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goku meet his fathers earth

Goku is a Saiyan originally sent to Earth as an infant with the mission to destroy Essentially, Goku is the spitting-image of his father, Bardock, possessing the same .. Goku was happy to meet all who were close to his grandfather and even. 12 year old Goku makes a wish on the dragon balls to get his family What would Goku's life be like, if he was raised by his real family, on Earth? Along the way they'd met the shapeshifting pig Oolong, the desert bandit Yamcha and his . "And this is your father, Bardock," she said, glancing up at the tall. When Goku first landed on Earth, his mission was to, in time, destroy the entire As Dragon Ball Minus differs from the Bardock - The Father of Goku special, it is Grandpa Gohan and Goku fight about evenly, until Gohan grabs Goku's tail.

There was a final burst of light that made the group shield their eyes, and when they uncovered them, they couldn't help but gape at what they saw. There, floating in the clouds, was a massive eastern dragon!

Its serpentine body stretched on for miles until it all but blotted out the sky. The beast's pure red eyes turned towards the group, and it said in a voice like thunder, "I am the Eternal Dragon. I will grant you one wish. What do you desire? For at that moment, his Grandpa's smiling face suddenly popped into his mind. Goku, even though he didn't always show it, missed the old man terribly. That was why he guarded the Four Star Ball so closely, as it was one of the few mementoes he had left of the man who found and raised him.

Remembering Pu'ar's advice to go with what his gut was telling him, Goku blurted out, "I wish I had my family back! Suddenly, three bright lights shone in the middle of the field they were in. With that, the seven Dragon Balls flew into the air and dispersed, and the dragon disappeared in a bright flash of light. When Goku's eyes adjusted, however, there was no sign of Son Gohan. Instead, three people stood in the clearing, blinking in confusion. One was a tall man, with hair and features exactly like Goku's.

The only difference was, while Goku had a childhood innocence about him, this man had the feel of a hardened veteran, with a muscular body, black and green armor, a red headband, and a jagged scar on his left cheek.

Next to him was a smaller figure, a woman, wearing black and gold armor, softer features, and a shoulder-length mane of shaggy, spiky hair. She was holding a meat cleaver in one hand, and the leg quarters of some animal in another.

On the other side of her was a boy, older than Goku, with long, spiky hair, brown and black armor, and some kind of green lensed device over one eye.

goku meet his fathers earth

But, what struck Goku the most was that, each one of them, had a tail just like his… There was a long moment when everyone was silent and awe-struck. That moment soon passed when the man and the boy quickly got into a battle stance, Bulma cried out in fear, and Yamcha said, "What the hell? Instinct took over, and Goku was in battle stance too, not taking his eyes off the newcomers. The woman, however, was looking back and forth at everyone.

Her wide eyes fell on Goku. That declaration caused both of the male warriors to glance at each other warily. The older one spoke. The one called Raditz gave a short nod, but his features were still distrustful. The older warrior turned to the woman. Gine turned towards him, and blinked.

She then turned to look to the one on her right. She gave him a short nod, her eyes kind, and turned back to Kakarot, who was taking a step towards her. Gine smirked at the young cub, then suddenly shoved the meat into his hands.

It was still raw and bloody, but Goku couldn't wait for it to be cooked. I wouldn't give my own son something that wasn't," she encouraged him. Goku, not needing to be told twice, began tearing at the meat hungrily. Used to Goku's lack of reason when there was food to be had, Bulma stepped forward and picked up the slack. She earned a low growl from the woman, causing her to stop in her tracks. Suddenly, Raditz laughed out loud, earning a glare from the older warrior.

This is too much," Raditz said, shaking his head, and reached a hand towards the device on his face. Bardock walked over to Raditz, and taking the device from his face, crushed it in his hand. Raditz regarded him with cold fury. How do you expect us to get back, if-" "I don't," Bardock cut him off, and turned to the blue haired female.

What the hell happened? Or I'll-" Bardock began, but was cut off by Gine. I never thought I'd see Kakarot again, and here he is, alive and well. You've been away on missions for so long, I feel like it's been a year since I've seen you. And Raditz…" Gine sighed, looking over at her oldest boy.

We all have questions, and we're not going to get any of them by scaring away the natives," she said, crossing her arms and scowling back at Bardock.

Bardock sighed, and his features softened somewhat as he regarded Bulma again. Please tell us what you know. As far as I know, we were all dead, all but Kakarot," he said. I think he meant his grandpa Gohan, though…" she said, glancing at Goku, who was wiping the blood of the raw meat from his face, looking a bit more satisfied.

He nodded at Bulma's words.

Dragon Ball Minus (Goku's Mother Gine And The Origin of Goku)

The three newcomers gasped, looking at Goku with widened eyes. Gine brought a hand to her mouth. Bulma shook her head, confusion and terror on her face. Gine knelt down to be at her son's eye level, looking deep into his eyes, as though she were studying him. Cell, as his name implies, was created using the cells of the world's greatest fighters, their DNA providing him with great powers and abilities. This made him one of the strongest beings in the world before his defeat.

What does all this have to do with Goku's family? Since Cell has some of both Goku and Gohan's DNA, it means that he is, in some way, related to them - making him a cousin of sorts to the Son family. It's a good thing he was defeated, though, since we can't really imagine Goku and Cell getting along at a family reunion! That reveal was, of course, that Goku was a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta. He was sent there to destroy the planet and prime it for being conquered, but a bump on his head caused him to lose his Saiyan battle instincts.

