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33 NEW HAMPSHIRE. BELKNAP .. CENTRAL COUNTIES AND MUST ALSO MEET CERTAIN STANDARDS. REGARDING . HASN'T DONE ANYTHING; HASN'T PRODUCED ANY RESULTS .. KEEP TRACK OF/ CONTROL OVER ADMINISTRATION HEADS, .. MARSHALLTOWN TIMES- REPUBLICAN. IA. Items 1 - 7 discarded and a new constitution adopted in , which has since been . cross-halls meet in the rotunda, with a wide opening from the basement Harold G. Cartwright, Marshalltown (Term expires June 30, ) Director and State Geologist, H. Garland Hershey, Iowa City, ap- Hampshire Road. Agassiz, the scientist, maintained that America is not the "new world. .. not wanting to meet their dusky companions again when they might return in Highest of these are the first vertebrates to appear in Iowa so far as our records go. . James Wilson, of Keene, New Hampshire, a son of a Revolutionary soldier , and.

It is always sad to know that Winchester now only opens the gates on five occasions each summer. These beauties are built by the same people who make the Legend Cars. Check them out at this link. As always, first time visitors to Eldora are gob smacked by the place. From the first view of the complex off Route to the impossible number of campers in the grounds, most of whom have been there since Monday night.

As we wound our way along the cement roads which separate the camping bays and are also used by the transporters to deliver the precious cargo to the pits, a teeming mass of people happily walked aimlessly around drinking in the vibe of the place. Stubb was back in town and our group was about to meet a unique person indeed. We parked opposite his three camping bays which he has rented for the last 31 Kings Royals.

Stubb and his good friend Geoff each have their caravans on site in two of the bays, but the third is needed for space to accommodate the vast number of people who continually drop in to see him and his wife Gail and share a beer or four.

Racing tonight was excellent on a great track surface with David Gravel taking the win in a thriller. However because Terre Haute had been postponed to Sunday and it was a km round trip to get there from Dayton, we decided to drive the short 60 kms to the Museum today. Now kind old Mother Nature had given us an alternative. Reason being that a fourth super hangar has now been opened which contains all the exhibits that used to be out in the open air. I had actually intended touring the complex again today rather than write the Blog in the cafeteria as usually happens, but today had taken yet another twist with the Ford.

During the rain storm on Wednesday at Terre Haute the roof had leaked badly at the back where the luggage is stored so yesterday morning before leaving Indy we exchanged it for another one. Lo and behold when closing it up last night after returning from Eldora, the actuator in the passenger door decided to fail and the vehicle became unlockable.

Hence today was spent searching Ford Dealers in Dayton for the appropriate part. And, if they had it, did they have the time to fit it? The answer to both questions was no, so six hours later I returned to the Museum to pick up the group and head back to Greenville. Once again there was no rain in sight and a beautiful evening awaited us. Eldora tonight had a few more fans in there. Tomorrow night it will be huge. Just like going home actually …. Grateful for that, I made arrangements with them to fit the lock tomorrow morning.

However as the true sprintcar fans the brothers Grinter are, they soldiered on to watch Daryn Pittman take the honours on the track from Rico Abreu who fell just a little short of getting on the top step of the podium. Armed with cups of coffee in the numerous cup holders in this Ford we set off, hoping like hell that we would be back by Midday to make the festivities at Eldora. Whilst Beavercreek sounds an odd name it is actually a suburb of Dayton.

We sat in the waiting room for about two hours at most before the call came out that the job had been completed under warranty and we were free to get back on the road. Great service Ford, just too bad it happened in the first place. A text back to the group to have them ready for a Like one metre away!!

The major reason of course is to pay their respects to the memory of Corey Martin who sadly took his own life six years ago. The winning duo were Alexander and Scott and to see a happier kid than young 16 year old Alex when he put the shirt on would not be possible.

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You would have thought he had just won the green jacket at Augusta. The final throws by the way saw seven out of eight bags finish in the hole to give them victory by just a few points. Apart from if there is a race on of course. And there was, but it was a km round trip away back down in Terre Haute. Our accom for the night was in the Hampton Inn in Dayton, so it was on the road again down 49 and onto I Checked in and then almost immediately checked out for the drive to the postponed Round 4 of Indiana Sprintweek.

Luke and Reece had recovered from the bug and were raring to see some more sprintcars, albeit without wings. Nine hours on the road and three hours at the track. Seems like a fair ratio. Always an eye opener to see the sheer volume of imported Chinese fireworks, today was no exception with stories galore emerging for the next miles or so of everything that went wrong when letting off crackers in our youth.

The satellite radio in the Ford is a god send. Not only because it gets its signal direct from space, with zero interference anywhere across the USA, but it has a selection of around different channels. We listened to the New Hampshire race and it finished just as we cruised into the Vigo County Fairgrounds to the dulcet sounds of un-muffled cubic inch engines firing into life. After all many of them had been following Sprintweek since it started eight days ago. Was it worth it to go all that way?

Chase Stockon became the seventh different winner of the Indiana Sprintweek. Remarkable indeed and proves without any doubt how competitive the division is. Brady Bacon was the overall champ by the way.

When I think back on that first night after a week or so, I realise now that without a doubt, this episode was the most dramatic introduction of all time by the host to a group of people who had never met each other before in their life.

Day 7 — Monday July 18th We do about 6, miles 9, kms on this tour and today we would chew up of those with the drive east out of Ohio, through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania. You could do it in five hours but there are always stops along the way, either scheduled, or unintended. Today would be a day with a couple of unintended stopovers because lo and behold Deryk and Russell had now caught the bug. They patiently rode along with us with a new small foam esky sitting adjacent to them just in case.

The 50 cent foam esky was perfect for that. Once again it was a sensational day and the drive along the magnificent freeways was effortless. We have some truck freaks on board with us on this tour and they were in their element this morning as I was full of the monsters plying their way east with precious cargo for someone. Honestly they are never ending, but sometimes they have to stop as well.

The Ohio River is the border and crossing it we encountered the first of the uniquely American steel bridges that span most of the mighty rivers in the country. Surely every one of them must have been designed by the same architect as their majestic beauty is a sight to see. Usually they come into view from a distance as you wind your way down from a hill to the river. As they get closer, the size of them becomes apparent with most having a separate railway bridge adjacent to them.

The Ohio River seems to be the catalyst for a complete change in scenery. From the flat, rolling cornfields of Ohio, West Virginia is hilly, eventually becoming mountainous in Pennsylvania as we make our way through the Allegheny Mountain Range.

The Ford is perfect now as it effortlessly climbs up the hills. Deryk and Russell were handling it well and around 5. As was Pam behind the reception desk who immediately, before even saying hello, asked how Trevor was.

It was Pam who was on the desk at 2. Much to her horror. However a toy kangaroo and koala fixed the problem back then. There should be no such issue this year. The man himself was at Eldora and he and Tammy sat with us all three nights so he was indeed well known to all.

Deryk managed to join us, but poor old Russ was still examining the porcelain bottom of the toilet bowl in his room. Day 8 — Tuesday July 19th We were back to our full complement this morning as Russell strode proudly into the breakfast room ready to eat again. Laima wanted to walk and the nearest and best place was the Butler cemetery, so off she went for an hour or so. If you owned a Chop Shop in years gone by you probably also employed thieves to steal specific cars. People knew you had a chop shop, so if they needed cheap parts for their car, then it was to you they turned.

You then sent out your man under the cover of darkness to steal the one you wanted and bring it back to the shop. The police had no possible chance to trace the stolen car. Typical American fare, but highly unusual surroundings to eat it in. The evening belonged to Lernerville Speedway about 12 miles down the road from Butler. A track that I think resembles Parramatta in a lot of ways in shape and layout.

