Luffy and hancock meet again fast

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luffy and hancock meet again fast

How likely do you think it is that Luffy will marry Boa Hancock later in the anime/ manga? . [*]Both said they will see each other again, and Hancock said they are certain to see each other . If I have to do it, I'll make it quick. If it's the latter, however, I have compiled a quick list of possible Our first candidate is Lola, who Luffy and the crew met back in Thriller Bark. As they depart, Hancock asks Luffy not to say “farewell,” and Luffy replies that he. Whenever he is in her presence, she is quick to turn shy, barely able to meet him Hancock made her way to Rusukaina and reunited with Rayleigh and Luffy.

Luffy keep quiet beside her in case it was marine who called. Can you have Luffy for me? Rayleigh, are my nakama there? Hancock told me about it"Luffy said wiping the corner of his eyes. Break into Impel Down? I'm not that reckless anymore. And you'll be the first to jump down into adventure"Nami said and Luffy laugh fullheartedly. After a while, he calmed down. It was confirmed that Whitebeard will come and it will be a war. Hancock was already scouted to the Marineford" "Hancock?

As in Boa Hancock? She was said to be the most beautiful woman and called the pirate empress"Robin said. And the Kuja pirates too"Luffy said and Margaret smile beside him. You're friend with the most beautiful woman and the all-woman pirates?!

Luffy laugh at his friends antic. Wait for me"he said after a while.

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Are you saying you're going alone? Luffy laugh at them. All marines all around the world will be there. The Sichibukais, admirals and vice-admirals will be there too"Rayleigh said. I'm sure they've become stronger"Luffy laugh. Luffy laugh at the image the Den Den Mushi showed as Chopper talked. You're right about me"Nami said. Ready at your service, sir! Bring it on"Zoro said and a clank heard.

My leg need warm up actually"Sanji said a bit away. I missed you, Luffy-san" "It would be fun. He would want to come too, Luffy. He's in the island now"Robin said. Hancock said that the Gate of Justice wont open for any ship"Luffy said.

Boa Hancock

I forgot about the Gate of Justice"Rayleigh said. Leave it to me. I'll take us to the Marineford without using the Gate of Justice"Chopper said.

Minna, see you there"Luffy said and hung up. You wont be alone"Margaret said as they walk back outside. Luffy, I need to go now"Hancock said. See you, Hancock"Luffy said and the Kuja pirates raise the anchor. The lion sitting loyally beside him.

Shall we search for the big bird then? A week later "Good to see you again, Sengoku"Whitebeard said looking up at the scaffold where the fleet admiral stand with Ace kneelling beside him. Attack and dont let them enter the plaza"Sengoku said. Pirates and marines alike fight on the ice where Aokiji had turned the sea water into ice.

The war continues as Whitebeard stand on the Moby Dick watching his sons fight. Ace watch as his brothers fight to save him. I'll save him, Sengoku" "Why do you want to save your rival's son? The fact surprised everyone but the fights continues nonetheless. And Ace is now one of my sons. I'll save my son at any cost"Whitebeard said. You plan to search for the One Piece and make Gol D.

Ace the next Pirate King"Sengoku said. I'm sorry to interupt but the one who will become the Pirate King is"suddenly a voice shouted as a large shadow approaching. The marines gaped as a big bird fly above them. A blur of red jump off from it and landed between them. Suddenly a rubbery leg cleared the marines giving the newcomer quite a large space.

Looks like he had tamed another monster of Rusukaina"Hancock said fondly looking at Luffy. Ace and Garp widened their eyes at the sight of Luffy. I've come to save you! Luffy look at him for a while before picking his nose.

I'm sure Garp must have talk about me"Sengoku said. Luffy stared and stared at the fleet admiral still picking his nose. The others hold their breath.

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Are you perhaps Senny? Sengoku turn to Garp red in embarassment and anger. You use my nickname talking to your grandson? Garp was still gaping at Luffy.

luffy and hancock meet again fast

I thought this Senny would be a beautiful girl. Why dont you change your name, old man?

luffy and hancock meet again fast

You're one funny boy, brat. I figured you know Ace"Whitebeard laugh looking at Luffy. Luffy turn and this time he stared at Whitebeard but without picking his nose. You must be Ace's adoptive father. I wont call you father just because my brother called you so"he said and Whitebeard laugh.

What are you doing here? A weakling like you wanted to save me? Dont make me laugh! I've spend 2 years to train so I can became stronger to protect those dear to me. If I cant save my idiot brother now, what would I spend the 2 years for?! The marines start whispering. Gold Roger have 2 son? Gold Roger has only one son, Gol D. Mugiwara no Luffy is the son of the Revolutionary, Monkey D. Boa Thea, daughter of Monkey D.

Luffy and Boa Hancock, she was beautiful like her mother, but had the crazy personality like her father, she had long black, blue eyes, she worn a red shirt, blue jean shorts like her father used to wear and sandals. Wrapped around her body was her pet snake Serpico, the snake was pale green, its face and throat are white, while its back is dark green and it has narrow red eyes.

There are two pointed yellow extensions on the back of its head. Coiled, dark green extensions spread out from the sides of its lower neck, forming a curving pattern lower down the body. It has curved yellow markings around its middle and several palmate leaves on its tail.

luffy and hancock meet again fast

The beasts slowly got back up, Thea and Serpico stood ready for them, they were about to attack until?: Luffy, he still had his straw hat, his hair was a bit longer, he was wearing his Pirate King garments and he was a bit taller too Thea smiling: I know, but I had to come get you, my crew is almost here Thea: Yea lets go come on Serpico! As they were walking through the forest Thea: I can't wait to meet your crew dad, I hope they're everything you say they are Luffy: I definitely can't wait to meet them!

Luffy, Princesses Hancock and Thea! Margaret make sure everything is prepared Margaret: When the family arrived at the docks, the ship ported Thea: I wonder who it is, I sense three people on the ship Luffy: He was wearing his same tuxedo suit Hancock: Mero-Mero" she turn her hands into a heart shape and shot a beam from them turning Sanji in a stone Thea: I take it, must be your cook dad Luffy: She was wearing a orange shirt, black tie and black pants.

Standing next to her, was a girl with long blonde hair, had a bang between her eyes, she had bright brown eyes. She was wearing a black jacket with a orange shirt under it and a orange skirt, she shook her head ashamedly.

luffy and hancock meet again fast

I take it, she's you and Hancock's daughter Luffy? Usopp looked the same, his hair was a bit longer and wider, he was wearing his same outfit from their timeskip.

Kaya looked the same, no wrinkles or gray hairs, her hair was longer, she was a yellow sundress Luffy: Usopp, Kaya good to see you again" he shook Usopp's hand Usopp: Nami good to see you" they hugged each other Nami: Usopp" he shook Usopp's hand Usopp: Cook, oh this is our son Aero Usopp: I hope we become great friends like our parents Aero: