First cross country meet tips for a happy

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first cross country meet tips for a happy

What advice does your coach give you for cross country races? Trust me; I've been the guy who leads the race through the first 1, meters. The series will align with the critical parts of the season, with advice on what The training during cross country pre/early season should focus on to have a big impact on the varsity team's success at meets right away, happy to consult with you to help you have the best cross country season possible. In a mixed race with high school runners, I often gingerly pick my way down My advice to high school runners (although everyone can benefit from this If you are trying cross country for the first time or don't plan on doing a lot of we will be happy to answer all of your spike and cross country questions.

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See the McMillan Running Calculator to learn more about these workouts. A great way to check that runners are staying in the desired range of intensity is to check their heart-rate during and immediately after workouts. You can find optimal heart rate training zones for each running pace in the McMillan Running Calculator. This early portion of the season is also when the most attention can be given to ensure that being a part of the cross country team will be a fun, well-rounded experience.

Team traditions can range from superfluous to serious and an establishment of strong team culture. My teams, like so many others around the country, included the tradition of team dinners. There is something about being together to replenish your body and no longer being in running clothes?

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Finding and keeping new team members is crucial at this point in the season. These newcomers help to keep a balance of fun on the team for some of the more serious, experienced runners, which often times helps them continue to improve their running. A factor that I have always loved about cross country is that it is both completely an individual AND team sport.

Think about it, it is individual because you have to run the race, no one can do it for you. You have to go through the internal battle of how much suffering you are willing to tolerate, there are no timeouts or substitutions to help you.

But, at the same time, you rely completely on your teammates in order to have a successful team. Individual goals will vary greatly.

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One tip you can follow from sport psychologists is to focus more on process goals than outcome goals. Process goals are something that you have more control of: We had some challenges throughout the trip, but each time the kids stepped up to meet my expectations. Everyone was focused and followed directions when we had only 33 minutes in Detroit to get off our first flight and board and be seated on our second flight.

When we had to move quickly to and from subways and keep the group together, everyone stayed within earshot and was ready to do what we told them. It was an impressive showing. We gathered in the lobby and then started walking to the subway. It would be our first subway ride of the trip. What a rush to get on the NYC subway to go to a meet. Unfortunately, it was raining and we had no tent and no tarp.

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Finally I found the check-in tent and then we found a tree that would at least provide us with a little shelter. Group picture before the meet. Huddled under a tree to stay out of the rain. I gave each of the kids four Sacred Heart Cathedral rubber bracelets and told the kids to give them to people they met during the meet. I also cancelled our usual no phone policy for the meet, because I knew kids would want their phones to take pictures to remember the experience and share with others.


Thanks to the bracelets, Carolyn made friends with Kellenberg Memorial High School, which was the team near us. They offered for us to put our bags under their tent. My next unforgettable moment occurred as I was getting ready to take the starting line photo of our first race, the JV Boys. Blossom took the camera from me and said that she thought that I should be in all the starting line photos today because this was New York.

It also warmed my heart to see the kids running the race with their bracelets and then taking it off in the finish chute and giving it to a runner next to them.

first cross country meet tips for a happy

At the Statue of Liberty. The whole trip was filled with moments that brought a smile to my face. It's no secret that champions are made in the offseason. Regardless of what happened during the season, summer is a time to regroup and put that passion toward hitting your goals to work. With those dreams for the upcoming season in mind, here are five tips to maximize your summer training.

Make sure you are starting summer fresh with a new pair of shoes. It's important to have something on your feet that will protect your body from the constant pounding during those summer miles.

first cross country meet tips for a happy

Consider seeking out a run-retail specialty shoe store in your area. These retailers take the time to measure your feet, examine your gait and get you fitted for a pair of shoes that will ultimately help you achieve your goals and prevent injury.

Sometimes it's hard to find the motivation to get out and some days you wake up and you just say, "Ugh, not today. Will you choose to go for your goals? Or will remain the same?

Set yourself up for consistency.

first cross country meet tips for a happy

Where there is commitment, there is consistency.