The World of Outlaws were there along with a heap of Pennsylvania Posse drivers. It could have been Kerry Madsen because he shone in the heats, but inexplicably spun twice in the feature to finish the worst of the four Aussies in the race.

The absolute star of the show was David Gravel who ran away and hid after being challenged by Schatz at around lap Once Donny had shown his nose Gravel pulled away and was never headed to demonstrate that he is a very real candidate come the Knoxville Nationals next month. Day 9 — Wednesday July 20th Although Mechanicsburg was our endpoint tonight, a must see landmark lies midway between Butler and the home of Williams Grove Speedway.

Of course none of them ever made it to their final destination. Authorities believe its intended target was the Capitol Building in Washington, but no one really knows for sure. Their plane had already been hi-jacked by terrorists with bombs strapped on and they must have known they were going to die, one way or the other.

Their heroism in charging the cockpit may never be surpassed. In doing so the plane never reached its intended target but flew erratically and upside down at mph into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The whole complex is now complete and it provides an extremely sombre introduction to our tour members who will also see first-hand the effects of the attacks when we visit Ground Zero in New York City early next week. It was essentially a watering hole for horses and cattle then, but now more than adequately serves the same purpose for hungry and thirsty Australian sprintcar fans. Three hours later we strolled into the Courtyard Marriott in Mechanicsburg which is where we will be for the next four nights.

Heaven in a beer glass you might say. Always a popular inclusion, we were disappointed to learn a month or so ago that the tours had been discontinued for July and August because of some major changes being made to all models this year. Such is the strict policy that Harley Davidson have where Dealers must be the first to know what those new models will look like, the public have been barred from the Assembly line.

But the visitor centre was still open so we headed there anyway to watch the movie and make out we owned the display models in the foyer. A lesser substitute, but good fun nevertheless. This track usually races on the Thursday night of Summer Nationals week, but tonight it would be dark regretfully. Gettysburg played a major part in those stats. In just three days of Augustthere were 51, casualties as the confederates launched attack after attack on the Yankee soldiers.

There was a political unrest building up as well because the south figured that the northerners were favoured by decisions coming out of the White House. The only way to solve it apparently was by shooting each other.

Much the same as today really …. The Battlefields tour the group took was superb. Any tour is only as good as the guide you get and last year the guy was terrible. But today the female hostess was excellent and she received rave reviews from all who went along. Further accentuated by receipt of a souvenir replica silver bullet whilst up on Cemetery Ridge from a city employee dressed in battle uniform. Lunch by the way was in the leafy garden of Farnsworth House in Baltimore Street.

The hundreds of bullet holes in the bricks demonstrate that it was the site of many a battle in With the temperature hovering constantly around the ton, the Ford lumbered off to Hannover where former champion sprintcar driver Bobby Scruff Allen has his race shop adjacent to his go kart complex. James McFadden and Shane Stewart were notables. The large crowd who turned up to watch meant that our own kart racing was somewhat curtailed unfortunately.

Depends on your sex I guess. Many hundreds of dollars were dropped by a couple of guys from Stawell who saw added value in many things on offer. Lunch was an all you can eat buffet in Hibachi, mainly featuring great Chinese food but with all American sweets and desserts, plus delicious Hershey ice cream. And then it was off to what is really a hidden gem. The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing www. Any visit to EMMR is enhanced when the official curator of the Museum gives the personal guided tour.

His knowledge and the humour with which he disperses it, makes 90 minutes with him go very quickly. I would have loved to have been around in the days when Lynn won those feature races. The beers would have been cold and the stories hilarious in the pits afterwards. As much as the sightseeing is an important component of the tour, it is racing we have come to see, so an early arrival at Williams Grove to secure a shady parking spot under the massive trees was imperative.

