Iit alumni meet 2013 corvette

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iit alumni meet 2013 corvette

In , we laid the foundation with respect to meeting the future requirements of Vessels built by us include frigates, anti-submarine warfare corvette, missile corvette, He is alumnus of Naval War College (Mumbai). He also holds a Master of Technology degree in Communication & Radar Engineering from IIT, Delhi. May 25 The first is our Alumni Annual Meeting followed by a special 25th Anniversary Reception! Watch carefully for details but please plan to attend! May approach, the bulk of procurements to meet the Indian Navy's requirements continue .. Lighter, faster and an increasingly Indian submarine hunting corvette Warship Design from IIT, Delhi and did MSc in Defence Studies from Defence .. Lt Cdr Melin Aravind is an alumnus of the 14th Naval Architecture Course and was.

They had a staffing needs meeting at Casio this Fall.

Student Alumni Meet

IR91 Ajay Vargu may have exciting news to share soon. And Thank you for the help with the Info Sessions in Dhaka. VP for the Business Development Department. Takehiro Yoshino sent in great news about his classmates: Shigehisa Momohara moved to Atlanta, GA soon after the reunion with his classmates to assume his new position. Theera Vongpatanasin visited Japan and some classmates recently see photo lower right.

Mario is pictured at right with his wife Leni and to his left is his sister Lucy. We sell the CraigCats through boat shows and shopping centres, and also by buzzing around in our own CraigCat! Shinichi Onishi has worked in Moscow for almost 4 years. This is my second assignment to work in Russia, I have lived here about 8 years. Currently, people in Russia enjoy a booming economy. It has totally changed from USSR period. It is great, isn't it? Gary Wong is in his 2 nd year with Shinsei Bank, but has thoughts drifting back to his fast and cool rental car business IR96 We hope to hear from you!

Inside his house is busy with the puppy, kids, budgies, goldfish, tropical fish, newts, beetles, etc. Mario 94 earns his PhD! Graeme s 94 company sells these amazing water crafts. Robyn rides along with her brother-in-law Chris. Census Update Many thanks to all who returned their Alumni Census mailed out in July, and to the more of you who updated your information online.

We were flooded with updates making our Online Directory more reliable than ever. If you have NOT yet updated your information, please do so it is our 25th anniversary! So a good reason to make sure we are in good contact. Lyma Balderama is with Accenture in Australia. During the German EU presidency in he will be designated to chair that group! Happy 10 th Anniversary of your Graduation!

Just 14 have no or bad home addresses registered with campus. If you can help get in good contact with all of your classmates, please do so. Check the online directory for the information we do have. IAIS, under the Bank for International Settlements BISdevelops international standards for insurance supervisory, such as solvency regulations, consumer protection rules etc. Bank Mandiri Persero in Indonesia. He is responsible for both Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

See IM05 for a note on Steve Mele! IM00 Masood Jaan joined Japan Advisory, the advisory company of a group of hedge funds which is usually referred to as Whitney by the brokerage community. With his inspiration and wonderful arrangements, the Tokyo Alumni had a successful and elegant IUJ Friday in a party room with a view in Roppongi Hills.

He is now responsible for corporate planning, and investment in real properties and private equity of real estate related business in addition to the acquisition support, i. He is a National Human Rights Officer specializing in capacity building, training and best practices.

She has been helping campus by reaching out to some prospective students there in Hong Kong. Guess where he got great training for that job! IM03 Planning a trip to Cambodia??? I am sure he will give IUJ alumni the royal treatment!

Her major competitors were those with PhDs from Germany, masters degrees from Ritsumeikan University and Hiroshima University and 5 others all submitting economics papers. Marlar s research was based on her IUJ thesis work, supervised by Prof. The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

She stopped by campus and had an informal talk with members of the Finance Club! IR05 Nguyen Hai Luu is now in charge of disarmament and development-related affairs in relationships with UN and other international organizations for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vietnam, as an Expert in the Department of International Organizations.

We don t have updated information on over 50 of you. Please check your profile and keep in touch! Richard and Chiusan 04 enjoy a moment on campus before heading for the onsen! Jittra 04 marries last February and is now in the USA. Ratri 04 visits a current student from Indonesia, Joko Prastowo on campus. Free membership to MBA-Exchange, and online service by invitation only to the students and graduates of the world s leading Business Schools graduates from GSIR with a business focus are welcomed to join.

