Matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

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matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

Cut for my competition season starts March 20th (day after my powerlifting meet). Want to make it into a full series similar to @mattogus's. Training for a powerlifting meet meant heavier weights for Chris, but a torn I also rely heavily on my friends like Matt Ogus (YouTube influencer) and My current training program is called MaX-Hype and I train for Posts about matt ogus written by Admin. You will be wearing a tank top as often as possible and you want thick slabs of meat hanging from your shoulder.

matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

Clearly from these stats crossfit works amazingly well. They preach that crossfit is the best thing you could possibly do but I dont think for one day has Rich Froning or Jason Khalipa done what the standard crossfit user has. There are many ways you can train using the crossfit methodology. You can follow the crossfit. Joining a crossfit box seems the best way to go about doing this. You will overpay no doubt to perform 3 to 4 classes a week for the usual price of to euros a month.

Average cost of class could be potentially be 17 euros each which is why you will more likely have a box filled with overweight middle aged people. Crossfit is a training program that focuses on constantky varied functional movemnts. The workout is on a whiteboard and you then go out and do the workout. It will more than likely have you rolling around on the floor after just ten minutes of working out.

I have still yet to decide if this is good or bad.

matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

Crossfit prides itself on the community aspect. Everyone cheers each other through the workouts and helps each other out.

matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

Its much like the field sport or P. Everyone claps in and motivates the fat dude on the team to finish the last sprint. It will work for 90 percent of people who try it.

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If you are new to training and you join a crossfit box you will get a lot stronger and you will lose body fat and look a lot better to what your previously looked like. Of course this needs to be coupled with a sound nutrition plan and most boxes will happily help you out with planning one. The competitive nature is addictive. Nearly everyone has a competitive streak within them.

Once your performing something for time or reps you will want to push yourself to do the best you can so that beat other people around you or improve on your previous score for the same workout for the sense of self improvement.

matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

This competitive nature then carries over to your nutrition. You began to realise that eating a lot of shit during the weekend and drinking until 4 am one night will destroy you come Monday for the workout.

matt ogus powerlifting meet schedule

A lot but not all Crossfit gyms have great coaches. Coaches who know how to teach the Olympic lifts and gymnastics very well. They have a good prgramming system and if you just show up and push yourself 4 times a week for an hour you will get significant strength increases.

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The only known fact about his family is that he has two brothers and a nephew. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step holds true for Matt Ogus. It was while in high school at 15 that he joined the weight training class to achieve his desired physique.

He also realized very early that for one to get what one wants, you must put in a commensurate effort. Fortunately for him, he was taught the basics of weightlifting by his football coach.

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The result came fast and that whetted his appetite for more which got him to want to become bigger and stronger. He participated in bodybuilding show after he has put in 4 years of hard and dedicated training. Today, he has journeyed through that road to becoming a leading fitness icon on social media where he updates his fans on his daily life as a bodybuilder.

In addition to fame, Matt has realized his dreams of obtaining the physique he had always wanted.


He prefers his powerlifting workouts to all the others. This is so because he builds muscles and at the same time his strength increases. This particular exercise gives him a well-rounded balance of aesthetics, size and raw power. He also shares all the secrets he has learned through the years about staying healthy and young.

He now has over thousand subscribers and can boast of more than million views and counting. Indeed his hard work and passion have paid off. He also has several endorsement contracts to his credit for many fitness brands.

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Diversifying into entrepreneurship, he has launched his online business where he sells his distinct training system, Ogus He is motivated by his desire to succeed as well as the love and all of the energy he garners from the people around him. Matt follows a strict work out schedule and nutrition plan. He trains at least four times in a week and takes the rest of the days off to rest and recover.