Not just to park, but to meet the locals over the tailgate of their Dodge Ram, or Chevy pick-ups. Here in Pennsylvania the PA posse are very, very good. Hence when Daryn Pittman won tonight he was roundly booed by the fans who just simply expect that one of their own will win every time the Outlaws ride into town.

Day 12 — Saturday July 23rd At 8. It would be a hot one today and we were headed to Hershey for a looksee at Chocolate World. Anyone silly enough to buy chocolate today would regret it.

And anyone who went to Hershey Park, the gigantic 14 roller coaster Amusement Park next door, was even sillier.

July Archived Traffic Incident in Day,

But some have succumbed to the lure of the tourist dollar and the village of Intercourse now has an enormous trade set up to sell to the bus loads of tourists who want to say they spent time in Intercourse on their holiday. Meanwhile back at the ranch called Williams Grove, night 2 of the Summer Nationals awaited the 10, or so fans who were there to watch it.

The temperature had moderated a little but a brief and super loud thunderstorm rolled in at around 4. The number of fans who swarmed onto the main straight post race for the ceremonies was the most I have seen for years. At times this train scoots along at kph such is the manner in which the line has been constructed. Most snoozed, only to awake as we glided into Philadelphia. Not that we saw much of this historic city because as you would imagine the station is underground.

Nearly every tourist to New York stays in Manhattan which is just The most densely populated city in the USA, in July it had a population of 8. Manhattan itself only has a population of 1. The end result is a seething mass of people eagerly spilling thousands of dollars from their pockets because they have finally been able to save enough to holiday in New York City. The four most expensive days of the Month of Month tour as the ones we are in right now.

Accommodation prices have no ceiling. Food and beverage costs are three to four times what it is to do the same thing in say Indiana. It could have been just 25 metres, but the regular subway system there are 20 different criss-crossing lines were built above the out of state commuter lines. Look right and the first building you see is the Empire State. Quite a sight for anyone, let alone first time tourists in the city that never sleeps.

We could have taken the subway the 14 blocks to the Belvedere Hotel, but that would have been no fun. Instead, knowing that luggage was kept to a minimum, we walked straight up 7th Avenue to Times Square, just because we could.

Remember it was On every footpath, every restaurant, every coffee shop, every gift shop, every deli, every taxi with the driver honking the horn, every double decker tourist bus stuck in traffic and every fire engine, ambulance or police car that finds it necessary to navigate down the road siren blaring, whether moving or not. Hard to put into words. You dread having to enter the precinct, but once inside the zone a magnet like effect appears to have an all-powerful spell to keep you in there.

Legend has it that you could take a seat at the window of a TS bar and be guaranteed to see someone you know walk past within the hour. Our hotel The Belvedere new for this year is beautifully located in midtown Manhattan on 49th Street and 8th Avenue.

Particularly close to the Grayline Hop on Hop off double decker buses we would be using for the next 72 hours. The subway was at 50th St and the nearest three bars were 20, 30 and 40 metres away. A few years ago a journalist in Indy wrote after the race that there are now two parades in Indianapolis each year.

The official Indy parade through the streets of downtown Indy each May and the other is now the Brickyard In the evening we caught the subway down to Chinatown in lower Manhattan where the Chinese entertained us with an inability to understand the Aussie lingo. From there it was the underground maze of the subway again back to the Hotel. Day 14 — Monday July 25th Orientation day today.

Downtown is south and uptown is north. All 13 Avenues run north-south and all streets run east-west. Hence it was onto the bus to allow the guide to educate the folks from Downunder. Impossible to relate the route, but suffice to say every sight is something to savour. We would be visiting each in significant detail later on. We jumped off at Battery Park and made our way to where Steve H would hide his pocket knife. Hence under threat of having it confiscated, he nicked back outside and buried it under a tree!!

The boat ride out to the old girl is spectacular. At least the view is. The cranes on the Manhattan skyline are many which always augers well for any economy. An audio headset tour is of interest, but not absolutely compulsory. Back on land Bugs dug up his knife which was still intact. Obviously no security cameras had recorded the burial service.

