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Event Promotion: Creative (Free and Cheap) Ideas to Try Now

ideas meet greet event

Living in a neighborhood can be more about strategic maneuvers to "get inside and hide" rather than to "meet and greet" our neighbors. Hanging out in the front . Explore LACENTRE Conference & Banquet Facility's board "Meet & Greet: See more ideas about Corporate events, Event ideas and Business events. 5 Meet and Greet Activities that are Suitable for All Ages and will Draw People In. Home5 Meet 5 Activities to Break the Ice at Your Church Events. 1. Set up card Visit this website for more ideas like this one! 4. Set up a.

Expand Your Network Follow everyone who registers for the event. You should be asking for social media profiles during registration. Create a list on Twitter and share content from your attendees periodically and interact and respond to their content too. They will appreciate it and it will make them more loyal to the event if they feel valued. Run Social Media Contests Create a social media content which maximizes social sharing and interaction. For instance run a caption competition and let people know that the post with the most activity will have the opportunity to win a tempting prize ideally donated by one or several of your sponsors.

Share the Caliber of Those Attending If you are in the B2B arena, let people know the type of people that have already registered for your event. Check on the registration form if they give permission for their name, job title and organization to be listed publicly.

Those considering attending will be fired up to buy a ticket when they see people they want to connect with. Make the image pop and have it link back to your event page or mini site.

So, time to unplug and check out these offline-only event promo ideas. Helium Balloons Balloons are always fun and when attendees start to walk around with them, they become walking advertising! Plus, kids and adults are always wanting to find out where they get one so they will come and seek you out to get one for themself. Give Staff Accessories Your event staff should be your biggest fans so ask them to carry event swag with them wherever they go.

Flyers and Posters Printed media can still be an effective way to reach certain audiences and communities. Explore opportunities to have inserts at a similar event your target audience enjoy and put leaflets in strategic places, such as the event venue, tourist information centers and transport hubs. Remember printed items can be made from recycled content and also interesting effects can be created to capture people's attention.

Brainstorm some ideas for promotion in the lead up to the event and even on the day, encourage a mobile broadcast unit to make it to your live event. Flash Mobs The possibilities are endless here and you can create flash mobs that are all singing and dancing or something that is particularly event specific like special entertainers or an immersive role play experience in public.

Think about the timing and location carefully for maximum promotional impact in the lead up to the event. Paper Invites Sometimes, the act of receiving a physical invitation can make more of a powerful statement than an email or digital option. You may not have the budget for fancy printing but if not, taking the time to hand write them could be the personal touch attendees need to sign up! Chalk Sidewalks Temporary and completely diverse, chalk is an excellent idea for sidewalk signage to highlight your event.

Reverse Dirt An alternative to the chalk idea is to reverse clean something. For example, create a stencil and use a power washer to wash away street grime within your stencil area. The image lasts longer and technically is just clean vs dirt.

Happy Mail Direct mail can still work and be worth exploring. Publications and flyers that are sent in the post just have to reach a higher standard now in terms of the copy and the effect they offer.

At least there is less competition nowadays as many companies have dropped snail mail marketing completely now to save money.

Yarn Bombing This is such a fun and creative idea that definitely gets people talking about it. Yarn bombing works best in smaller areas like the city centre or within a city block so pick somewhere that is going to make the biggest impact. Shop Window Many shops will allow you a free poster or ad placement inside their store which can be particularly beneficial for local events. For a truly community feel encourage shops to create their own promotion in keeping with the event theme and make it into a window spotting competition to drive residents to the town center.

Creating an Experience: 10 inspired ideas for meetings

Offer a Taster Session Offer short, minute taster sessions, highlighting some of what people can expect from the event. This gives people enough reassurance and leaves them hungry for more and might just be the push people need to commit to attending.

Video Projections Use a wall outside the venue and work with your AV partner to project your advert or promotion on to it and let passers-by know what is coming up. Outdoor Installations Turn an existing statue, feature or landmark within the local area into an installation that relates to your event.

You could dress them up into a themed character or simply decorate trees and fountains to suit your narrative. Use your creativity and keep it tasteful. Traditional Merch You know the ones; old-school button badges, stickers, magnets, pens etc. Create a Secret Tour Collaboration Work with your local businesses and your visitor bureau to create a not so secret tour around the city, concluding with your event.

Those who sign up to the tour get free entry and you can include other stops along the way. Human Billboards Have your staff do some funky sign twirling to music on the sidewalk or dance their way up the street with their own sandwich signage to get attention!

Pop-Up Playground Make your event synonymous with fun and excitement by having an adult play area complete with blow up ball pit and inflatables. Giant Props Oversized objects are always fun and you could create them yourself with a little imagination. While the budget may not stretch to a giant fabricated prop you could create a cardboard house with event signage and allow people to color it in, draw or write messages on it.

It could also make an appearance at the event itself if it gets a lot of interactions. Trusty Business Cards No matter where you go, take event specific business cards with you. This goes for your personal business cards too. Read This and Get Started Before you start testing out these event promotion ideas, we have created a quick and easy cheat-sheet to help you to get more from your promotional strategy.

Even if time is short you need to know where your time and energy are best focused, rather than flapping and randomly trying things out. For savvy event marketing you should always be strategic in your approach. If you are ready to develop a detailed marketing strategy you should follow this link for step by step guidance on how to create a detailed event marketing plan. Otherwise, below we outline a quick start guide to event promotion.