It's wasn't Vegeta or Nappa - no, it was Goku's own brother, Raditz, who told us everything we needed to know about the Saiyans, their race, and their power. Despite the fact that Goku has a great capacity for forgiveness, even when it comes to some of worst villains in his rogues gallery, his brother never got this treatment.


Not that there's anything wrong with Goku's choice - Raditz was pretty evil - but other, more evil villains have been forgiven for much worse things than the minor acts of evil that Raditz committed.

It's actually kind of sad that Goku couldn't even forgive his own brother. Sure, they were battle-hungry warriors who were always looking for a fight, but they never really seemed to want to expand their empire. Their Great Ape forms served as powerful tools for conquering planets, since a single Saiyan could destroy an entire race in a single day. Upon seeing this child, he recognized him as a Saiyan, and because he didn't actually know who Goku was, the only Saiyan he knew who had any sort of resemblance to this child was, of course, Raditz.

goku meet his fathers earth

Yes, for those who don't remember, Frieza mistook Gohan to be Raditz's son, both because he had not known about Goku and because he wasn't aware of Raditz' passing. In fact, you could broaden that to the fact that they aren't very typical as people, either. She herself spent her younger years fighting and running from monsters while wearing a helmet with a blade and laser on it, which is anything but normal. Then there's Goku, who is, as we all know, an alien who was sent to earth to destroy it, but after getting hit on his head and being raised by a kind old man, he became a noble martial artist.

In fact, Goku's upbringing in the woods, and the eventual passing of his Grandpa, left him a bit naive in the ways of the world. Because of his lack of understanding of most aspects of society, Goku agreed to marry Chi-Chi when they were both very young. The reason for this is that Goku thought a wedding was some kind of food and, being the big eater that he is, he agreed to marry Chi-Chi, forgetting his promise until she reminded him many years later.

It's not all that far-fetched to say that he is the strongest mortal warrior in his Universe, and even if he isn't, he's pretty dang close. Suffice it to say, with how much power Goku has, there shouldn't really be anything that he's afraid of - maybe except for losing his loved ones, but even then he has the power to protect them in almost any situation.

Specifically, he is afraid of his wife. Yes, the most powerful Saiyan in perhaps the entire history of the galaxy is afraid of his human wife. Chi-Chi is just an ordinary human, well-versed in martial art, but not in superhuman aspects of fighting. We have to get going. Gotta make a stop on the way home. But I want to stay on earth.

She almost killed you! No matter the choice you personally make, I'm taking you along. Roshi sighed in defeat. He too remembered a time of such innocent naivety. Sadly, this boy was very weak. Maybe he was great at improving, and that explained his power level of two at birth. He was destined to grow into greatness, not be born great.

This only lead to blood smearing on her white gloves. Krillin weakly waved, dumbfounded at the entire situation. His friend was an alien? Well, it wasn't the most unbelievable thing on this strange world. Bardock yanked him into the pod and the door closed.

Behave," the saiyan man said, tapping at a holographic keyboard. In moments, a screen appeared. Goku watched as a purple face appeared on it, smiling pleasantly. Cooler fixated his red eyes on the boy in awe in his lap. And you're still on schedule. This is why you're simply the better choice when it comes to actually getting things accomplished.

Therefore, I am sending the Armored Squadron in your stead. Enjoy the vacation," Cooler gave a brief smile. Bardock clacked away at the blue keyboard, finally looking up at his son.

Grandpa Gohan

Bardock looked at his eyes. We're going to Planet Vegeta instead of a mission. I'm going to turn on stasis and we'll sleep until we get there. Bardock may have been his father, but something irked him about how trusting this boy was. He'd no proof they were related and he ate it up! The man pressed a button, and they were asleep in moments. OxOxO Goku yawned, stretching out in the cramped craft.

goku meet his fathers earth

Bardock put his arms down for him after he was struck in the face. We're back home," he announced. The humanoid dock worker with green hair smiled. Nice to see the kid recovery mission was a success. Probably be heading out soon. All this red makes me glad I go around the galaxy rather than sticking around," Bardock admitted, pressing a hand to the door.

He slumped onto his hair. It'll probably make you stronger," he hoped. They took to the skies, flying over the structures of the spaceport. His son was farther behind than he thought. Maybe he would have to place him in the class for the children who come back early on accident… Kakarot certainly was not ahead of his game.

Of course, it was not much bigger. Just slightly so, because they had a higher than average income. Being directly employed by Cooler himself paid well. I thought she was Fasha for a minute," Goku said, breathing on his father's hair. He chuckled to himself.

goku meet his fathers earth

You'll see," he vaguely explained, touching down. Goku's mouth opened in protest, but he closed it when his father went for the keypad. An eager woman with large eyes tore the door open, smiling warmly at them. Gine embraced the small saiyan, holding him close.

Gine sat next to him on their couch. Bardock stood opposite them. Can… Can I answer any? Do you need a snack? I never even thought about it, really. Your pod should've told you everything you needed to know…" The boy shrugged. That's all I know about my early life. This is just… Wow! To think I have parents! And I'm an alien? This is so exciting! This is Planet Vegeta, Kakarot. That's the name my grandpa gave me," the boy asked.

A part of Gine died a little on the inside. His son nodded, so he continued. If you've inherited your father's appetite, I'm sure you'll be very happy here," Gine chuckled. Goku's eyes lit up. I fight people Lord Cooler pay me to.

And your clothes are ridiculous. For now, let's get something suitable for you to wear and then dinner," the man explained, although, it came out as more like an order.

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Goku followed him sluggishly as they walked down the hall. It opened to reveal very spartan quarters. He got put on the Prince's team. You probably won't see much of him. He's even busier than me," He pulled a spandex suit and cumbersome armor from the closet.