Still extremely hot and humid, we boarded the Downtown bus tour which was headed back up to its starting point in Midtown so that we could join the Uptown tour. If all that makes sense, please call me. Whilst waiting for the Uptown bus to take off, we looked to the western skies from our seats on the top deck and they were rapidly changing colour to dark black.

Masses of cloud were rolling in and quickly. The bus left from 45th Street and by 59th at Columbus Circle the plastic rain ponchos were being handed out. By 61st Street we were drenched. According to the Most of it we reckon into the top deck of the bus. In fact rather than proceed through the rain and lightning, the bus pulled to the side of the 8th Avenue to allow those who wanted to go downstairs the opportunity to do so. If only I could have done that back on I in Terre Haute ….

The Uptown bus eventually got going again and the skies cleared sufficiently for us to see what was on the agenda right through Harlem. Until that is the skies clouded over again and grey was the predominate colour. Just as we entered 5th Avenue at nd Street the rain came again. Nowhere near as intense as before, but this time it was going to hang around for hours, which it did. Like drowned rats we eventually alighted in Times Square and joined the tens of thousands of others on the streets who had been caught out by the speed of the weather change.

I can tell you that an experienced wet T-shirt competition judge would have had a hard time choosing a winner during this 15 minute walk back to the Hotel ……. Rejuvenated and refreshed we met for dinner. The least said about tonight the better. The service and the food were dreadful. Applebees on 42nd Street. A place we have been to many times before both in NYC and around America. Hope this goes viral for them. The boss agreed that the tip was not required. I paid the bill and promptly left with what felt like a dozen sets of eyes watching me walk down the stairs.

The drama and embarrassment were not over yet. It was now time to see Times Square in all its electrical glory. Dinner on 42nd St, then mosey on over to TS. This town is the northern terminus of the Murmansk-Petrograd Railroad and is a most strategic point in that it is Russia's only open port during all seasons of the year, and the railroad running south was most important in that it afforded a means of communication with Archangel overland from Soroka on the White Sea, and by water in the summer from Kem.

This road was hastily built during the war by prison labor and for practically all of the way is laid through swamps and forests. It was in poor repair and the rolling stock was badly damaged through lack of attention and strenuous usage.

There were a number of American Porter engines and a few American box cars, but for the most part the stock was of the old Russian type. In the Fall of an offensive was begun along this line and the Allies succeeded in pushing the Bolshiviki southward until the early spring of when they had reached Soroka, an important town where were located the shops and engine houses of the road for this section.

These shops however, were burned by the enemy in his retreat and there were left behind only a few bad order engines and cars and a pile of burned and rusted junk. Early in the winter of the British who were in command on this front asked the American Expeditionary Force to furnish a force of Railroad Troops to assist them on this front in keeping a line of communication open to Soroka in order that Archangel might not be completely isolated during the closed port season. After careful consideration a plan was perfected whereby the President of the United States authorized the recruiting of two companies of railway men from the various Transportation Corps units in France, to be sent to North Russia to operate in conjunction with and under the command of the British on the Murmansk front.

As this was to be a volunteer organization an order was sent out on February 16, calling for volunteers for a battalion which was to be composed of the th and th Companies of the Transportation Corps. The response was immedidate and so liberal that when the lists were received from the various camps there were found to be about five times as many men as were needed, so the process of selecting the battalion began.

All Medical 5-Privates, 1st Class. About one thousand men were called in to St.


Pierre des Corps, France, from which number seven hundred and twenty were to be selected. The plan of organization for the battalion which was distinctive in many respects, was worked out by Major E. He, with the assistance of Captain E. Jones and Captain Thomas Ferguson, T.

The Officers were those who had already made records in the line of work for which they were chosen. For some time previous to his appointment to this position he had served as Deputy Director of Military Affairs of the Transportaton Corps, at Tours.