IUJ has recently been invited to join due to our consistently high world rankings! Students and alumni of the top business schools can search international jobs, upload their CV confidential for alumniresearch companies and industries and participate in online recruiting events. Over companies in financial services, consulting, healthcare and other industries use MBA- Exchange.

If you would like to register, let campus know that we may give out your name, class and. IUJ also welcomes alumni to join the Job Hunters list provided by campus for occasional information appropriate to our alumni. Registration via the Online Directory is coming soon, but for now see the Alumni Homepage for more information. Swim in the possibility of maximizing your performance and effectiveness! Come on in, The Water s Fine! Dive into the life you were meant to live. Swim in the possibility of maximizing your performance and effectiveness.

I currently live in Amsterdam and work with clients across the globe as a certified coach to help them explore and achieve their potential. We take a look at where they are now, where they want to be and map out an action plan to get them there. We also discuss what gets in their way and develop structures to help remove the roadblocks so they can move forward.

I work oneon-one with clients as well as develop and lead workshops for groups to train certain skills. I have worked with clients in the following sectors: Through our work together, my clients have improved communication and presentation skills, removed fears of handling conflict and stressful situations, increased confidence levels, strengthened relationships with boss, peers and staff, found new fulfilling careers, and much more. I have worked with Nike s EMEA office to help them develop a plan to bring more of a coaching culture to the organization.

Student Alumni Meet | Alumni and Corporate Relations

They saw the value in what coaching can bring to manager-team relations and wanted to find out how they can train and motivate their employees to be more like a coach in their interactions and management practices. I have also designed and am leading a coaching program to aid children s re-entry into society from Pollsmoor Prison, in Cape Town, South Africa.

It is our hope that through the coaching, the kids will be able to create a productive life for themselves and we can give them support with their endeavors. We will be working with them 3 months before and after they are released. These youth deserve a second chance and need support to help create better lives for themselves. I am looking to roll this project out to other youth prisons around the world as well. If you are interested to learn more, you can visit my website, or me at I also have a blog, and a monthly newsletter with tips and useful tools, which you can sign up for on my website.

IUJ again made the topcoming in at This is 3 positions higher than in IUJ is one of just 12 Programs from the Asia- Pacific region, and the only one in Japan to make the ranking. IUJ alumni participate in this ranking process by completing an online survey about their experiences while at IUJ and right after, and offering their opinions about IUJ.

We asked the MBA classes ofand for their help, and they came through. And congratulations to us all.

  • Singapore - Second Largest Overseas IIT community – Over 3,500 IITians and nearly 100 entrepreneurs

A great way to start our 25th anniversary celebrations with a top MBA program ranking - worldwide! Please let campus know. We are asked for this information in rankings, but more importantly we hope to call upon your experiences and expertise to assist the Entrepreneurs Club on campus.

The Entrepreneurs Club was re-launched in Fall out of pure and simple need: There are more current students planning to start their own company than ever before. Now there is also a good group of successful alumni for them to learn from! We hope to identify you! The Club started activities by approaching Alumni living near campus who are operating their own businesses.

There are surprisingly several! Visits to their companies, interviews with them, and the chance to learn directly from their experiences is highly valued. The Club plans to support each other through the initial Business Plan conceptualization and drafting phases, and hopes to call upon Alumni to review business plans and receive critiques, feedback and advice at the early stages.

Guest speakers in the spirit of learn from my mistakes and successes will be approached. Future Club activities may include a Business Plan competition between students on campus, and eventually with other B- schools in Japan and beyond. If you can help please contact campus! These photos will not be made public outside the IUJ family without permission, and only used occasionally for RSVP lists, and the like.

They will not be on the internet, but only in the campus office use database controlled by a password. Best size is 3cm x 4cm. We will replace your old student-days photo if we have one with an updated you.

That photo will remain in the original student database. For those who were on campus before the digital age, we will add your photo to the Alumni database. Engineering We offer portable bridges, deck machinery items and marine pumps as a part of our engineering division. Our engineering division was primarily set up in order to indigenize sophisticated deck machinery items in the year Portable Bridges Our portable bridges are designed to allow the bridge to be completely erected on rollers from one side of the gap to be bridged and then launched across without the use of any support within the gap.

It is particularly of use in providing access in far-flung areas and hilly terrain and also provides quick restoration of communication where existing road or bridge connectivity has been destroyed by natural disasters. Portable bridges also augment the road network in connecting remote locations in difficult terrains, particularly in the hilly areas e. Through this product we intend to enhance export potential in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar among others.

