Dangerous friend the teacher student relationship in vajrayana buddhism pdf

Dangerous Friend The Teacher Student Relationship In Vajrayana Buddhism

dangerous friend the teacher student relationship in vajrayana buddhism pdf

DANGEROUS FRIEND The Teacher-Student Relationship in Vajrayana Buddhism Ngala Rig'dzin Dorje Although Tibetan Buddhism continues to grow in . ZXZOO52M6G ^ Dangerous Friend The Teacher-Student Relationship in Vajrayana Buddhism relationship between teacher and student remains largely I am easily could possibly get a delight of reading through a created pdf . Guru Rinpoche. Also known as Padmasambhava, the Lotus-born, he is the " Second Buddha" who English]. The words of my perfect teacher/Patrul Rinpoche; translated by .. The Padmakara Translation Group is made up of students of Tibetan practice of the Vajrayana path during the traditional meditation retreats.

dangerous friend the teacher student relationship in vajrayana buddhism pdf

The Mahayana sutras maintains that a woman can become enlightened, only not in female form. According to Miranda Shaw, "this belief had negative implications for women insofar as it communicated the insufficiency of the female body as a locus of enlightenment". A bodhisattva can be a human, animal, serpent, or a god, but never a woman. If the aspiration to Buddhahood has been made and a Buddha of the time confirms it, it is impossible to be reborn as a woman. An appropriate aim is for women to aspire to be reborn as male.

They can become a male by moral actions and sincere aspiration to maleness.

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Being born a female is a result of bad karma. This is directly contradictory to the assertion that a bodhisattva cannot be born a female.

Sometimes they are the consorts of the main yidam of a meditation mandala but Buddhas such as VajrayoginiTara and Simhamukha appear as the central figures of tantric sadhana in their own right. According to Karmapa lineage however Tsogyel has attained Buddhahood in that very life. On the website of the Karmapathe head of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhismit is stated that Yeshe Tsogyal—some thirty years before transcending worldly existence—finally emerged from an isolated meditation retreatc.

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In the 20th Century Tenzin Palmoa Tibetan Buddhist nun in the Drukpa Lineage of the Kagyu school, stated "I have made a vow to attain Enlightenment in the female form—no matter how many lifetimes it takes".

Merwin and his girlfriend, Anne, had retired to their room for the night after attending the Halloween party for a short time. Chogyam Trungpa, who was quite drunk by then, ordered them to return to the party. When they refused, he sent his guards to coerce them.

Eventually, the guards ended up breaking down doors and a fight ensued, with broken bottles gashing faces and friends fighting friends. The room was completely trashed. When she refused, she was stripped by the guards, screaming.

Many of the people at the party were drunk. There had been much stripping before the couple were brought down. Some naked participants had been carried above the heads of the guards and paraded through the room.

dangerous friend the teacher student relationship in vajrayana buddhism pdf

This was all done to mark the occasion of the start of Vajrayana teachings. Western psychotherapy and other spiritual and psychological paths are all fine so long as their methods crush ego.

When “Crazy Wisdom” Goes Crazy: Is Chogyam Trungpa a Good Role Model for Vajrayana in the West?

If they do that, they are valid paths. Any path that does not crush ego is spiritual materialism even if it is coated with all kinds of Buddhist jargon. Lets take a break to analyse this a bit and to stir some questions and doubts. Indo-Tibetan Buddhism has very fine definitions for all its terminology—as do sciences.

dangerous friend the teacher student relationship in vajrayana buddhism pdf

The definitions help to acquire precise knowledge and understanding and to avoid confusion or misunderstandings. There are none because this is not a Buddhist terminology.

Dangerous Friend: The Teacher-Student Relationship in Vajrayana Buddhism by Rigdzin Dorje

As a result, the mind perceives a more concrete, independent, permanent, unitary self than is actually present. Believing in this falsely appearing self as a truth, the mind grasps to it as a truth and is carried away. But there is not this water which appeared so vividly. Similarly, there is no such independent self, though it appears so vividly as such. This wrong view has to be abandoned.

By cultivating insight or wisdom discriminating intelligence. Further, the mind takes its own self as more important than the self of others, as a result we usually take more care of ourselves and tend to neglect others.

In fact, the Buddha-to-come had a strong power of will!

dangerous friend the teacher student relationship in vajrayana buddhism pdf

The Buddha-to-come left two of his teachers who taught him the form and formless concentrations and said to them, that the states of concentration they have taught him are not nirvana but still states in samsara, and he moved on.

He left also his circle of ascetics and went on to search and to find the peace of nirvana, the end of the sufferings of cyclic existence, on his own. Moreover, there are many Westerners who have a weak self identity or less self-confidence.

Such people, who also might lack love in childhood, might be thirsty to be loved, to be recognised, to get attention from a kind person—or a charismatic, nice smiling lama.

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If such a lama abuses these emotional needs by manipulating the person with a mixture of giving love and violence humiliation, beating, means of subjugationwhat a damage for such a person!