Brumos porsche swap meet

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brumos porsche swap meet

Henn opened the original Thunderbird Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale had a sign that read “swap meet Saturday and Sunday,” and he stopped in and Henn even enlisted the co-driving abilities of Brumos Porsche owner. Every year around April 1st Brumos Porsche of Jacksonville, FL hosts their annual "Swap Meet". This isn't just any swap meet though. Brumos. Here's our lengthy sit-down with the Porsche loving icon. a lot of cars, my wife and I. We'd literally go to the Pamona Swap Meet. . to show me driving video] This is me driving the Brumos Helmut Bott prototype

I fell in love with Porsche when I was a 10 year old. In and England ruled the world in motor sports on both two and four wheels. As a kid I was 9, 10—I always say the dream starts at an early age.


I was no different to any other kid anywhere else in the world. I think you had a choice of three posters on the wall at the time.

My dad never had any cool cars, but my uncle had a cool car. My uncle actually at one time had a Dino, which he then traded for GTB. I had another uncle who had an E-Type Jaguar. I have the cutaway poster of the Martini actually on the wall now.

I wrote to Porsche inI said I wanted to design cars for them. They sent me a little brochure, I still have it to this day.

brumos porsche swap meet

That dream came true I guess 15 years later. I bought my first Porsche, which was actually my third car, in That car, I paid 7, bucks for it. I drove that car quite a long time and I really liked that car. Do you feel that because of your notoriety in the Porsche community it would be difficult to move into other marques? Because my thing has never been to follow the trend. It transcends the class barrier, but ultimately all true car guys share that same passion.

They came out the same year, both have been in production sinceboth have a fanatical fan base. And both have factory ranges within the model range which are vast. Like Porsche has probably 30 different varieties of Would you ever consider a Mustang?

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What was your experience like with the Europa? Super nimble, cat like, but nobody ever saw you on the road. My Europa story is great, I love telling this story.

I remember once buying her a Type 3 Notchback for like three grand. I used to love getting The Sports Car Trader. I had always liked Lotus Europas, it must be an English thing.

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This car was in Walnut Creek, Northern California. It had been for sale for a couple of weeks at 7, bucks. Mine was sort of burnt sand, beige copper metallic color.

InI joined the Porsche Owners Club, learned to hone my driving skills, became a better driver, and realized that as great as all those cars were—and each one of them was great in their own sense. But compared to thethe did everything great. It got better the faster you went. The coolest thing about the really was that naughty gear shift, I loved that. Still, the just did everything really well, so over a five year period we pretty much got rid of everything.

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The last non-Porsche car we had was the E-Type Jag, I think we bought that in 96 and we kept it all the way to To achieve this, large parts of the steel body were replaced by a tubular aluminium space frame. Skipping the Diepholz airfield round, Porsche sorted the car out for the DRM support race [18] [19] of the German Grand Prix at the fast Hockenheimring long version. In changing weather conditions, Jacky Ickx set pole by almost three seconds and won with 50 seconds, setting fastest lap in the process.

Due to the head gasket failures of the biturbo, Porsche parted with their air cooling tradition and introduced water-cooled cylinder heads in the engine, and equipped them with four valves as well. The capacity was enlarged to 3.

As this track, like most, was run clockwise, the driver seat was moved over to the right side for better weight distribution and sight in right-hand corners, like Dunlop, Tertre Rouge and Mulsanne, another distinctive feature of the model. The new car again took full advantage of a new loophole in the Group 5 rules, introduced for BMW, allowing to cut the floor to accommodate the exhaust of the front engine. The gearbox was mounted upside down to reduce the angle of the drive shafts.

As the rules did not limit the forward extension of the rear aerodynamic devices, Porsche even added fairings to the doors, bridging the gap between the front and rear fenders. These were shortened later, covering only the front third of the doors. At the 24 Hours of Le Mansthe qualified third, barely beaten by a Renault Alpine and a Compared tolap times were 15 seconds quicker now. With the new 3. The engine had to be replaced before the race, though, and with ensuing problems early in the race, Moby Dick was no contender, finishing 8th behind three customer In its third attempt, Renault finally managed to beat Porsche, and then went on to focus on F1.