Being a Regular Army officer and conversant with the work of the Transportation Corps he was especially qualified for the work to which he was appointed.

His home town is Kansas City, Mo. Pierre des Corps, France. He hails from Shreveport, Louisiana and the fact that he has been twice promoted in the A. He came to France with the 31st Engineers as an engineer officer.

He hails from Philadelphia. He came to France with the 44th Engineers as Company Commander, and at the time of joining this force was commanding the 14th Company of the 14th Grand Division T. He served a short time on the Peace Commission at Paris. He is the Supply Officer of the Battalion. He was promoted to Captain in North Russia.

His home is in St. The Staff was completed by the appointment of 1st Lieut. This company was composed of operative railroad men whose work it was to run the trains and man the stations in Russia.

From it were drawn the R. The headquarters for this company was established at Soroka. The following officers served as herein described. Previous to entering the service he was an Asst.

He came to the A. His home is in Forest City, North Carolina. Section of this company. He hails from Woburn, Mass. In Russia he served as Trainmaster with headquarters at Maselskaya. His home is in Kansas City, Missouri. Superintendent of Telegraph in the 13th Engineers at Verdun. He served in the same capacity with the Expedition in Russia. He was assigned to this force as an Interpreter and filled the office of R.

He was attached to this organization as an Interpreter and served in this capacity. He was formerly clerk for the Pennsylvania Railroad. In Russia he served as R.

He was the R. He was employed in civil life as a Conductor on the B. He was employed as Night Chief Dispatcher on the C. He was commissioned in the fall of Before entering the service he was employed as Storekeeper for the Alaska Engineering Co. The th Company of the Transportation Corps was divided into two sections. Section A, composed of shopmen, was commanded by Captain C.

Jones, was made up of construction and track maintenance men. The Officers of the Company served as follows: He served as Master Mechanic. In Russia he was in command of the th Company, Section A. His work in Russia was with the pioneer construction men at the front. With this force he served as Assistant Superintendent Maintenance of Ways. After coming to Russia he was in command of the permanent Guard in Murmansk. He was killed in action on May 2nd. His home was in Gatesville, Texas.

He served as Round House Foreman at Soroka. In Russia he served on Maintenance of Way work. He served as permanent Officer of the Day at the camp in Soroka. He filled the office of R. Schafer, Washington Ave. Franklin, Combs St. Smith, General Delivery, Ashville, N. McDonald, 5 Fairview Ave. Everett Smith, Chrisman, Ill. Vanslet, 13 Meado St. Waid, You St. Louis Albert, Forest City, N. Keene, 10 Clinton St. McCarty, Warwick St. Sylvester Warren, Central Ave.

Donaldson, Manoimo, British Columbia. Magett, Green St. Ross, Farmington Ave. Gilley, Carter Ave. Smith, Grass Plains, Ind. Clark, Grand Boulevard, Chicago, Ill. Kile, Prospect Ave. Woods, Box 48, Tillman, S. Davis, Fairmount Ave. Gary, Washington Ave. David Hansen, Sedalia, Mo. Mac Dougle, Fall City, Nebr.

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Mills, Central Ave. Buster, Henderson St. McDermott, 14 Clarndon Ave. William Hirschauer, Main Ave. John Faulkner, Lula, Ga. John Haggerty, Lockhard St. Ignatious Kurtz, Browerville, Minn.

Russell Pinkerton, N. Leo Donovan, 54 S. Meltzer, 71 Windsor St. Collins, Oregon St. Burkett, 16th St. Gordon Donnelley, BoxMissoula, Montana.

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Hill, Grand Ave. Little, Market Ave. James, Scott St. Johnson, Bow St. Hume, California St. Kinport, Mitchell, South Dakota. Williams, Brewster St. Barnes, General Delivery, Hunt, N. Lodge, Liberty St. Johnson, Cook; Seabright, N. Harry Rhodes, Cook; Rockaway, N.

