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elite association Management. ePiC Response me thinking about how we all get caught up in trying to meet other people's expectations. Fist time posting here in this section but here it goes. Saw this pistol for sale today in a local classifieds ad. It is a with the above words. Elite Insurance Group - Products Sold: P&C and Life & Health - State: AZ - Zip: .. If you would like to meet with us to develop strategies to reduce your CAI is a BBB accredited member since and maintains an A+ rating. Visit our (NMA) is a financial services firm located in Downtown St. Albans, Vermont.

Starting his career inMr. On 21st of October,Mr. In he was appointed Head of Strategy and Development. Following the BNP merger with Paribas in the yearhe led the post-merger integration process. Kindred operates a diverse blend of health care service businesses including transitional care hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in approximately 1, locations across the United States. In JulyMr. Breier completed the divestiture of one of the largest skilled nursing facility platforms, completely exiting the skilled nursing industry.

He is also a former member of the Business Roundtable. In, andModern Healthcare magazine named Mr. Breier one of the Most Influential People in Healthcare. Breier the Health Care Leader of the Year. She now is leading Mylan in its next chapter of sustainable growth, which is expected to again significantly expand the size and scope of the company.

She emphasizes a collaborative culture focused on leading, learning, teaching and performing.

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Bresch also is a leader on key industry issues and initiatives aimed at removing barriers to access to medicine. Before joining Vanta Education Group inMr. He is a past long-time board member of Everybody Wins! With deep roots in the banking industry and an unmatched passion for exceptional service, Cargill has helped build one of the finest business and private wealth bank in the United States.

Cargill also brings more than 30 years of diverse banking, finance, operating and accounting expertise to his responsibilities as President and Chief Executive Officer.

It is personally important to Cargill as well. Cargill received his bachelor of arts in business administration and accounting from Baylor University and his master of business administration in finance from the University of Texas at Arlington. In this role, he acts as the General Manager for the Americas region and oversees global marketing, product and strategy. Prior to joining Facebook, Carlin was the Senior Director of Marketing and Insights for Ubisoft, the third largest video game publisher in the world.

Carstanjen brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his leadership role at CDI. In addition to his business activities, Mr. Carstanjen participates in numerous charitable and civic ventures. Caswell brings more than 25 years of public sector health and human services experience, which includes extensive experience in management consulting, systems integration and operations related to the delivery of complex solutions to federal, state and provincial government clients.

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As a presenter and panelist, Mr. Caswell has spoken extensively about the operational challenges facing states as they expand Medicaid managed care and implement health insurance exchanges, covering such topics as Leveraging Existing Systems Infrastructures and Business Processes, Reducing Churn and Ensuring a Seamless Beneficiary Experience. Caswell holds a B.

Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Previously, Anil was the executive vice president and chief product officer responsible for product development, product management and product marketing.

Prior to Informatica, for nearly a decade, Anil held leadership roles at Symantec Corporation. Most recently Anil was the executive vice president of Information Security at Symantec, responsible for overseeing engineering, product management and operations for an extensive product portfolio including Data Loss Prevention, E-Mail and Web Security on-premise and cloudManaged Services, Trust Services and Authentication.

Prior to Symantec, Anil led product management for enterprise security services at VeriSign. Additionally, Chakravarthy received his Master of Science and Ph.

She is the only woman in the country who serves as the CEO of a major Republican organization.

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As the creator and facilitator of the Women2Women National Conversations Tour, Sarah has become one of the most important national voices calling for women to become more involved in the political process. She has written for the Washington Post, U.

Over the course of two decades, Sarah has built Republican Main Street Partnership from a fledgling organization into a thriving network of nearly eighty members of Congress and prominent leaders from across business, education, and industry. Main Street is dedicated to electing and defending legislators who will govern effectively in the Republican tradition.

Republican Main Street Partnership and its members are solutions-oriented fiscal realists, advancing positive policies that can command bipartisan support. The tour brings Congresswomen together with women across the country to spark dialogue between legislators and everyday citizens about how women are personally affected by what happens in government and takes those ideas back to Washington.

Sarah urges women to educate themselves about politics and get involved by voting, taking part in local and national campaigns, and even running for office themselves. The firm focuses on middle-market management-led buyouts and growth capital financings. The firm has offices in Boston and New York.

He holds a BA in biology from Harvard University. He lived in Seoul, Korea, before moving to Boston to attend university. Alan Colberg is president and chief executive officer of Assurant, Inc.

He was named president Sept. Under his leadership, in AprilAssurant realigned its business strategy to build upon its core capabilities and further capitalize on global trends in the housing and lifestyle protection markets.

