Help meet bible meaning of words

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help meet bible meaning of words

Helpmeet definition, helpmate. Explore as two words in the Bible, a noun-adjective phrase; hyphenated and mistaken as a modified. What is Help-meet? Definition and meaning:Help-meet(Heb. Most English translations of the Bible translate the Hebrew word of two older Hebrew/Canaanite roots, one '-z-r, meaning “to rescue, The Bible tells us that woman was created as an EZER KENEGDO, or a “help meet” for.

It is like a mirror image.

Is “Suitable Helper” a Suitable Translation?

Fundamentally, a mirror image is the exact same image in reflection, but of course the reflection is also the exact opposite image. Given the above, I suggest a meaningful translation of Gen. John Mckinley, a Talbot professor, entitled: God as ezer, Woman as ezer.

help meet bible meaning of words

Many have commented on this passage in similar ways. I only make the humble suggestions that we need to pay careful attention to: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

One glance at the Hebrew of Gen. Hence, intense study of the original biblical languages is critical when one takes on the responsibilities of being a teacher in the church. As we study Gen. Paul too, promotes equality: But, elsewhere, Paul alludes to Gen. This word is used in the Hebrew language that the Old Testament was originally written in.

Ezer occurs 21 times throughout various Old Testament books. Here are a few examples: Isaiah 30 is a prophesy talking about Israel looking to Egypt for help, but this would be a futile attempt according to the prophet: But for the Egalitarian, the most important use of EZER in the Bible comes at the very beginning, in the creation account when God created woman: That is why God can help Israel: God helps Israel because they do not have the power to help themselves.

He was without community. So, as Ecclesiastes 4: Ezer does not refer to position, it refers to function.

What does it mean that a wife is supposed to be a helpmeet / help meet?

From the very first breath a child takes he or she has been the recipient of charity and unconditional love. This is a powerful gift that a mother gives her child and it is her love which first reminds the child of God and points them towards Christ. Each woman, regardless of her ability to give birth, is a savior to mankind when she loves men and nurtures a child closer to Christ. Even Adam, whose physical body was not created by a daughter of Eve, was saved and delivered by a woman.

For it was through a woman, Mary, that Jesus Christ came to conquer the bonds of death and sin and atoned for Adam's transgression. Without a woman to bear the body of Christ mankind would have been lost and fallen forever and Adam's work and purpose on the earth would have been meaningless. Mary was the gateway that made Christ's work possible and her nurturing the catalyst for his success.

What did God mean when he called woman a help meet for man?

Even though Eve didn't give physical life to Adam she literally saved him from spiritual death by opening the way for the Savior and Redeemer to come into the world. Salvation, in the form of Christ, literally came to the earth through a woman. This perspective on Eve is so powerful for me. It is so different from what we normally hear about her and about women's roles in the world.

help meet bible meaning of words

As a result, our understanding or Mother Eve has also been diminished.