Meet joe black oscar nominations

List of awards and nominations received by Anthony Hopkins - Wikipedia

meet joe black oscar nominations

Production costs on Meet Joe Black, romantic drama with Brad Pitt, for which Al Pacino won an Academy Award, had been profitable. The following is a list of awards and nominations received by actor Anthony Hopkins. He is an Oscar-winning actor having received four Academy award nominations . You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Nominated, Michael Douglas & Imogen .. Best Lead Actor · Meet Joe Black, Nominated, James Woods ( Vampires). Nominated for two Academy Awards, Brad Pitt's eccentric career is finally He is more scathing about Meet Joe Black, which came out three.

meet joe black oscar nominations

I still have no idea what Kiarostami is trying to accomplish with the sudden departure from the narrative and I even thought that maybe my DVD had malfunctioned. I should also mention that is my favorite year in cinema, period.

I was sixteen years old when I saw it at the dollar theater on a Navy base in Virginia Beach. Oh, and also because a girl I was hopelessly falling in love with asked me to go. Because this is a movie about love, of which there are millions.

Fitting because there are a million permutations of love and each person is likely to see it and experience it differently.

  • List of awards and nominations received by Anthony Hopkins

Brad Pitt gives an underrated performance in my book and Claire Forlani gives one of the best star-making performances that never made a star, but this movie belongs to Anthony Hopkins. His patriarchal business tycoon is the heart and soul of the movie and requires him to project dignity, fear, authority, and eventually quiet resignation, all of which he nails.

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Susan tells Joe that she has loved him ever since that day in the coffee shop. Joe realises that Susan loves the unknown man, not him, and the realization crushes him slightly. Mastering his emotions powerfully he balks at telling Susan who he really is, although she seems to intuit his true identity.

meet joe black oscar nominations

Struggling to comprehend the enormity of the situation, Susan cannot label Joe as Death. She says finally, "You're.

Brad Pitt on Moneyball, the Oscars – and giving up dope

He promises her "you will always have what you found in the coffee shop. Fireworks explode in the distance while Susan watches Joe and her father walk out of view. Susan is stunned as "Joe" reappears alone, bewildered, this time as the young man from the coffee shop. He is uninjured and cannot account for how he got there. Susan accepts that her father is gone, and rekindles the romantic spark she had shared with the young man.

Pitt, Rudin said in a recent interview"saved it single-handedly".

meet joe black oscar nominations

Why did he fight for it? I've been on that end of the experience a couple of times. The main character is a guy who's been devalued by the sport and is playing what he called an unfair game.

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And they go up against conventional wisdom and get called heretics in the process. At the end of the day this guy who's trying to win games is really trying to find his own values. When I started in film I was taught that you had to have a character arc and there had to be an epiphany.

As years go by I have found that to be utter bullshit. We don't really change; we evolve in degrees and what I love about these characters from the 70s like Popeye Doyle is they were the same beast at the end of the film as they were at the beginning. I do love obsessive characters.

meet joe black oscar nominations

I get off on watching that. Allstar Pitt has been in the business for 20 years now. He moved to Los Angeles from Springfield, Missouri, and paid his dues for a couple of years doing commercials and extra work. His first big break came when he played a horny cowboy in Ridley Scott's Thelma and Louise in Then he took a year off. A friend told me to finish it and I did and I met Finch and we were automatically talking the same language. When I got accepted to do Seven I had it written into the contract that the head stays in the box at the end.

And that [Pitt's character] kills John Doe. When the premiere ended they flicked on the bright lights too quickly and people got up with this distasteful look on their faces and left.