How to meet quality guys in college

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how to meet quality guys in college

Do you want to know how and where to meet someone for a satisfying relationship, Are you unsure of the best ways and places to meet men or women?. Instead of anxiously hanging around campus, hoping to meet a cute guy, try some of these tactics that'll make meeting him seem a little less. Single guys do volunteer sometimes. And the type of guy you'll meet while volunteering will probably be a good-quality, nice guy you can bring.

Get the GroupMe app and set up times to get together for studying. Sounds good to me. Check out school functions. I know, sometimes school events can seem like a load of crap. They can seem corny and overdone. Check out the date auction or a club-sponsored carnival. Turn the potentially boring function into a lot of fun by making the best of it. When in doubt, dance it out with your girls. Make your own event. Head down to the lounge, invite some more friends, and just relax, laugh, and talk.

Friends and friends of friends passing by your group on their way back to their rooms can stop by and chat for a while, or sit down and hangout. A man intrigued by your mind and excited by your personal brand of cool. Someone worthy of your time and commitment and willing to share his own.

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Finding that kind of quality in a relationship is as much about who you are, and what you project, as it is about someone else. So pass on bars, clubs and lounges as a place to meet Mr. Responsibilities also do not count. This is why they make kids take electives in college—in the hopes that you will pursue casual interests and possibly become a more interesting person.

What does this have to do with meeting a unique guy? Hobbies are pursuits of passion. You invest time and money in something that moves or soothes your soul. Your authentic self shines through. Open mic nights The crowd is in it together, for better or for worse. Boozy brunches When people sign up for a bottomless mimosa brunch, they're planning to get comfortable and be there for a while.

That's lots of time for flirtatious eye contact across your blueberry pancakes! Sports bars If you are a sports fan even a casual onea local sports bar is a great place to meet men, especially for a big game!

Toastmasters Have you ever considered honing your public speaking skills? Toastmasters brings together entrepreneurs, business executives and anyone else wanting to perfect that skill in a supportive environment. Industry meetings If you belong to any professional groups or associations, your local meetings are a good place to meet new people including men!

Pick one with male appeal and go! Adult education classes These are available for everything from coding to photography. And they provide an excellent opportunity to connect with one of your classmates. Adult fitness classes Finally learn to swim, or box or rock climb. And meet a likeminded guy while you're at it.

how to meet quality guys in college

Volunteer organizations Find a cause you care about and volunteer your time - you never know who else might be volunteering alongside you. Fundraisers Purchasing a ticket to a local fundraiser or gala will put you in the same room as other philanthropic souls.

Local hikes Explore your local park or mountain range in an organized group hike.

how to meet quality guys in college

Walking and talking - it's a great way to get to know each other! Winery tours For the wine lovers out there - learn about winemaking in a beautiful setting - how romantic! Food and drink festivals The setting is casual and social and fun! Plus you get to eat and drink, which are activities that everyone enjoys. Beer-making classes Do you like beer? You know who else does?

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Music and art festivals You could do a multi-day festival or a attend for one afternoon. Either way, there are lots of men to be found and the vibe is generally friendly and social. Social media It is happening more and more that offline relationships are beginning on social media platforms - if a photo, comment or post catches your eye, don't be shy about reaching out to the user you're interested in. Animal shelters Whether you are looking to adopt a pet, volunteer with pets or even take a pet education class, you'll find other animal lovers here.

Religious and spiritual gatherings Particularly if you would like to meet someone of the same faith or spiritual beliefs, services and also social events are great places to meet someone. Weddings Yes, weddings are still a good place to meet men! It's usually easy to identify the single ones because they'll be seated at your table. School reunions Who knows who will catch your eye all these years later? Laundromats You're going to be there for awhile, so you might as well talk! Coffee shops This one is a no-brainer, but keeping your head up is key.

Don't be tempted by the free wi-fi to spend your entire visit on Facebook! Bookstores It's easy to strike up a conversation about what's on his current reading list.

how to meet quality guys in college

Co-working spaces Want to meet an entrepreneur? Shared office spaces are filled with them, and they usually have networking and social events. Cigar bars As long as you don't mind the smoke, even non-smokers can have a drink in these predominantly male hangouts.

Paintball courses Organize a group of your friends and prepare for a fun battle. Comic book expos Be sure to wear a costume to make yourself extra approachable! Co-ed sports leagues Chances are your city or town has co-ed softball, soccer or even football leagues.

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Racetracks Lots of men love fast cars. If you do as well, this is a great place for you to meet them. Tennis clubs Doubles, single, love - tennis is all about relationships! No matter your skill level, there are lots of opportunities to mingle with other club members. Bike shops Check 'em out - they're filled with men! Polo matches Polo matches are elaborate events - with the wardrobe and socializing to match!