How you meet harry styles imagines

how you meet harry styles imagines

Oct 7, 'A Meeting' - Harry Styles Imagine Words: Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/ N) Requested: Yes Warnings: Swearing She was always. Read You Meet At A Club from the story Harry Styles Imagines and Preferences by Harrys_Kitten_xo with reads. preferences, imagines. Read How you meet from the story Harry Styles Imagines by Ava_Grace_ (Ava Jansma❤ ) with reads. imagines, harry, styles. "Hello Travelers!.

And finally it was your turn to go up to the boys.


You stood awkwardly to the side, smiling shyly when Harry gestured for you to come over. But you did realize how your heart seemed to skip a beat or five when Harry grabbed your hand.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Your cousin immediately began to pout and you took her hand as you smiled at her face. The boys smiled and told her they loved her too as you turned to your cousin, your back to the door where the boys were leaving. You smiled at her as her expression began to suddenly change into that of confusion, or shock?

I, uh, do you think I could get your number?

Harry Styles Imagines🌸 — Imagine: You meet Harry at a meet and greet and he

You turned around, slightly shocked now too, eyebrows furrowed. Harry looked back at you with a similar smile, blushing as he licked his lips. You somewhat shakily wrote down your number on a piece of paper and handed it to Harry, his bodyguard yelling at him to hurry up and go get ready to perform. Harry smiled at you, piece of paper in hand, before quickly hugging your cousin who was in total shock now. You turned around towards your cousin once again, both of your mouths now agape and eyes wide.

Its nice to meet you.

how you meet harry styles imagines

Starting to head to the kitchen, looking at the pictures on the walls. The house was beautiful, contemporary, yet modern. They walked into the kitchen, seeing the TV on, and a girl on the couch.

how you meet harry styles imagines

When was the last time you saw her, three-four years ago, go, now? The brunette got up, seeing her sister. She gave her a smile, running to give her a hug. Harry walked towards the kitchen, starting small talk with the parents. He turned around, a smile upon his face. The night continued on, the food was amazing to Harry, her mother was definitely a chef.

Asking him where he has been around the world. Her father and him shared an interest in football, which both them were proud of.

how you meet harry styles imagines

They talked, ate, and just got to know each other. Harry saw his girlfriend, and how uncomfortable around her mum she was, but she had a smile, knowing that they should not stay too late.

how you meet harry styles imagines

She nodded towards her. The night came to an end, her and Harry said their goodbyes and were in the car.