How did mark teixeira meet his wife

Mark Teixeira's Girlfriend

how did mark teixeira meet his wife

Leigh Teixeira also known as Leigh Williams is the wife of MLB player Leigh Teixeira, aka Leigh Williams, darling wife of Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira , who The couple met while at Georgia Tech studying together!. Mark Teixeira is in the final year of the eight-year, $ million free agent contract he signed with the New York Meet The Man Behind The Makeover Of A-Rod. The prospect was Mark Teixeira, and he had a scholarship from a college baseball hotbed (Georgia Tech) waiting for him. To be clear, Teixeira is under the belief the Red Sox tried to let other teams Met my wife in college, lifelong friends.

Teixeira began to improve inbatting. On August 17,Teixeira hit for the cycle. For his accomplishments inhe earned the Silver Slugger Award as the best-hitting first baseman in the American League as well as the Gold Glove signifying his place as the best fielding first baseman in the American League. He was also named to his first All-Star Game after winning the fan voting portion of the selection to be named the starting first baseman for his league.

During the game, Teixeira hit a home run from the right hand side of the plate, something he had failed to do in the entire first half of the season.

Sox drafted Tex in '98 ... and it did not pan out

InTeixeira became the third switch-hitter in MLB history to hit at least 20 home runs in each of his first three seasons, after Eddie Murray and Chipper Jones. He is also one of just five players in Major League history to hit at least home runs in his first three seasons, joining Hall of Famers Joe DiMaggioRalph Kinerand Eddie Mathews as well as current first base star, Albert Pujols.

Teixeira's season began slowly, as he collected only nine home runs before the All-Star Break.

how did mark teixeira meet his wife

After the All-Star Break, however, he was among the league's leaders in home runs, and again finished with over 30 homers and RBI for the season. Teixeira landed awkwardly at first base after running out a grounder in a game against the Milwaukee Brewers the previous day.

The streak was second to Miguel Tejada at the time. The strained quadriceps muscle placed Teixeira on the disabled list for only the second time of his career.

how did mark teixeira meet his wife

Atlanta Braves[ edit ] Teixeira with the Braves in He was promptly shown on Turner Field 's high definition video board and received a boisterous applause from the Atlanta crowd. In his Braves debut on August 1,Teixeira hit a 3-run homer and drove in 4 runs in a 12—3 rout of the Houston Astros. He would repeat that feat the next day, going deep for two three-run home runs versus the Cincinnati Reds. Teixeira, a switch-hitterhit both homers on the 19th batting from the left side of the plate, and hit his homers on the 20th from the right side.

On September 22, Teixeira had his first walk-off hit with the Braves when he singled in Willie Harris giving the Braves a 4—3 extra-inning victory. Teixeira declared for free agency at the end of the season.

The signing with the Yankees reunited Teixeira with teammate Alex Rodriguez who played for the Texas Rangers from Teixeira wore the number 25 instead of his preferred number 23, since 23 is retired in honor of Don Mattingly.

Mattingly was Teixeira's childhood idol, and was the reason Teixeira wore 23 earlier in his career.

Mark Teixeira on the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry

The signing became official on January 6, Teixeira received a World Series ring as the Yankees won the World Seriesbut struggled offensively throughout the postseason, batting only. However, several of his hits proved very important, including a walk-off home run in Game 2 of the ALDS and a game-tying home run in Game 2 of the World Series. Additionally, he made several stellar defensive plays in all rounds of the playoffs.

Teixeira confessed that the collision was not intentional, and was not disciplined by the league for his action. On May 8, Teixeira became the second Yankees player to hit three home runs in one game against the Boston Red Soxjoining Lou Gehrigwho accomplished the feat on June 23, In games ofTeixeira finished with a.

how did mark teixeira meet his wife

The Yankees lost the series to the Rangers in 6 games. Teixeira continued his postseason struggles in as he batted only. This came almost a year after Teixeira parted ways with Boras. It's something Alex never talks about unless he's good and drunk, and even then, it's only come up a handful of times in all the years they've known each other, how Alex's dad always thought he was too big for his britches and liked to smack him around as a lesson in humility, how determined Alex is to be a very different kind of man.

Derek really kind of hates Victor Rodriguez. Alex blinks, and his pretty mouth curves into a smile, and he leans closer. Derek jerks his head toward the ceiling where the camera is. Can't you do something about that? Hey, I am Derek-fcuking-Jeter. He takes out his phone and calls the front desk. It's Manny on duty, which is good, because Manny is a Yankees fan, and Derek arranged for him and his two boys to have their own personal tour of Yankee Stadium.

Manny fcuking loves Derek. Jeter," Manny breaks in before Derek can get any farther than that. The repairman's on his way, but he's stuck in traffic. I wouldn't live out there if you paid me. Anyways, I keep calling him to check where he is. I feel real bad it's taking so long.

how did mark teixeira meet his wife

I'm sure you'll have us out of here as soon as you can. The thing is, we're feeling kind of like we're in a fish bowl, you know? Can you do me a favor and kill the camera in the elevator? Derek seriously doubts he could manage that if he was watching his team's shortstop get up close and personal with his third baseman.

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Derek touches the side of Alex's face, tracing a cheekbone with his thumb. You think he's going to lie to Derek-fcuking-Jeter? Sometimes Derek takes for granted how beautiful Alex is, and sometimes he has a moment like this when he's suddenly reminded. He hooks a hand behind Alex's head and pulls him into a kiss. Alex is caught off balance, probably not expecting Derek to actually do this where they could conceivably get caught, but he gets with the program quickly enough, clutching at Derek's shoulders.

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Alex's lips are soft and warm, and Derek licks his way inside his mouth. It always feels like coming home, the way Alex tastes, how he smells, and it's never like that with anyone else. Alex tenderly traces the edge of Derek's black eye.

Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira are becoming family

Derek gathers him closer and kisses his neck. Derek takes Alex by the shoulders and pushes him back against the elevator's mirrored panel and rests heavily against him. He kisses Alex deeply, intently.

how did mark teixeira meet his wife

He can see himself in the glass, the expression on his face, like no matter how much he gets of this it will never be enough, like he wants to be inside Alex's skin. Alex runs his knuckles down Derek's fly. Derek slips his thumb beneath Alex's waistband, stroking the soft skin there, and Alex sucks in a breath, his chest dipping sharply. Derek pops the button on Alex's pants, undoes the zipper, pushes his underwear down over his hips. Alex's cock springs free, dark with blood, wet at the tip, and Derek wraps his palm around it.