Meet dave funny scenes to act

Meet Dave Movie Review

meet dave funny scenes to act

Read Common Sense Media's Meet Dave review, age rating, and parents guide. Parents need to know that although this Eddie Murphy comedy is mostly Otherwise, there's some scatological humor, a couple scenes of mild violence, "Dave Ming Chang," hangs out with the two humans until the rock can be retrieved. Claudia Jordan at an event for Meet Dave () Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave ( ) This film was originally set to be produced by Paramount Pictures with whom Eddie However, in the next scene, where the cat approaches him, the sauce is gone. Explore popular comedy titles available to stream with Prime Video. QUICK TAKE: Comedy: Arriving on Earth in a space ship designed to look like A few moments might be intense or suspenseful for very young.

We hear that the crew's planet is on the verge of a catastrophic energy crisis and if they fail on their mission, their population might die off within the next generation.

meet dave funny scenes to act

At the same time, we hear that their orb will drain Earth's oceans of its salt, thus endangering everyone there. Accordingly, some kids may be worried about the crew's success or failure in their quest. A bully takes Josh's meteorite and then pushes him back to his chair. A later scene also has the bully getting physical with the smaller boy kids afraid of bullies might find this unsettling.

Meet Dave - Behind the scenes

Armed robbers enter a deli for a hold-up, and one shoves Dave. When that man tries to punch Dave, the latter catches his fist and then tosses that man across the store. The second aims his handgun at him, but Dave pinches the end of the barrel, causing the robber to run away. Dave uses a laser in his finger to blast open a police interrogation room door. As cops try shooting him his shields block the bulletshe also uses the finger laser on some office equipment, and then a glass wall to exit the building.

Outside, he blasts a police car with the same, causing it to explode up into the air and then land back down on the street with some cops diving for cover. The Captain and 3 end up out on the streets of New York City where their tiny size means they're in danger. That includes avoiding being stepped on, a bouncing ball nearly hitting them, the Captain being blown across the street, and 3 getting stuck on chewing gum as cars approach. One tire rolls over her and the Captain, but they're okay as the tread goes over them.

They then catch a flight on a plastic bag, but it slams into a bus windshield and they must then contend with the wipers thrusting them back and forth.

FBI agents hold handguns and machine guns as they arrive to deal with Dave. As he tries to fly away, they snare him with a net, but the robot's foot then flies off in the manner of an escape pod for the crew. Armed robbers enter a deli for a holdup, and one shoves Dave.

One aims his handgun at him, but Dave pinches the end of the barrel, causing the robber to run away.

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Knox and Dooley wear sidearms while on the job. Cops aim guns at Dave while arresting him.

meet dave funny scenes to act

Guards hold laser guns on the Captain and 3. Dooley and Knox hold guns on Dave who's run out of power, so Josh grabs one's taser and uses it to shock Dave. That includes peculiar walking, making funny faces, shaking the wrong hand and then shaking both, crisscrossedand talking in both high and low-pitched voices. There's also Dave doing exaggerated imitations of others, the sloppy drinking of water from a glass, and the high-pitched singing of part of a Bee Gees song.

He also breaks an egg in his hand and then whisks eggs shells included in a bowl, drinks an entire bottle of ketchup, and kicks a cat.

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He then does an exaggerated imitation of French kissing by himself, keeps repeating "Welcome to Old Navy" and then struggles to try on clothes, flopping himself all over the storedefecates money in the dressing room he's simply reproducing money as a robotand sharpens a student's pencil by putting it up his Dave's nose. He also swipes everything off a table when Gina asks for his help in clearing it, quickly and repeatedly stuffs hot dogs into his mouth as part of a hot dog eating contest, and does some exaggerated salsa dancing including shaking his clothed chest.

We see miscellaneous graffiti.

meet dave funny scenes to act

A bully makes a farting sound by blowing on his hand. Josh grabs a cop's taser and uses it to shock Dave to give him some power. This is especially the case with big blockbuster seasons, when most of the studios take their movies ever so seriously, diving into the psychological depths of rejected superheroes Hancock or preaching against violence through supposed fantasy flicks for kids Prince Caspian. Amongst all those harsh and poker faced action movies, something's gotta give.

meet dave funny scenes to act

Cue Eddie Murphy's endless range of facial expressions and a nice refreshing plot about a giant spaceship in the shape of In Meet Dave, veteran comedian Murphy plays a double-role as he does in most of his films; only this time - thank goodness - we don't get to see him in a fat suit. The audience meets him first as a huge man-shaped spaceship that crashes into Earth, in search of a long lost device that might save the planet Nill, a faraway world that inhabits extremely small earthlings.

Inside Starship Murphy there's a whole crew of Nilleans, led by their captain portrayed by - surprise surprise - Eddie Murphy and several main officers, the most prominent of which is a compassionate cultural officer, referred to only as No. The whole crew of this Star Trek-ie spaceship must navigate the vessel throughout the hazardous streets of New York while searching for the device. Numerous comic situations ensue, as the gang tries to adopt human characteristics to their ship, which finds it quite difficult to smile; speak in a normal tone at first it's so high pitched, I laughed myself silly for well over a minute ; or shake hands properly.

The plot moves quickly and has an interesting anthropological approach towards humanity as seen from the eyes of the aliens living inside the Starship Dave, while each of the crew members in turn also adopt human emotions.

The core of the movie evolves, however, through Dave's encounters with local widower Gina Morrison and her son, Josh, who evoke the human core within the Captain and his crew. However, the action only starts here, as there are countless dangers that face this odd relationship - both from the world outside as well as from inside the spaceship.

meet dave funny scenes to act

After suffering through Murphy's crude humor and rather tasteless jokes in the awful Norbit, Meet Dave - with it's inoffensive humor, clever premise and universal values - redeemed Murphy in my eyes. So yeah, it does borrow freely from films such as Honey I Shrunk the Kids and television series such as Herman's Head - but in a world full of rehashed ideas and themes used over and over again, it still earns points for originality in my book.

Surprisingly, this was a nice little cinematic treat that actually made me smile and feel good about myself!