Two of the three and another Alpine occupied the other three places. Before being retired to the museum, the Moby Dick was also entered at Vallelunga and at the Norisring, the annual highlight of the DRM series, but the twisty track around the Nuremberg Reichsparteitag grand stand proved to be quite difficult for the Moby Dick and it failed to finish. Awaiting rule changes taking effect inPorsche did not officially enter in orgranting only some limited support to customer efforts with theand even decade old andmainly in form of spare parts, engines and know-how which by then was rather dated.

Observations on Southern California’s all Porsche Swap and Car display, March 4, 2012…

This was Sebring though, and as usual the crumbling, old track had its say in matters. By mid-afternoon, the Interscope entry had fallen back with mechanical problems while Gregg and Busby stretched to an almost embarrassing dozen or more lap lead with no one left able to come close to the stunning pace of the Brumos There was still enough time left to make up the deficit the team lost repairing the damaged and it was down to Gregg and Busby to grind their way back to the lead.

While not team mates at Le Mans, the American duo, who were becoming household names in U. Hurley took the first of his three overall victories at Le Mans teaming with Jurgen Barth and endurance racing legend Jacky Ickx driving the factory Porsche in a staggering come from behind win. The s and is had been a familiar sight in Europe for a couple of seasons in Group 5 and finally the American fans were going to get a chance to see what they had been missing.

The second Brumos entry, 99 in identical livery, was driven by experienced European sports car stars Rolf Stommelen and Antonie Hezemans with Gregg, who was serving double duty for his team, supported by George Loos Racing.

At Sebring, Brumos arrived with a good deal of confidence and a single entry for Gregg and Frisselle sharing Frisselle was very much on the up as a young American sports car driver and had dominated the GTU category with his self-entered Datsun Zs, earning many important race wins and season championships.

Just as at Daytona, the Sebring field was full of beautiful all new Porsche s with the Dick Barbour team entering three cars. Gregg lost all directional control of the which went careening off course and came to rest upside down on top of a sand dune. The now iconic image of Peter exiting the car being assisted by corner workers appeared in nearly every major American newspaper the next day.

It was a terribly disappointing result but Peter was okay and on his way back to Jacksonville within an hour of the incident. Mendez not only won his own race, he restored Sebring to its rightful place among the FIA World Endurance Championship points paying races by investing in all new tire barriers and upgrades around the circuit. Brumos Porsche had no official entry at Sebring in Gregg was infuriated with the situation but there was nothing else that could be done.

The 12 Hours of Sebring was once again, an all Porsche affair with several multi-car entries headed by the three-car entry from Dick Barbour Racing.

brumos porsche swap meet

Charles Mendez entered his own with Busch Beer sponsorship. Right from the green flag, Haywood and Stommelen diced for the lead hammer and tongs, trading the lead lap after lap in a riveting duel as the two Porsche veterans pushed each other and their cars to the very limits during the hectic opening laps. It became obvious the red Stommelen-Mears-Barbour would be the hare and take the Haywood-Henn along with it while the blue Akin-Woods-McFarlin entry would be the tortoise and hang back in case anything happened to the lead Barbour entry.

brumos porsche swap meet

With IROC duties and a long flight from Atlanta completed, Gregg finally arrived on the scene at Sebring by mid-afternoon and jumped straight into the Swap Shop which was still holding pace in or near the lead for most of the race and things really got interesting.

The Stommelen-Mears-Barbour experienced a blown turbo. With the pressure somewhat off, Gregg circulated in the Swap Shop but suddenly began blowing out copious amounts of white smoke on upshifts. The smoke was visible at spots all the way around the circuit. Gregg brought the smoking into the pits where the crew diagnosed a burned valve. The resounding victory with the new look K3 body work was not ignored back in the U. It seemed everyone started showing up with their own vision of what they thought a should be and suddenly the Kremers had a lot of customers lined up for their cars after their success at Le Mans.

The Kremer K3 derivative was a radical departure from the factory s featuring revised aerodynamics with a smooth raised roofline that directed air to rear wing, a more pointed nose, sculpted fenders and air box intakes. Perhaps a dozen or more of the K3 cars landed in the U.

Peter Gregg, the official Porsche factory entrant, stuck with the traditional Porsche that had provided him with so much success in and