As a part of our portable bridges portfolio, we offer i standard width 3.

iit alumni meet 2013 corvette

We have entered into a memorandum of understanding for supply of galvanized portable steel bridges with the Government of Odisha, Government of Chhattisgarh and for Project Himank of the Border Roads Organisation. The bridges are made to order as the configuration of the bridge varies according to the bridge span and the load carrying capacity of the bridge.

The bridge, manufactured using mainly steel, is assembled on site and is therefore also known as a portable bridge. Our Company holds patents for stiffened steel deck system for single lane bridges and manufacture of double lane portable steel bridges which were awarded to it in the year andrespectively.

iit alumni meet 2013 corvette

Further, two 2 more patent applications pertaining to Improvised Single Lane Steel bridge system and Improvised Steel Decking system are under processing for certification. This unit has an in-house Design department involved in continuous upgradation of its products to meet the changing requirements of prospective customers and at present working on development of assault bridges, cable gripper for suspension bridges and walk way attachment for portable steel bridges.

To meet what we believe to be increasing demand for our portable bridge products, we have created additional production facilities at DEP which is expected to supply about ten 10 bridges during the current fiscal year. Deck Machinery Items We have been developing, designing, manufacturing and supplying both electrohydraulic as well as electric deck machinery equipment meeting different class requirements.

Our Engineering division has manufactured for the first time in India, a telescopic helicopter hangar for housing helicopters on-board naval vessels the first of which was installed on INS Investigator.

iit alumni meet 2013 corvette

We produce deck machinery items for the Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, public and private shipyards and our own shipbuilding division. Marine Pumps Our marine pump product under our engineering division undertook the development of indigenized centrifugal pumps in order to replace Russian origin pumps.

On completion of our indigenization process, a total of one hundred fifty-five marine pumps have been supplied to Indian Navy as on July 31, Different models of our pumps can be utilized for supplying different ranges of pumps by making suitable modifications on operating parameters as may be required by our customers.

Bought out items like motor, control panel and mechanical seals etc. Assembly of pumps are undertaken in-house to cater for the present existing orders. A modern test bed is under erection at our Taratala Unit. In relation to our DEP, our Company entered into several arrangements including for transfer of technology and licensing with MTU for the production of high speed and high power to weight ratio diesel engines for the naval vessels.

In collaboration with MTU, our Company has supplied over one hundred forty-nine engines of various configurations for marine applications and has also carried out overhaul and repair of over eighty-one 81 engines of various series. Further, we have entered into a MoU for development of engines for marine applications with an engine manufacturer in October The scope of collaboration is to produce diesel engines for diesel alternators for marine applications for Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, inland waterways, boats of MHA, etc.

These orders are subject to cancellation and modification provisions contained in the various contracts. We do not include unexercised options or indefinite-quantity orders in our order book. If any of our contracts were to be terminated, our order book would be reduced by the expected value of the remaining terms of such contracts.

As of July 31,we have firm contracts for manufacturing and delivery of thirteen 13 ships comprising of i one 1 ASW corvettes; ii four 4 landing craft utility; iii five 5 fast patrol vessels; and iv three 3 PA class frigates.

In addition to the above firm orders, our Company has also been declared L1 or L2 for certain other projects, for which contracts have not yet been signed, including construction and delivery of i four 4 survey vessels for the MoD; ii eight 8 anti-submarine warfare shallow water craft for the Indian Navy and iii one 1 Ocean Going Passenger and Cargo Ferry Vessel. Our Facilities We have separate facilities for each of our 3 core divisions - shipbuilding, engineering, and engine production.

We also have a technical training facility. The Alumni exercised their vocal chords and sang, just like they used to do in their college days. Visiting a place where we spent the 4 most important years of our life is a stimulus enough to send shivers down our body. The place where we learnt and lived is sure to have latched a fragment of our soul inside it. To come back to our hall of residence is nothing less than a reunion of the parts of our soul.

The alumni got the chance to walk through the corridors and reminisce the impressions that they left. Campus Tour In the progressive world we live in, there are a lot of changes and yet a lot of constants remain too. The pleasure pulses kick in when we get to see the same old buildings and roads lying in harmony with the new developments all around. Campus Tour is our way of showing the acre campus in a nutshell and highlighting all the major developments around.

Entertainia Smiles can cast the most powerful spell of love and happiness. With Kenny Sebastian taking the tough task to fill the open air theatre with a burst of laughter, the event became one of the most talked about event of the meet.