How to Plan Celebrity Meet & Greets at Events

You have been warned! Use this seven step checklist to select or adapt the best of the ideas for your own event. Having this knowledge will help you to perfect your event promotion action plan to promote an event on social media, online or offline and get better results every time. They also have reasons for needing to promote their event more or differently.

ideas meet greet event

This could be to get more ticket sales, to raise awareness with a specific target audience or even to attract more sponsors. Whatever it is, you have to figure it out. Before you spend any money or time understand the motivations behind your strategy. This is the first step: Make a list of what you want to achieve. And what your boss or client expects to achieve.

Take Stock of Your Resources to Be Realistic Take stock of the time, money and resources you have easily available to you. This means you can take advantage of every potential opportunity and identify a plan based on reality rather than a wish list.

You might be richer than you think: Look at your event budget.

Meet & Greet Picture Ideas.

How much marketing budget is available? If there is nothing left in the pot can you reallocate funds from other areas? Trim off fat from non-essential elements. This figure however miniscule or lavish it may be will help keep you realitistic with your goals as well as what options are available to you. Figure out what you can reuse.

ideas meet greet event

If you have event props or equipment from a previous event, reuse them, either to help with your event marketing strategy or for the live event! How long do you have for these event marketing campaigns? Make it Measurable and Make Informed Decisions How do you know if your strategy is working or if it needs to be tweaked? Measuring progress not only helps to keep everything on track it allows you to identify when changes need to be made, before it becomes a bigger issue.

You can also make more informed decisions when it comes to allocating budget. There are plenty of online tools and tricks to track the progress and statistics of ads, email marketing and even direct mail although that is harder so utilise them. Make sure your entire event team has access to the analytical data so that they are all working towards the same goal.

Know Who You Are Talking To or turn them off Think carefully about the ideal audience for your event as this will influence how you approach your event promotion strategy and the ideas which have success with your audience. Attract your perfect attendees: Get specific in terms of who your event is for. Create personas for your key audience and share with your team to help them refine their marketing mindset.

Find out which social media channels they are on, their job titles, interests outside of work and whether they have attended your event before. Analyze past attendees and piece together the data you have to offer a more scientific approach to your event participants. Registration and survey data are often a good place to start. Everything you craft needs to speak specifically to your key audience. Understand their pain points and offer them solutions to get their attention.

Use the right language, otherwise you will lose credibility and they will bounce away. The last thing you want is to appear haphazard in your approach. Set the right tone: Write editorial and promotional guidelines.

This is the easiest way to make sure the whole team is on the same page. Make these guidelines thorough and available to all. Make sure your social media platforms match. Regardless of whether you have a specific branding for the event or not, make sure your social media platforms are easily recognisable. Use the same profile pictures, backgrounds, colors and engage in the same tone. Use the same tools backend. Provide training to your staff as necessary.

Work Your Relationships to your Advantage Event promotion strategies are made better when you have more people in your corner, particularly when you are running low on funds. The more people on your side and talking about the event, the wider your organic and potential reach. Use the power of your crowd to generate more registrations and marketing activity: Look to create strategic partnerships and collaborate with others in your industry.

So when you have true meeting design that incorporates a complete sensory experience, then you actually create a lasting impact and memories. That includes adding activities, spaces or timing that lets people open up and have fun.

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This extends to breaks, as well. An unanticipated performance or change in activity can stimulate renewed interest and elevate the meeting from a typical conference to a memorable experience. Surprise without reason will not be successful.

Always make sure the meeting has a clearly defined objective and that every element of the experience is crafted around it. Develop a theme that supports the objectives and make sure everything you plan stays in step with the theme. The meeting theme creates the element of unity that ties the entire conference together as a unique experience.

That can be a disaster. Other mistakes organisers make include having too many delegates, too little fresh air, daylight or walking, having the wrong foods at breaks, or providing too much coffee and not enough water.

Ideas for creating experiences Here are 10 ideas we think are inspired and inspiring. Team-building activities are a core component of any good experience-driven event.

These can include activities that conference attendees do together as part of a session or specific tasks focused on group cooperation, such as solving a puzzle, creating a skit, interviewing each other about childhood dreams or brainstorming new ideas to present later.

Outdoor or unusual experiences. Snagging a high-profile public figure for a trade show or convention could give you celebrity status among fellow event and conference planners. From musical performances at CES to TV actor panelists at Comic Con to meet and greets with adult film stars at AVN, calling in the big guns to attract a crowd is as paramount as the main event itself.

After all, paid celebrity endorsements are good marketing ploys for both your event and the celebrity themselves. It all boils down to the details to pull off a successful celebrity appearance at your next annual meeting, sales meeting, grand opening, conference or other corporate event. Careful preparation will go a long way towards making both client and celebrity happy, not to mention boost your own career. Keep in mind that this is also a job for the artist or athlete, that every little thing can and will be under public scrutiny, and that you only get one shot to do it right.

What happens in the background will determine how well that photo op or autograph session will go. Follow this general guideline when planning your next celebrity meet and greet. Although this is not a comprehensive list, it does provide a good starting point for organizing the grand affair. BEFORE Negotiating contract details is when you can secure rights to public relations and marketing materials and where you can squeeze out the most future value from the celebrity appearance.

Celebrity riders place high demands on green room requirements. Appearance Fee Obviously, this is a big one. Think designer clothes, hair and makeup artist, limo transportation, security detail and the like. Time is money for celebrities too, so be sure the rate comes with a clause for a refund or ability to reschedule should your star guest be a no-show. Security Detail A big-name celebrity comes with bodyguards in tow.

Typically, the event organizer pays for the protection provided by security personnel. Discuss a flat rate to be included with the appearance fee.