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meet our team staffing

We've got a great bunch of people at BG Creative. Learn more about the passionate and talented staff members you'll work with when you contact BG Creative!. Meet the CornerStone Professional Placement Team Julie began her career with CornerStone Staffing in and immediately excelled as a Professional. Meet Our Team. When you work with Springborn, you'll notice an immediate difference, not just in the quality of our jobs and talent, but also in the people you .

meet our team staffing

Cynthia is an expert in all facets of Talent Acquisition,Recruitment Process Outsourcing as well as traditional recruitment methodologies. Pet has an in-depth knowledge of client account management, ensuring satisfaction from his clients, co-workers and partners.

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His strategic planning, articulate written and oral skills and his drive to succeed make him a trusted mentor. His knowledge of timekeeping, training coordination and work experience in various countries provide valuable skills and leadership qualities.

meet our team staffing

He is excellent in addressing client inquiries and identifies and implements solutions to various issues in a timely manner. His hands-on approach is invaluable to ensuring service excellence for himself and his team.

Meet the CornerStone Professional Placement Team

Pets ability to improve operational procedures help inspire his team to achieve their professional goals while maximizing each individuals personal strengths and abilities to reach a common goal. Quincy Martin — IT Support Quincy is a Information Technology major, with a well rounded background of how technology operates to complete tasks successfully.

He is in charge of Digital Marketing and Network monitoring.

meet our team staffing

Aside from marketing and networking, he has solid experience in Workers-Comp claims and Collections. Donna has enjoyed a past successful career as a RDH Registered Dental Hygienistand has managed multiple medical practices.

Remember we said she can do anything…? She makes sure everything operates like a finely tuned, well-oiled machine.

meet our team staffing

Sandi has an extensive history with small business, including working for her successful family business, and starting and running her own redemption center. Sandi enjoys cooking we have the recipe for her Pasta Sauce — best ever! Sandi is a lover of sitcoms. Our customers have already discovered Kristi is a consummate professional who delivers.

She has developed a robust candidate following in her Vertical, and is making successful matches in the industry. Her focus, dedication, and professionalism make her stand apart — and we decided we like having her around!

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She has seen all seasons of the Bachelor and Bachelorette as well as Real Housewives. Oh… and her other obsession is shopping. Janet is a highly sought after, talented sales and marketing professional, with a history of high-level search to boot.

She has already made a huge impact on our business — but no worries — we can keep up with it all!