The strategy includes a sharper focus on understanding consumers in order to deliver integrated products and services that address their needs and generate opportunities for growth. He played an integral role in supporting strategies that helped reposition the company for profitable growth after the financial crisis. Before joining Assurant in MarchMr. This has led Assurant to launch financial education initiatives for employees within the company and strengthen its commitment to helping future generations succeed.

As a trustee of the Assurant Foundation, he has overseen an increased commitment to Junior Achievement in Georgia. Assurant also partners with JA across the country through volunteerism and donations. This has been achieved through a unique implementation of aircraft auditing, technology, and data management.

What makes the company unique is that Sentient Jet pursued this model long before many of the other asset-light models had been developed in both technology and consumer services. The company is the innovator and inventor of the Jet Card model of flying. Collins has been featured in a number of media outlets as well as public speaking forums. In Sentient Jet became the first official private aviation partner ever for the Kentucky Derby and Churchill Downs.

With extensive additional experience in software and Internet-related technologies, Collins has helped lead, establish or improve upon a number of prominent, venture-backed technology enterprises. Collins resides in Needham, Massachusetts with his wife and two children. He has served in several executive positions of the corporation and its business units, including AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation and AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group.

Collis has a deep knowledge of the healthcare distribution and services market and understands the competitive nature of the pharmaceutical distribution business. He is currently a director of Thoratec Corporation and holds a bachelor of commerce with honors in accounting and a bachelor of commerce with distinction from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As the most senior non-political leader at CMS, he worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations and is considered one of the driving forces behind the national movement to value-based care, with health care payments tied to quality and innovation. He is a practicing pediatric hospitalist and was selected as a master of hospital medicine from the Society of Hospital Medicine.

Together with its academic partners—Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons—NewYork-Presbyterian pursues clinical excellence, engages in pioneering medical research, and provides outstanding medical education to the next generation of doctors.

A cardiologist and internist, Dr. Corwin obtained his undergraduate and medical degrees from Northwestern University, graduating summa cum laude and with Alpha Omega Alpha honors. He completed both his internal medicine residency and cardiology training at Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.

Corwin joined the NewYork-Presbyterian team in From toDr. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Dr. He has received numerous awards and honors, including the Hope and Heroes Award for promoting excellence in pediatric oncology and the VHA Award for Clinical Quality for the design and implementation of an emergency department for chest pain diagnosis and treatment protocol.

He left his family home and found a perilous refuge in a ruined Buddhist nunnery where the last remaining year-old devotee gave him sanctuary. In using the deadly gunpowder, he is seeking to transform it from its lethal uses to the ethereal art of calligraphy. This is not just a vague concept: Feng shui, Qi Gong and Buddhism play a role as well, their roots intertwined. He has written of a shaman he knew as a youth who protected him, and of his search for shamans in other cultures.

Feng shui and quantum physics.

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The revelation to him about Western physics, especially the subatomic and the cosmological Big Bang levels, was that it was somehow familiar. The window between the mystical, metaphorical, metaphysical concepts of Taoism—the infinity of mind within us and that of the physical universe whose seemingly infinite dimensions outside us were being mapped by astrophysicists.

That every particle in every human being was first given birth when the Big Bang brought matter into being. The unformed matter that would eventually evolve into us was all unified oneness at the moment of the Big Bang. And it was in Japan that he found a focus also on the dark side of big bangs: And began what has been a lifelong artistic attempt to come to terms with that dark side.

I had been to Hiroshima researching a recent book on nuclear war How the End Begins: And Hiroshima is strange in its weird serenity.

The actual bomb site has been covered over with smoothly rolling lawns although there are also museums that can give you all the nuclear gore you want. Aside from one skeletal dome-topped remnant of a civic structure, there is little trace of the blast that changed the world. Yet at night you can sense those spirits Cai speaks of.

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Mushroom clouds of non-radioactive smoke. Somehow, he hopes, they will exorcise the real mushroom clouds of the past and the potential ones of the future.

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But he had trouble, he tells me, with his original plans for Hiroshima, a project he first designed for the Asian Games. But it faced strong objection I dug a deep hole in the ground at the center of the park and then I used helium balloons at various heights to hold aloft 2, meters of fuse and three kilograms of gunpowder, which together formed a spiral with a meter diameter, to mimic the orbits of heavenly stars.

The sound from the explosion was extremely violent; the bang echoed and rocked the entire city. My intention was to suggest that in harnessing nuclear energy, humanity has generated its own black hole in the earth that mirrors those in space.