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Our moral code is clearly expressed by the seven tenets of The Satanic Temple. Our focus is on reason, justice, freedom, autonomy, scientific belief, accountability and mindfulness. Do you believe in anything supernatural? We do not believe in the supernatural, magic or any superstitions. We are non-theistic and do not worship any gods. To do so, would contradict our moral beliefs as we are opposed to serving arbitrary authority.

meet satanists

Do you perform satanic rituals? Some of our members perform personal rituals, while others participate in small group rituals as part of a gathering. While we do not believe in the supernatural or superstitions; we perform rituals because we find them fun, it helps to build a strong sense of community within the group, and many of us just like the aesthetic. Despite what you may have heard in the media, Satanic rituals do not involve human or animal sacrifices.

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Do you endorse drug use? We support bodily autonomy the right to do whatever you want with your bodyso long as it does not infringe on the freedoms of others but we do not support criminal activity. Therefore, if a particular substance is illegal to consume, we do not endorse its consumption.

Can you make me rich or help me sell my soul? We do not actually believe in the devil, or worship the devil, so we cannot help you get rich or to sell your soul.

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Our Motives Why does Australia need Satanism? By bringing Satanism to Australia, we want to build a community that can stand up for the separation of church and state, bodily autonomy, as well as fighting for religious freedoms and the freedom of expression. We also hope to engage with the community through various activities and events such as: We do, however, advocate for a strong separation of church and state and we believe that all religions should be treated equally by the law.

We are a group of non-theistic Satanists that want to make a change in our local community. You can help us by liking and sharing our Facebook page and telling your friends about us. Written by the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, it has sold over a million copies since it was first published in I really connected with it.

I was unhappy in my relationship with my then girlfriend and I was arguing a lot with my parents.

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Satanism seemed to acknowledge the pain and anger I was feeling. The next day, I had a huge row with my mum, so I locked myself in my room and started carving a pentagram - the symbol of the Church of Satan - onto my arm.

I wanted to permanently scar my body.

meet satanists

People interpret it in different ways but, to me, Satanism was about loving yourself at the expense of others.

Most Satanists believe in doing everything in their power to get what they want out of life. Indulging in desires such as sex, food, and booze is encouraged. It breeds selfishness within you, which is what makes it so dark - for yourself as well as those around you. Putting yourself first all the time, and not caring about others, is lonely.

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I was self-harming and rebelling with drink and drugs. It seemed to be all about pretending everything was fine; there was no room for darkness or controversy. So I rejected it. It became my life. I drew the pentagram on everything, from my school books to my body.

My friends and my girlfriend were freaked out - they all thought I'd gone too far.

meet satanists

I went from being pretty popular to having no friends. Then one night I dreamt that Satan was standing at the end of my bed. He was well-dressed and well-spoken, like a character from a Sherlock Holmes film. So, I started making deals with Satan.

If I stole things like booze from my parents, was honest with girls that I just wanted sex, or turned people against each other, then I got to live.

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After a while, I started having terrible nightmares and realised I was getting quite disturbed. There was a moment when I asked myself, 'Am I really having a conversation with Satan? I felt totally isolated and like I had nobody to turn to except Satan. Then my exams were over - and I was still alive. Suddenly, it was clear to me that he was a liar.

Salvation came in an unlikely form.