Toothaker, Cook; S. Norton, Cook; Brighton, Ill. Elliott, Bugler; Sheridan St. BoxJefferies, Minn. BoxJohnstown, Pa. Maple, Cook; Fort Smith, Ark. Frank Ballant, Cook; 18th St. Theadore Zeller, Cook; Route No. Ventress, Cook; Hallsville, Texas. Jones, Getty Avenue, Patterson, N. Dexter, James Street, Seattle, Washington. Frincke, Scott Street, Munroe, Michigan. Gillmore, Box 3, Chesapeake, Ohio. John S, Moore, Lexington, Virginia.

Diskin, Plymouth Street, Pittsburg, Pa Granger, 26 Hammersley St. Cullen, 11th St. Stone, Deer Lodge, Montana. Borland, Princeton Ave. Street, Idaho Falls, Idaho. Kaeser, Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Walmsley, Robinson Street, Danville, Illinois. Johnson, 78 Bartlett Avenue, Cranston, R. Crum, Kentucky St. Duncan, Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Willson, Belmont Ave. Aycrigg, Prospect St.

Jack Rogers, Parker Ave. Copeland, Broad St. Bidwell, 75 Williams Ave. McCorkle, Box 75, Wapinitia, Oregon. Cavanaugh, Walla Walla, Washington. Smith, Alston St. Landes, 74 Springer St. Nicliss Ozarchuk, Lamnken Ave. Collins, East 51st St. Ward, Engineers Club, Boston, Massachusetts. Dodds, East Main St. Wills, Oglethorpe Ave. Hants, Gibson City, Illinois. Hill, Penobscott Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. Hott, 78 James St. Phillips, 9 Hill St. Dorn, Indiana Ave. Green, Market St.

Jensen, East 66th Place, Chicago, Illinois. Keating, South 3rd St. Duffy, Cedar Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dell Drake, Thermopolis, Wyoming. Harry Eagle, West Division St. Marxmiller, Smith Center, Kansas. Park, BoxAnchorage, Alaska. BoxFlora, Illinois. Peter Healy Murphy, Pvt. Arthur Louis Roebling, Corp. Wayne Allen Morris, Corp. Edward Eugene Smith, Pvt. Thomas, Pvt; Fort Wayne, Indiana. Main and Bell Sts. Johnson, Pvt,; S. General Delivery, Rawlins, Wyoming.

Roe Blevins, Cook; Foxen, Okla. Dixon, Cook; "G" St. Frank Hoeppner, Cook; Grand Ave. Martin, Cook; Canal St. Michaelson, Cook; State St. Nash, Cook; Emerald Ave. Winn, Cook; Main St. O'Leary, Bugler; Federal Ave.

In the harbour at Murmansk, April 17, ; Just before the men disembarked. Pierre-desCorps in completing equipment and getting in shape to move. On March 3rd, General Pershing reviewed the troops and addressed them. On March 9th, orders were received to move to England and the loading began at Just after dinner had been served to the men, the train moved out at 1: It consisted of 25 American box cars, 9 of which were loaded with freight; two kitchen cars, two first class French coaches and a German caboose.

Our journey to La Havre was a very slow and tedious one but the two American kitchen cars greatly facilitated in the feeding of the men enroute. The train finally arrived at 4: Nopatin, which carried them to Southampton.

The voyage will always be remembered as a rough and unpleasant one owing to the crowded condition of the boat and a wild sea. The command disembarked at Southampton on the morning of the 13th of March and there came under British control. It was soon sent on a special train to Park Royal, near London, where good quarters were provided.

Small detachments were left behind at La Havre and Southampton to bring up freight that could not be brought on the first ship and train. The second detachment left on April 1st, on the cruisers "Galveston" and "Chester.

Appreciation is due from the men to Mr. Jones and Miss M.